R-EVO Exhaust System

  • Product number: B144-53-007


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Weight: 2.6kg [stock: 4.55kg]
Volume: 83db
83.0dB / standard baffle (already installed)
84.8dB / semi racing baffle (optional)
90.8dB / without baffle
Center stand: Available
Filler cap: Available
Drain bolt: Available
Oil element: -
Cowl: Available


Other types are here.
Fit Baffle is here.


*Please check the frame number.Frame number: It is a common model between JF28-110**("ESP Engine" 2012/05/12 - Sold vehicles) and PCX150[JBK-KF12].



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Replace muffler for free volume with the included Baffle

23 Mar 2020
Product number: B144-53-007

Fits: HONDA PCX125

Looks like Race ish!
Replace muffler for free volume with the included Baffle

Good point? The good thing?
You all like the burnished color of the exhaust system, right? Here's a beautiful brown exhaust system
I'm a Scooter, so I don't think it's a good idea to talk about things in terms of color or race ish or anything like that It feels strange, but that's okay It's a commuter car that I use every day, so it's a big deal to me Even a depressed Monday morning will be blown away when I see this grilled color I like the baked color "Large

Good point? The sound quality with Baffle
Especially for those of you who live in apartment complexes, the sound of the motorcycle engine in the morning is very distracting I know This exhaust system comes with a Baffle as an OEM, so you'll be able to use it to help your neighbors It can be transformed into a quiet exhaust system depending on the relationship If it is, it's about as loud as OEM+α if it is?
When you remove the Baffle, it's a healthy exhaust system, just w The sound quality is much better than the cheap exhaust systems on the market Especially the exhaust system for SmallEngine Displacement Volume The System may make a sticky sound or a dirty sound with high-pitched sounds depending on the thing This exhaust system tends to be, but I think this exhaust system is able to eliminate the high sound well If you open it up, the sound of a single cylinder is very low and you can feel the energy of a single cylinder Punch sound, which is good enough considering the Engine Displacement Volume

Good points? The top is growing!
Exhaust for SmallEngine Displacement Volume System, for better or worse It doesn't change the performance of the car But this exhaust system allows you to feel the upper part of the car extend firmly It is Of course, with the Baffle in, you'll be spoiled a lot, but with the One, which has a very long opening time On side 2 lane bypass roads, the upward extension is good enough to feel it This time, it is made by ThailandHonda which is equipped with the same type of engine as PCX Clic125i but in combination with the 634 Replace Air Filter Since there is no After Fire at AxelOff, we have managed to get it within the learning range of the OEM ECU He seems to be settling in
The exhaust system of OEM must be very narrowed down It's the age of the Eco system, so it's inevitable

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