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[Color] Black

[Material] GORE-TEX®

[Product features] moisture permeable and waterproof


A long distance adventure riding boot for comfort and convenience in everyday riding.
The highest breathable, waterproof and weatherproof Gore-Tex liner available for comfort and convenience on long trips and everyday use.
Of course, the chassis is also equipped with advanced protection features.


*Alpinestars is a European specification apparel, so sizes are approximate.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.



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About Size

12 Aug 2020
Product number: 8051194262042

I've been using Alpinestars similar Boots in the same family to this one for over 10 years until this month, to my surprise.

My foot size is 24.5 cm for my everyday BUSINESS leather shoes, StefanRossi 40 for shoes sold at ABC Mart, Hawkins 40, Asics Sneakers 41.5 (26.0) and Workman 26.0 cm.
My own perception is that they are 25.0-25.5, but my thumbnail is pointing up quite a bit, so I feel it's hard if I don't lean closer to 26.0 when I'm wearing recent shoes with a small toe.

Fitting Alpinestars for the first time in a long time, I wonder when the Size setting changed (?). I'm not going to be able to get the same size 40 as the Boots I'm using, but the toe feels pretty tight and probably hurts. 42 is obviously a large fit and 41 is just fine.

When comparing with the soles, the old 40 and the current 41 are about the same, or rather, the 40 looks larger, but the actual comfort is not that different, and it was just a good feeling with a little bit of leeway.

Boots with a little more room when touring cruising is less tiring, and in winter, I think the size should be a little more roomy because I also wear thick socks.

Naturally, if you are using current Alpinestars, I think the size is fine as it is, but if you have been using old Alpinestars, I think you should try Size 1 Large size first.
By the way, the latest Short Boots from Thailand Chi were Oversized in 41. The equivalent of the current Alpinestars 42 (?) I felt that.

As for the boots themselves, the design of the Large Parenthesis is naturally functional, and the Boots are at an exquisite height so that the socks are not visible when the hem of the Pants is raised.
I dare say the downside is that if the price was a little lower, I could replace it without using it until it's torn to shreds (lol).

This time, I'm going to use it again for a long time in Large.

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As I had written in the title sentence, this product is made of GORE-TEX material, and has better waterproof effect and moisture permeability effect than the ones of regular waterproof boots. For instance, you may recall the time when you are brushing the

14 Jan 2015
Product number: 8051194262042

As I had written in the title sentence, this product is made of GORE-TEX material, and has better waterproof effect and moisture permeability effect than the ones of regular waterproof boots. For instance, you may recall the time when you are brushing the floor wearing a pair of work boots on a rainy day or while you are sprinkling water. The boots shed the water that falls on them, but they are likely to get moist inside. You may even feel that your socks are slightly wet. GORE-TEX, on the other hand, will breathe, meaning that it lets the moisture pass through the boots and release them outside. So you are less likely to feel uncomfortable by your moist feet even if you wear it for a long time on a rainy and highly humid day than you would when you are wearing one of those regular type waterproof boots.

I was impressed by GORE-TEX and made a costly purchase, but I think I will keep on using GORE-TEX products in the future.

They are simply designed for touring boots. They don't have extra gimmicks. So you won't get hooked with the brake pedal nor the shift pedal when driving your bike. They also have a special protection at the ankle area for safety precautions.
A sheet of leather is applied to reinforce the part where the shift change pedal hits, which I think covers the weakest place that could easily get worn out. How driver-friendly they are! Now, up till here, I've only mentioned about the good points. But there is one thing that troubles me.
The tip of the boots got scratched after using it on a 200km one-day touring drive. The thin layer of the surface got peeled off and I could see the layer underneath. I got worried that the waterproof effect might deteriorate and considered of reporting this fact to the manufacturer. But after performing some maintenance (maintenance that I often do for my business shoes) on my own, they became clean once again.
I haven't kicked some place on purpose, and I haven't scratched any other boots in this way before. So it must be the characteristic of its surface material, I guess.
I reduced one star out of the evaluation, for I was troubled by its durability. I am satisfied with its waterproof and moisture permeability effect, though.

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