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Dio110 11- EBJ-JF31

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A lightweight and nimble moped, the Honda Dio110.However, the large rear fender spoils the lightness of the vehicle.This fender eliminator kit removes the stock rear fender to make it even simpler and smarter.The license plate is also installed in a position that is consistent with the body of the vehicle, and it also realizes the overall sense of unity.The reflector bracket can also be removed as a separate unit.

■Fender eliminator, clean rear style
The compact and light weight DIO110.However, a large rear fender is installed and the license plate light also sticks out.By simply removing the stock rear fender and installing ADIO Fender eliminator Kit, you can achieve a simple & stylish rear view.The license plate is positioned as close to the body as possible, and together with the position of the license plate light, it gives a sense of unity with the body.

■Simple style with the license plate lights in the right place
Adio paid attention not only to the position of the license plate but also to the position of the license plate light.Remove the stock license plate light and install it to the license plate bracket.The license plate light is in the best position, not protruding too much and not retracted too much.The best style is achieved with a sense of unity with the body, whether viewed from the side or from behind.Reflector bracket is also a separate type, so you can remove the reflector bracket when you replace the reflector with an aftermarket one.


*Precautions for installation*
*It is necessary to cut the protruding part of the stock undercover.
*It may not be able to be installed on vehicles with long wheelbase.Also, it may interfere with the tires depending on the vehicle height.
*Resonance noise may be generated depending on the vehicle.If necessary, attach an anti-vibration rubber or sponge.

Applicable Models

Dio110 11- EBJ-JF31



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18-year old BirdCity125 (SEC-1J) Fender Eliminator-ization of

23 Jun 2023
Product number: BK41227


I wanted to change the Fender Eliminator on my '18 BirdCity125 and move the RearCameraPosition on the DriveRecorder to the original Reflector position. I was also convinced that the size and design of the '17 BirdCity155 and the '18 BirdCity125 were the same, so I checked the specifications and looked at the rear view of both vehicles to make sure they were the same and purchased the kit.
The first thing that puzzled me when I received it was that it came with an LED License Plate Lamp.
I had ordered a KOSO Bracket with License Plate Light because I thought I had to prepare and install a License Plate Light separately when converting to Fender Eliminator! I had ordered a KOSO Bracket with License Plate Light, so I had to return that one!

When machining, the Fender is removed from the body and masked according to the Instruction Manual, then carefully cut using a blade for plastic or PPMaterial, and then file it with Paper No. 100 or higher to cleanly shape it.
For installation on the vehicle body, the License Plate is temporarily assembled, and holes are drilled after checking the position and levelness of the holes and marking.
The 7mm hole was specified, but I don't have one, so I used a 6mm drill and had no problem.
The holes drilled are also cleaned up with a stick File.
Wiring of License Plate Light is cut by Lamp side Limit of OEM License Lamp to use OEM Coupler and Wiring, and after wiring process, it is crimped to Female Bullet Type Terminal.
The wiring of the attached License Plate Light is also crimped to Male's Bullet Type Terminal, and since the wire is very thin, a solder is added to connect both.
The light came on safely when I installed it in the car body and turned on the main key to check the light.
Just to be clear, on the body side, Black is Minus and Blue is Plus.
On the License Plate Light side, Black is Minus and BlackWhite is Plus.
The wiring routing was done using the hole where the Reflector was originally attached, and the process was completed in the space on the reverse side of the Reflector.
After that, side cover, helmet in, etc. were all put back together, and this Bracket was finally combined with DAYTONA's with ReflectorLicense Plate Bracket and attached to the vehicle body to finish the work.

In summary, the License Plate Light is quite bright and the position of the light affects the RearCamera's image at night, making it appear bluish.
I have found that shading the tip of the camera lens with something that can be used as a flange will solve this problem, so I will take measures later.
I am very happy with the Refreshing Rear, which was heavy.
The drawback is that when the side cover is removed for maintenance or adjustment, the bracket is directly attached to the side cover, so it has to be removed, which increases the time and effort required.

As a supplement, it is not compatible with MODELs prior to 18.
Also, we do not know about BirdCity after Model change, so it is only BU54 (SEC1-J) Conformity with respect to (Diversion is possible.) Please understand that

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US Buyers Read First

17 May 2023
Product number: BK41219



2016 Yamaha Zuma USDM. The part is very good. The fit and finish is fantastic and the install is pretty straight forward. BUT if youre in the US, this part will remove your OEM license plate light, so what you will need to do is cut the bottom oval of the black plastic tail light surround. The models outside the US have this precut, but we only have the outline. This will allow the tail light to serve as the license plate light. If you look at the description pictures on the listing, you'll notice the light hole. ALSO, the part is for plates somewhere outside the US therefore the license plate screw holes do not match up, you will need to re-drill two holes closer to the middle of the plates. I got the kit that ustilizes the OEM reflector, but shortly after install, I cut that bracket off for a reflector delete.

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I do not recommend it.

06 Feb 2023
Product number: BK41232

Fits: YAMAHA Cygnus X

[How is it used?
I installed this on my commuter vehicle, a CYGNUS X 5 model. I was wondering if I would do the Fender Eliminator since I use it for commuting even on rainy days.
I got tired of the wild OEMFender that I saw every time I looked behind me and decided to install it.

Was the one you received as per Image?
The number of parts is smaller than I expected, and I thought it was such a Compact.
The material is probably steel, and the paint is weak and will soon peel off if bumped during installation, so be careful. Be careful when you bump it during installation.

Was the installation difficult?
It is not difficult, but it is a bit tedious because the entire rear cowl must be removed.
However, there are only a few Bolts that are stopped, so having the interior stripped makes the work much faster.
I use Emon's inner lining peelers.
The Instruction Manual is attached, but it is gubby and not clear. I think you will understand it if you look at the thing and the actual car and think about it.
I had to check the contents of the Instruction Manual for the center plate on the Net to install it because it made no sense to me.

How was your experience with it?
Honestly, it sucks except for the Styling from the back and the ability to install without cutting the OEM.
I would not recommend it to others, I feel.
First of all, the accuracy of the product is poor. I fine-tuned it many times until I was satisfied.
Plate bending accuracy may be poor, or there may be a gap between the boti or when tightening the number.
Bracket has floated away and the only way to tighten it up is to force it.
I had no choice but to hand Bent and install it myself to some extent.

[Included Parts:were they on?
The pictures are as shown. The basic bolts are OEM.

[Was there anything that disappointed you?
As described in the photo at the end of the image, the back of the Number is immediately Battery case.
Wiring is also fully visible. 10,000$ Fender Eliminator. I wish they would make it more seriously.
OEM Fender is $3,000 for a new one. It's not that expensive.
We recommend WirusWin's OEMCut type Fender Eliminator.
Wiring is also not really possible for the governor to be in full view, so I will make my own mudguards out of plastic dampproofing.

As I said at the end, I cannot recommend this Fender Eliminator.

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It's just too expensive.

06 Sep 2022
Product number: BK41232

Fits: YAMAHA Cygnus X

It's just a Fender Eliminator, but it's too hard to put on.

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Nice price, but the shape is good.

30 Mar 2022
Product number: BK41218


OEMFender to be removed and installed Type
Refreshing the best on the market.

All the back must be removed from the Seat to install it.
Large oddity.
By the way, there is no manual enclosed on how to remove it, so if you can't do it, pay the labor charge and have a PRO do it for you.

Reverse side is bare Wiring, but there is a Fender on the Tire, so it may be Large sturdy.

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