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for D-ring 20mm or more
[Included Parts] Carabineer (Gun Metal)


I can't reach the lock!!! Don't worry!Put it through the ring... Hell Lock Assist is a secure lock.

Helmets with short belts that are difficult to hang on the helmet lock are also easy to use!The carabiner makes it easy to remove.This product can be used not only for Kijima helmet lock but also for flat type stock lock.


*Due to the anodizing process, the color of the product may vary from the color shown in the image.
*This product cannot be used for the helmets with small D-ring, such as helmets using Shoei's ratchet type strap.
*Images may contain other products.

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Yamaha Bolt wanted to use Helmet lock without relocating it.

06 May 2023
Product number: P00028

Fits: その他

I wanted to use the Yamaha Bolt and NORMAL Helmet lock without relocating it, and at first I was trickily hooking the Helmet with Wire, but the thin Wire cable was squishy and difficult to hook, so I purchased this Lock Assist.

YamahaBolt Helmet lock position (NORMAL) is originally deep and far away.
I installed a tool bag on the Left Side, which makes the NORMAL Helmet lock even more difficult to use.
When the helmet lock is moved, the coupler of the wire harness needs to be detached. (Maybe.) 。

The only point that is difficult to handle is the Motorcycle side lock bracket. (The one that pops open with Unlock) There is a groove at the tip of the (It's a groove for locking, so it can't be helped.) The slot of this lock gold is caught in the hole of the narrower end of this assist, and it is sometimes difficult to remove it.

Since the YamahaBolt's Normal muffler is a single Right Side muffler, I don't think there is any concern about Exhaust System heat when the Helmet is hung on the Left Side lock. Also, when using this assist, Clearance from the ground to the Helmet is not a problem.
As mentioned in Manufacturer's comment, the D Ring of Small size has this Assist (the thin one) The tip does not go in.

I use it by crouching down and lifting and hooking this locking Assist from the bottom up.
This lock assist solved my problem. Costa rica's best !!!!

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24 Mar 2023
Product number: P00028

Fits: その他

I bought this because the Ring of the Helmet does not reach the Helmet holder of the CUB. It is very inconvenient without it. I wish they would make it easier to use from the beginning.

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Image Street (*´∀*)

08 Oct 2022
Product number: P00028

Fits: その他

[How is it used?
It is for daily use from city driving to Touring.

Was the one you received as per Image?
It was just like the image.

How was your experience with it?
Yes, it is easy to hang Helmet. (Translated; ω ´) b
I had to do the Helmet lock by Pushinga Pushinga Pushinga the D Ring many times, but it is completely solved.
It even came with a Carabiner for transport, so well thought out!
Carabiner also has a good price so it's a good value! (*´∀*)
The holes on the Motorcycle side are too small, so it would be better if they were a little larger.

[Points to note]
I have to make sure that I don't wound my Motorcycle or Others when I carry it around.

Other items that would be helpful
Installation points and hang/Items to buy together/ Opinions and requests to the Manufacturer

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Be careful not to slip and drop it.

26 May 2022
Product number: P00028

Fits: その他

The Helmet holder is attached to the Clutch lever holder and the Helmet is placed on the Top Bridge.
When I bought a new helmet, it became a little difficult for the D Ring to reach the Holder, so I first tried the method of putting the Wire through the chin, but the Wire itself was bulky and inconvenient to carry, so I purchased this product in the hope that it would solve that problem.

As a result, it served its purpose well, but it took some time to get used to it, as it was sometimes difficult to install at first. The main reason was that there was not enough space around the Holder, and the flat shape of the product sometimes prevented it from hooking onto the Holder's pins properly. When removing the Holder, my hands sometimes slipped on its smooth surface and I accidentally dropped it.

If you have a holder that has enough room around it, such as the Type that hangs from the Tandem Footpeg, I think you will have no problem using it from the beginning without any need for practice. The quality of the product itself is also good, and if you are willing to go through the trouble of attaching it to the D Ring, it will be worth having.
If I had to make a request, I think it would be good to have a hole on the other side (the wider side) to attach a string, etc.

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Used depending on the situation

01 May 2022
Product number: P00028

Fits: その他

When the Side Back is installed and when it interferes with the Side Cover
I use it.

Helmet bumps into the side cover and they do not scratch each other.
The use of this product can be adjusted to the following conditions.

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