Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R1 Series

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Mono Shock NTR R1 Series
Reservoir tank: built-in type
Shock Shape: M1


[For basic, street-oriented riding]
Nitron's basic shock absorber with a reservoir tank built into the body.
The damper adjustment system is simple, yet allows for a wide range of adjustments, with 1-way adjusters for both compression and rebound.
Oil and gas are completely separated by a free piston.The damping performance can be maintained for a long time.
The body and rods are made of the same material as the RACE / TRACK series, and the accuracy is controlled in the same way.
The shock absorber is designed for street and touring use, and is equipped with a ride height adjustment mechanism as standard equipment, with the exception of a few parts.

■NITRON JAPAN also offers suspension maintenance (overhaul).
For details, please visit the NITRON JAPAN official website.


* This product will be made after an order, We will notice currect shipping time after we recieve an order. * This item can not be cancelled, returned nor exchange after placing an order.


*Due to a change in the product specifications, the image includes the product image of the old specifications.The current specification is that the gold part of the anodized part of the old product is changed to Titanium color and the blue part is changed to black.
*The installed image is RACE series.
*Images are for reference only.Actual specifications and vehicles may differ.
*The image may include other colorings.

* Please note in advance that cancellation and/or return of this product cannot be accepted once the order has been placed.

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10 Apr 2020
Product number: NTBKH52S-TQ

Fits: HONDA NC700X

First of all, Recommends that you try riding with the factory settings

OrderSeat will ship it to you according to your usage to some extent, so if you order it, you will be charged an additional They match the spring rate without gold Also, the specs are designed for Japanese people so you can feel the change and ride comfortably

In my case, it was my first time to use ReplaceSus, so I didn't change most of the settings at first I had to turn the Preload Adjuster of Screw type after about a year So after about a year, I had to turn the screw type Preload Adjuster When I tried to do it, the movement was still reluctant I was able to revive it with lubricant, but the hydraulic type is easier to adjust, so I had to do the first OH timing I incorporated Option's HPA in the Option I've been experimenting with different things since then and enjoying the changes
It is possible to change the internal specs with OH's Timing, so you can change the specs for a long time I think we can get together
I have replaced it and sent it to OH twice with 80,000 miles of use If you like to enjoy tinkering with it, this is a Recommendation

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Improved ride and buttock pain!

15 Aug 2023
Product number: NTBKY69S-TB


Since my previous vehicle was an OHLINS, this time I purchased a NITRON, which I had long been curious about.
I'm a total amateur and adjusting for softness.
Touring about 300km after replacement with FrontNORMAL.
Adjustment was made because Front was also customized later.
The weight of the Rider equipment is approximately 58 kg.
I would have preferred R2 or R3 if I had to pay a little more, but I didn't like the look of the adjuster on the outside and the setting is a hassle, so I bought R1 which is simple. I'm not a bullshitter!

Was the one you received as per Image?
The product image is for a different car model to begin with, so please do not be offended.
I chose Black for Spring, and the rest were Gun meta, which is an austere color. I think it suits my Black XSR700. Very cool.

Was the installation difficult?
When I received it, I had mysteriously attached a Center Stand, so I floated the Swing Arm to the position where the Nut was loose with the Pantograph jack, and BoltQuantity:Pulled out 2pcs and completed replacement.
Torque referred to the Service manual.

How was your experience with it?
I bought it as is and rode it with the factory settings, not knowing the Order. I think it is enough as it is if you are very heavy or if you are not a circuit rider.
With the NORMAL suspension, my buttocks became sore after one hour, but after replacing the rear suspension, my buttocks do not get sore no matter how much I ride. The ride quality has improved and the stability in Curve has increased.
After installing NAG BURRITO on the front, I felt a bump in the rear, so I reduced the ambidextrous dumping of the NITRON a little and it calmed down.

I have not adjusted the Pre-road adjustment as it seems to be moderately stroked, but the adjustment process is tedious, so the Hydraulic Adjuster (Not selectable by webike?). is attractive.

[Included Parts:were they on?
Instruction manual, special tool for pre-road adjustment (Hexagonal Wrenchetc. could be substituted, but Parenthesis is better) Nut came with 1pc. but used OEM.

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I think it is worth the 100,000.

02 Jul 2023
Product number: NTBKK64S-TB


I was torn between NITRON and OHLINS, and finally decided to go with NITRON after reading Impression on webike and YouTube. In my case, I had my OEMSeat modified by a Seat shop to soften the ride quality, but in the case of Z900RS, the ride quality was still hard, so I decided to customize the suspension to NITRON. I decided to purchase NITRONR1 because I thought it was more cost-effective than Rival's OHLINS. It took about half a year from order to arrival, but the actual NITRON suspension that arrived was solid, soft, and satisfactory. However, I was concerned that the color of Thailand Tanium Black was a little pale. Also, I thought the included Instruction Manual was difficult to understand for beginners. In addition, I regret a little that I should have bought R2 or R3 if I had to.

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what on Earth is this?

04 May 2023
Product number: NTBKK13S-TQ


I am an old rider. I had been skipping the replacement of the suspension and just doing grease up by replacing the needles on the LINK, but it was getting too noisy, so I decided to replace it to make sure the needles were in good condition. I have had experience installing external suspension systems such as X-Lins, Wight Power, and XSS, but I can assure you that it is the best. It is the best.
First of all - compared to the OEM, it is much lighter, sinks in firmly, improves footing, is supple, and has a great gap and tread.
I think the high speed Corner is good, but there is no comparison with Nylon. I have the Handlebar Up Type and it feels like I'm riding a NAKED. As others have commented in the review, it is better to try it first than to replace the exhaust system and reduce the weight. The ZX12R has a reputation for being difficult to drive, but it has become a normal Mega sports car.
Replacement will take about an hour, but if you are not careful, the vehicle may tip over, etc. Please be careful if you have no experience in rear suspension replacement.

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Texture is better than O company for Large

20 Feb 2023
Product number: NTBKK64S-TB


Refreshing and good because there is no hydraulic pre-adjuster.
I like the fact that Black is selectable.

Dial is Material because all parts are cut-out:The quality is higher than that of Company O, which is sometimes Plastic.

Although it is a 1-way system, the damping can be adjusted finely, so it is not insufficient for touring and mountain pass level.

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