Kapasitas Mesin 89cc
Horsepower Maksimum 8.2ps(6kw)/6750rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.96kg・m(9.4N・m)/4000rpm
Berat Total 110kg
Kapasitas Tangki 7 Liter

105 Produk

Ulasan Produk

Brake Shoe has bought only Vesla products.
A few Manufacturer items that you can purchase with confidence.

At the end of Vesla's model number "S" With Spring is attached.

Brake of solitary solo became disappearing, so cleaning is a replacement.
Among numerous Shoe, we have Big stock and JAPAN is the deciding factor of purchase.

It will be a comparison with OEM, but it was one choice if you thought about ease of availability without any possibility.
Because Spring is also coming and this price, COSPA is also good.

When you apply Brake, it will work with a feeling that you feel relaxed. This feeling, hey disc - Would it be similar to Brake? Compared to this, the OEM is effective, and when Tire is Poor, it seems like a slippery feeling.

As a restore of NS-1, long ride after fixing
OEM's Bearing was gorigori so I tried inserting Taper roller even in the sense of experiment
First of all, since the area to be hit is different even from the receiving side of Bearing, I think that it contributes to the dispersion of force and is related to the Length of the life span.
As for installation, it is the same as OEM and by saying that Bearing's Outer is press-fitted into the Frame's Stem section
Rubber with Han or the like etc etc. I hit and hit the OEM Outer that I removed.
Bearing is driving in StemRace, but I got on with the removed OEM Outer and hit it with PVC Pipe and inserted it
I assembled Stem into Frame and cut Handlebar, before exchange it had gorigoly feel but it was very pleasant to move to Smooth.
Grease sticks out water resistant Bearing Grease and wipes out if it runs out
I still can not get out of Fork's OH because of the Gold monetary problem but I would like to Impression if there is another opportunity after installation.

Used for CT90 of Honda.

Existing Camshaft Chain has expanded and made an ear sound, so I exchanged it.

There is nothing special that this is special, but the thing of a certain D company is sticky Grease is sticky so memories where washing was Large strange - - - Compared with it, it's easier to do with simple Oil cleaning.

In any case, there will be little change from this, so O / How about one of H's choices?.

It purchased to the Front brakes of the MONKEY (Z50Z).Although it was a Brake shoe of 8 Inch wheel, since it was a Shoe of those days, it was hurting considerably for aged deterioration.

Although beveling etc. were maintained, since the Breaking is not quite satisfactory, it is exchange at a new article.

It could equip also with the Size and the Clearance satisfactorily, and important damping force improved, so that it could be felt.

The effect could also be felt with budget prices, and damping force also went up more safely, and very much satisfied.