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Speaking of Plug NGK trusted Brand
Historic PlugManufacturer
Failure of the Plug itself has been in use for many years but never once.

I raised the number of Plug and made it to Iridium plugs, Idling 's steady high speed rushing up power became stronger, it became a sharpy fee Ring! This guy works.

Engine startability, fuel efficiency, Torque can be expected to improve, so we can not return to OEM anymore
Because I am exchanging between 3000 and 5000 km, I exchange 9000 km / year, so I exchange 3 times a year. As 1 pc 1500 yen
4500 yen A little, Cost it takes but I am satisfied

Because Plug is a consumable item, it is Sale, so purchase. Planned for replacement at plug replacement. If you exchange for overseas Plug of OEM, select Japan quality plug which is easy to obtain. Let's do it with Torque if you do not want to destroy the Plug screw mountain on the Engine side. Even if I break the Screw mountain of Plug, I can do it by Plug exchange.

It is an exchange as it is over 10,000 kilometers after installing the product. It is still reliable Brand, it is a reliable product.
Although we are StockEngine, startability - Torque up - There is no mistake in improving fuel economy.

PCX 125 for commuting (JF56) We are using.
NGK's Standard Plug BP 5 HA was also good, but I did not mind the price
I made it to Windshield IRIDIUM.
Fuel economy and cell hanging are common.
We will not experience the Windshield IRIDIUM.
It is a matter of feeling.

Unfortunately things are together so it is cheap for a certain dense mail order so if it is shipped to other parts in addition
It may be (^ ^ Because things are together, the performance is perfect (^ _-) OK

Since it reached 10000? With the same item in use, I exchanged it. * Iridium plugs 20000? Large Although there is an opinion that it is durable, think as myself as a regular consumable part * Performance which is not comparable with the standard product attached at the time of delivery. It is improvement of startability, acceleration and fuel economy. Although other companies also have the same product, NGK Brand can still have trust. Next time 20000? At replacement this product.

I can not feel the effect. I think that it can be experienced when the limit is exceeded.
I feel that the life is longer than NORMAL. 1pc. By going up the quality of Parts of
I think Performance will go up.

Since I was experiencing the effect with SEROW that I was on before, I tried to replace it with this plug even at Bolt that I changed.
It may be a mood, but I feel like Torque is going up again (Lol)
I just replace it so I do not know fuel economy etc, but I am satisfied because it is not such a high purchase.

Although it is a new ADDRESS 110, it is an exchange from NORMAL.
I did not expect anything, I just wanted to exchange - - - After all I could not feel it.
Engine startability - acceleration - Fuel consumption - - - Performance Up from NORMAL did not come true.
Next time may be returned to Normal plug.

Used in summer with CUB 110, 8. We are exchanging every 000 km.
I hear that Windshield IRIDIUM is also good, but I can not experience the effect with other Motorcycle, and I usually do not have any problem with Plug on my own.
Wear of the electrode can be confirmed when compared with a new article at the replacement time.
After exchanging for a new article, I felt a feeling of power, it was amazing that the slope could easily rise.
Did you experience the Small Engine Displacement Volume more because Engine speed is high?

Response I feel like it got better.
Recommendation for simultaneous exchange with Cable.
I am satisfied that I can buy it cheaper than a certain mail-order site.

Should I buy another one for the spare? (Lol)

PCX125 (JF56) The mileage of 20,000 km was exchanged !!
For those who are new to exchange, some hang and special tools are required.

Running will not change by exchanging the Plug, but if you replace it with expendable items you can rest assured for a while (^^)

Windshield IRIDIUM only once exchange it will not say up to 100 thousand kilometers, but until next change you will be Large durable ♪

We replaced it from Standard Plug BP 5 HA at 1000 Km check of new car. In my own sense, reducing vibration during Idling. 2 Km of fuel consumption / 1L improvement was seen. I feel that startability has improved somewhat. I feel I accelerated Torque acceleration.
With this I can say that prices will be close to Standard Plug BP 5 HA a little more.