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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Although the bolt of normal was a plus screw, in adjusting a weight roller etc. frequently, the screw tended to be licked immediately.
After exchanging for this bolt set, the electric torque driver could be equipped with a long 5-mm hexagon, the case could be removed immediately, and setting also became very easy.
Moreover, plating is playing a role also in texture.
Those who make desorption of a pulley case frequent also think that they are the optimal goods also for the direction to dress up.
It is recommended!

Great for replacing the stock Phillips screws which tend to burr easily. Fits my cv50 jog perfectly. Easy to use and is a great replacement. Would highly recommend.

Very beautiful Blue light, suitable for car Precision measurement There is an oil screen. Speed ​​to 120 km / h Make it know the speed of the car.

Awesome product by daytona. Makes things a lot easier when tuning your scooter's transmission! Higher note, the thread doesn't break up easily because its an allen hex. Not like the original philips head. Highly recommend!

BRONCO's Rear is Drum.
At that time, SEROW 225, which became Base, remembered that it was made into discs, but BRONCO emphasizes fashion characteristics (But it's dirty) Because it looks like SCRAMBLER appearance is selling, inexpensive Drum was adopted to suppress the price rising in expensive special exterior.

Although it is such an OEMDrum, it continues to use without being complained especially in performance, since the Indicator has exceeded the limit at the stage exceeding 40,000 kilos, "If you exchange, please try Other Company Product! Even if you fail, it's cheap!" I tried to buy it for reasonably steamy reasons.

Although Besla's Pad has tried it before, I knew that OEM Same Product is more effective than OEM overall because there are no features like Large, so I wonder how it is with Drum? It is a mind..

I wrote that OEMShoe's performance is not dissatisfied, but it does not work well separately.
Asphalt In order to bring it to RearTire Lock on the road it was necessary to step like a parent's enemy, or to hang a Front brake to remove the Rear weight.
In other words, it will not lock unless you do something considerably while running normally.
Instead, Fei Ring did not change either in rain or at low temperatures, and it was an advantage to be able to use it without being conscious of anything.

Well, how about Vesla's Shoe !?

First of all I was surprised to open it is that Spring to close Shoe was attached.
If it is a long-term negligent vehicle of no maintenance, there is a thing that this Spring is rusted and becomes useless, so it is appreciated that it is attached.
The strength of the Scing Ring is different from the OEM and the Fe Ring gets better - - - There is no such thing, OEM and the same etc. is.

The base part of Shoe is also about the same quality as OEM.
The feeling that the accuracy of the Pin part is reasonable or the feeling that the reinforced iron plate is integrated with the contact surface of the actuated Cam are exactly the same as OEM.

Shoe itself also has no particular feature, there is digging for drainage, ingenuity to increase the contact area, chamfering shape is extremely different "Feel different from OEM" Is Zero.
Because it is perfectly the same dimensions as OEM, it does not cause problems in assembly.

So, the impressions I tried using - - - ?!

I realized absolute performance improvement that can be brought to RearTire Lock with a controllable effect and direct feeling Pedal fee Ring and light force!
There was absolutely nothing like that, it was exactly the same as OEM.

Immediately after the exchange, it was not familiar, so it did not work at all (Naturally) , Seems to be completely familiar at the stage when running about 1000 km normally, it returned to the same feel as before.
There is nothing particularly better than OEM, but there is no inferior part.
I tried to submerge it on purpose but it did not change or crowd.
This is also the same as OEM.

So it's best for those who want to finish cheaper than OEM!
There is also a cheaper Brand, but worried about the performance drops (I do not want performance to drop) I think that it is optimal for those who are!

It is considerable braking power. For everyday Drive Front's disc brake may not be needed Level.

It will be 1500 km from the installation soon, but recently it came to sing at the time of Brake. Whether to deal with Grease or not...

I used it for Bore up of Zr. I think that it is a part that anyone can exchange if I carefully read the Instruction Manual. What I can say is that it is better to run separating + mixing after break-in. Even if the burning color of Plug is best, it will burn out if the amount of Oil is not enough.

I bought 60272 of DAYTONA which was rated good this time because I used Brake to raise the price of a certain one but it is ineffective from the beginning.
Since it was not easy until now, it may not be comparable, but Touch is also very good and it works well.
It is very easy to handle and relieve with feeling like braking while preventing sticking while sticking rather than working with guts.
This product is also very nice and good COSPA.

I thought it was not enough power I thought.

If I experience this kit from 50cc NORMAL, I think that I felt a considerable sense of power, but in my case... NRMagic56. Since it is a recombination from 9cc Bore Up Kit, I felt a little Torque up even though it was 71 cc.
Naturally, the maximum speed is almost unchanged.
Again, I thought that this Bore Up Kit of DAYTONA is a Kit for public roads that emphasized durability.
Port etc. I think that durability is enough if we do not process. Normal cab - Because it is made according to Normal muffler.....

Mounting on pre-regulation JOG-Zr.
Grand slam has been popular for a long time but after all it sounds like this unique Large sound.
It might be better to set it with Normal pulley than outside Pulley.
From NORMAL vehicle state Roller 18 Gram & Main jet Run 1 Runank.
If you choose Sports Exhaust System Grand Slam, you will not mistake first. Just filling in will cause Oil leakage from Silencer's Rivet, Silencer rattling will occur, so Rivet replacement is required.

I missed something so I exchanged Mission oil cap.
Little by little I think I will exchange parts.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
It is wonderful that I can easily buy my Large favorite MALOSSI product with Webike, and it is cheaper than OEM Product.
This time ProductNo : I also bought it as a comparison with 366941. This product is a type with "K" at the end, but ...?
【How was it actually used?】
Unlike C Clip of OEM, because it is a so-called "GClip" Type with folding for detachment, it is easy to detach.
Normally, with this GClip type, there is a case that the return part breaks when it is used for a long time, and it may ruin the Engine, but since this product is made so that the turn-back part is short and constant R That concern seems to be low.
MalossiProductNo : 366941 The comparison with the product ... ..., I did not understand the difference. In the state where it arrived, since Pink's paper ProductNoMemo writing was the same, the same item may have been sent. But Barcode number seems to be different.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
I think that it is easier to attach and detach than the OEM Product.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
In my case, I use disposable chopsticks because Wound prevention and Size are just right.
I think that it will be easier to fit if you fit in from the one with no return.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Will it be a long delivery date before I get it?. This time I was kept waiting for one week.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
It was better that the folded part was attached to Both Sides as for 4 Cycle.
【Have you compared items?】
Takegawa products and Made in Taiwan Included Parts : Although "G" Clip which has such folding is used, it is easy to cause Gold genus exhaustion of folding R, 3000 kilometers or so This folded part breaks Engine and it is broken We do not recommend using it as it is because it is there.
OEM's Clip is Type without return, but price is 1pc. Cost performance is not good because it is nearly doubled to about 100 yen.
It is painful to understand because there are no pictures on the product page, but it can be used for 10 mm Piston Pin Engine. Yamaha, Minarei, and SEA BASS 2 strike 50cc series are representative.
Quantity per 1 Piston : 2pc. Set necessary because it is necessary.

good quality gasket, does the same job as an oem gasket. I attached this to my yamaha cv50 jog without issues all holes lined up fine

Excellent bolts for the crankcase cover! Made of high-quality hardened steel under a polyhedron 11shtuk set. Country of manufacturer - Japan is very nice! I am very pleased with the purchase! I would recommend this shop to your friends! Yes, and not least a very fast delivery in Russia about a week!