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Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap! Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap! Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap!

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Aprilia RS125 MY08 Although IW01-31 (an equivalent for NGK No. 10) is usually used for racing chamber specification, only a winter season raises the main jet No. 1, and is using IW01-29 (an equivalent for NGK No. 9).

Because this Brake Pads is made of a hard material, its characteristics will be exactly as it is.

- The life of Pad is long (Hard to reduce) Instead, discs are reduced.
- Almost no Brake dust. (Wheel is not soiled)
- BrakeTouch becomes stiff. (Feeling like when changing to Mesh hose)
- Brake Squeak easily.
- Brake The effectiveness of the beginning of the hand grip is weak, but if it grips strongly it works strongly.

It is ineffective when it is cold again. Especially the start of running in winter
Attention required.
On the other hand, it seems to be strong against heat, and if Brake warms up to some extent it will improve its effectiveness.
I think this Brake characteristic is suitable for Circuit driving and Long touring
, Usual city riding, shopping etc.. It is a bit hard to handle when riding in.

Package says "Aggressiveness to Rotor Small Small", but that is an honest question.
I ran about 10,000 kilometers, but the disc was wearing as it was.
Instead, Pad is less likely to reduce, and the remaining amount of Pad is still there.
Indeed, Pad is superior to COSPA because it is hard to reduce, but if discs are reduced
I think how it is after all.
When I bought this Pad, it was relatively cheap Manufacturer,
Currently there are overseas cheap Pads, so I'm loving that now.

Because of the 2nd decline in 30 years it was very bad for the engine to hang, and it took a 5-10 minutes on Kick start to take it for granted. Starting ability improved dramatically since wearing Iridium plugs (Within 2 minutes). I use Iridium plugs on 4th, but I never felt the difference with Normal plug. But I think that you can feel the price more than the price with 2st Kick start car.

thanks for the great products and also the Repeat Customer Appreciation Point.Books were awesome also.have to translate a lot ot it.

ll order more often for sure. thanks a lotgreat products. i love this place. just wish more was in stock when ordering. thanks

I listen to the reputation at Net and I am Vesra for several years. It is cheaper than OEM, but I always like this with Brake's Touch better than OEM.
There is no aggressiveness to the Brake disc board (There are insanely, Pads wearing boards) ,durability (lifespan) It is also a long, favorite. The exchange Pad of our Motorcycle is all made into a Vesla.
If you think that it is made overseas from the company name, it is JAPAN. This is also a factor that can be relieved.

High Solo's innocent Roastro Kit. In short, it is not a loose rose, but since it is the reverse of High Solo, I personally think it is loosely. If expressed in one word "Throttle Control" What can be done. You can change the characteristics of the beginning of opening with your own favorite characteristics with the attached Cam. I have not exchanged yet and I am running but Muddy driving has become a lot of fun (Lol)
The difficulty is that in the case of OpeningHand guard it can be exchanged right away, but in the case of ClosedHand guard I think the replacement work is a bit tedious. Is it a difficult point?. Incidentally, the same thing comes out from KTMPowerParts, but if it is KTM, it seems to be a lineup of X 100 X 300 X 500.

As I bought it in second hand, Rotor got thinner, moreover Decoration Boko wears and Brake does not work, it will be a part I wanted to replace early with noise.
When asked at Shop, it was to say that you can buy cheaper than OEM, so do not hesitate to order.
It is quite easy to feel the shape now.
Touch is soft, depending on the Lever's grip, it is very effective and Touch is also good.
Of course, the effect was good, and the abnormal noise also disappeared.
I am very satisfied..

The installation was able to be installed without any problem in particular.
The effectiveness of Brake is also unchanged from OEM.
After that it is about how durable it is
OEM had more than 40,000 kilometers in 8 years - - -

I bought Windshield IRIDIUM because I was worried about NORMAL or NGK Iridium plugs BR 8 EIX at Plug exchange this time as well because price was cheap, too. I got started when I started the engine I felt startability improved I felt I felt a little Torukki feeling when I ran.

I bought it with Seat cover.

So, it's a thing ... ... It arrived with simple packaging that is made overseas.
The contents are one thin board, Double-sided Tape, Three of the Instruction Manual which seems to be Italy language.

For explanation, please translate (Please enter here and I will like to k, but installation is easy.
Paste Double-sided Tape on the back of the board, Pet on the Seat.


It was not possible ... or, it would be something like this.

Because I attached it was night, I did not run for trial but it was fine enough.

Something touches part of the buttocks ... It's hardness so it does not hurt ......... I want to think.
After that, you do not know until you try it (' - Ω - `)

Because the compatible models are wide, I may also try to make Seat an ecommerce.

Since there was nothing to a nearby Motorcycle store, it purchases.The Performance highest by Plug exchange was demonstrated in RZ50 which had ridden before
.Although the Iridium plugs of
NGK is not bad, either, DENSO is a Recommendation individually.If it is

Plug exchange, an in-vehicle tool can perform, and acceleration in a completely different class is considered as a pure Plug.

Since there was in play [ little ] comparatively [ cheap ], he bought it.
First, as for a D-TRACKER, since thickness does not have a path of a Front brake small, either, there is dissatisfaction as a Brake of a street motorcycle and in play [ to the vehicles which time-tested custom-made one has not carried out yet / attachment ] transplants the circumference of the Brake of a D-TRACKER-X.The
feel is a Pad whose Brake is effective, so that it is grasped.It is not the Pad that Gatun and braking come.
durability may be low.It decreases than expected.Although it ran about 1000 km, there is a Dust very.What is necessary is just to think that there is little Damage to a DISC.
The affinity with my vehicles is synthetically good.They were better goods than a price.