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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

We used this item when setting Carburetor. There is no particular problem with stable quality. Strongly speaking, if it is a little cheaper it is Large satisfied ...

Since the temperature has fallen a bit, # 75 to # 80 UP - - Still thin? Since setting parts can not be tried without it, Piece Rimino - Since there is no end, how much can you compromise and can you go on !? - - Well I'll go gaman for the time being.

I bought it all together with various things, but I'm glad that performance is slightly better than NORMAL I have not used yet
At the present stage, I do not know well or not

I am using it for Bore up AA 01 CUB.
CUB, Front brake does not work, Brake the Rear at Main,
When you put this Brake Shoe, the effect of Front will go up.
I understood clearly the effect.
How much wear it will be for the future.
If it's this price, you should purchase it if you wear it.

The product came in a sealed form and of excellent quality! The packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not print it and did not install it on the motorcycle! Production of Japan! I recommend this product and store to everyone!

I feel that the effect of Front is improved compared to OEM. But Rear did not understand himself very well. The exchange was easy than I thought it was easy (If there is a maintenance manual, it will be a victory). I am happy with Cost, so I think that it is a good shopping.

It is attached to the MONKEYFront side.
Impression at about 2500 km after installation.
Immediately after the exchange, because it is not hit, it is not much different from OEM. By the way, we did not do any chamfering or Slit processing at the time of installation.
Spring installation method is different from OEM. Temporarily assembling Shoe and Spring or assembling it can be mounted on Smooth.
Fee Ring will change when overlapping distances.
Is OEM feeling "tight" against "gue"?.
How much does the actual braking distance change - - -

OEM : 7. 8m
DAYTONA : 6. It was 6 meters..
I got a difference as it is.

[Common measurement state]
Braking start speed → 50 km (106cc registration)
Tire → OEM 6 ~ 7 mountain
Brake method → ??Front
Front suspension → SHIFT UP φ 27
Others is the only difference between Brake Shoe.
OEMShoe is about 8 minutes remaining.

Incidentally, as regards the distance, look at the length of one Concrete drainage beside the road at 60 cm, it is about About how many minutes you can stop, so please refer to the reference level. It is the average of five times. Of course I did it in a safe place.
Durability is unknown because it has not been confirmed since assembly.
Performance, fee Ring will surely up at this price.
This Recommendation.

Although it became a vehicle to shake off Meter, OEMPad was scared.

Although it had already been installed in Front, this time it is installed with Rear tire exchange.
Originally OEMRear drum was more effective than Front so there is no dramatic fee Ring as Front.
Although it may not have atari yet with BALI etc, I think that it will become gradually better in the future.

With this it changed to Shoe of DAYTONA so I felt relieved for the time being.

SPTakegawa : Reinforced Brake Arm Kit (for Front) Since we had attached Shoe in advance, you can fit this Shoe 1 pc! (Completed) is.

Although strengthening Arm was still a fee Ring that was still Guneya, with Shoe addition "Firmly" Stop!

Since we took out BALI before installation, we were able to immediately confirm the effect.

Because it works well, RearShoe also wants to exchange quickly with Cool!

(Since it was just attached, durability has not been evaluated)

I think that it is wonderful about effectiveness,
There will not be any more Shoe.

Reduction is early, but it is good if you consider efficiency.

The worst is Shoe's sticking.
It seems that it is caused by weak return spring....
Stopped, Brake lever did not return, Adhered, If you move Motorcycle back and forth
Lever comes back as it feels like Pakko.

Maintenance is good for a while, but I will stick it again.
It is bothersome to move Motorcycle forward and backward each time it stops so once OEM
I am going to return it..

Really, it's a waste only for the best effect.

I purchased Repeat. I think that it is already Cospa highest. I do not think I need more Pad. Fairly early braking, if it grips from there, it pats. I use it with CUB but I have a bad hold compared to OEMPad. Since it is fully open from usual, there is no dissatisfaction regarding durability.

Main jet of PB 16 carburetor has no fine count, Thank you for providing from KITACO! Thanks to that, the fire was able to be smoothed. The product is OEM so there is no problem at all!

CABINA 90 was heavy, but it was a difficult point for Brake to be ineffective.
So I exchanged for this Brake Shoe, but the braking ability is totally different.
With OEM's Shoe, Tire never locks even if full Breaking, but this Shoe yes it's easy to lock.

As expected it is DAYTONA.

I bought it because it reached 28000 kilometers with key and May flying when CUB PRESS 's Front brake was hooked. The replacement work was confirmed with Net and came with no problems. Impression after installation is no longer sound, Brake has become effective firmly Large is satisfied satisfied.