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Removing Cowl, removing Wheel, removing Front fork, and removing Stem, how Bearing did not match.
I'm sorry.

When thinking that ProductNo changed a little from the time of last purchase, because O-ring attached so far was not attached, only that point is dissatisfied, but think that the product itself is good.

Filter's fold was uneven when I took it out of the box first.
Moreover, the Seal part leaked out from the Gold belonging part of the Filter and it was coming out from Hami. In this case, Seal did not get dirty, but Seal entered the Engine, so it was not possible to use it, so we decided not to use it.
The attached O-ring was also unfortunate because its thickness did not match and it was unfortunate.

I used model number KN-401 in ZrX 1200 Rnitial Model 01. Two O-rings and YOSHIMURA Sticker were enclosed and could be used normally. In terms of reliable Brand performance, I think that it can be used with confidence, but the price is slightly higher, but let's buy it thought that insurance was put on it.

Since it is an old Motorcycle, parts etc. etc. Although I was dissatisfied, Handling got light and I am satisfied.
Because it is TaperBearing, it is Maintenance-free.

670 B 2016 180 yen
671 B 2590 400 yen

When replacing Filter with ZEPHYR 750, the above OEMO-ring also needs to be changed together. Approximately 600 yen took place separately from the Filter, but this Filter comes with 0 Ring! Although 2 types are shipped, the narrower one is the same size as the OEM. I used it all the time, Oil leaked without Trouble. I think that COSPA is the highest product that is too expensive.

Although the box for the last item was old, the item could be used without problems.
However, this time the box was Beauty, but the O-ring included is somehow two different size items.
I used old O-ring because it was not suitable for both.

I bought it with things with with O - ring, but as with other people 's writing, Size did not match.
Because the price is not cheap, OEM or another Manufacturer was also good ....