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Barang sudah saya terima dalam keadaan baik, serta pengirimannya memuaskan. Packingnya pun baik, barang datang dari Jepang ke Indonesia dengan aman. Semoga rantai ini dapat saya gunakan sebaik-baiknya, dengan kualitas dari merk yang tidak diragukan lagi.

It is used for KLX125.
Although it is high, there is worth of that.
Texture is also very high and an operation feeling is also good.

Neither blink nor lighting is carried out.
It was the same although it did by other motorcycle.
If it returns to the relay of normal, it will operate correctly.
They are inferior goods!

It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

I purchased Green Light because the installed Motorcycle is Z1000, but the texture is much better than I expected.
Installation can only be done by removing the original Filler cap, so it can be done in 10 seconds. Rather it may take more time to get the item out of the box ... lol


It is supposed to be compatible with 93 'KLX 250 S, but Ring of Center' s Rubber is a cabarever and there is a gap with Oil filterCap, it is not useful for a role, and Oil filterCap does not close a few millimeters than an OEM Filter! I want to return but because the time from purchase is also running, I can not use it for the above-mentioned models that only crying..

Every time I replace Motorcycle, I am doing it.
Oil cap around the Engine is also Black this time, I replaced it for Gold though it was one point
Every time it leaves it on the trade-in car and leaves it at hand only increases Normal oilCap (Lol)

Installation and so on are easy task of changing from Normal cap to Gold (Lol)
After all Gold is shining in black

I felt the feeling of power up over the whole area clearly and I felt a sense that Engine Displacement Volume rose slightly.
Traditional feeling in a low revolution range (Get it Ruined) There was, but it suddenly stretches.
Suddenly inserting Axel slightly improved pickup.
Feeling that it accelerates gently as rotation increases.
Torque is not morimori, it accelerates reasonably without Image.
Impression that Power curve has changed
The arrival speed at accelerating on commuting became faster.
(It is presumed that the highest speed is probably going up as well. )

Size and accuracy are good as well. It is six months but it is clean without fading. I think that a little individuality may come out together with Stem Cap.

Helmet, Wear is multiplied by Mirror, but the attached Wire is useful.
As a burglarproof we are upset if Mirror is removed
There is a sense of security for fall prevention when leaving a bit.

Africa Twin's OEM has to remove Seat one by one.
Cover Mirror with Helmet and lock Helium D ring and attached Wire through the collar collar together.

I bought it with Mirror exchange of the 2017 year Grom, but ...
I installed Style fun and cool.
The installation of the car body was installed snugly.
It is only the ground that you can adjust the angle of Mirror.
The angular width is small to turn it upwards, and I do not add it at all.
For two days I worried about various good ideas but abandoned it.
It will not be a shame.

I wanted to improve the connection of Power that rises beyond 7,000 revolutions from the low revolution range, followed by SP Tadao's PowerBox Pipe, but a combination of steel plates, I tried to introduce this Exhaust System.
With careful packaging, the installation of the Exhaust pipe and the muffler also has no problem, it comes with Spring Puller and the liquid Gasket, the quality has only the price as expected.
One of the reasons why the price is high is that there is a built-in catalyst, but it was a tubular catalyst that seems to be quite comfortable. As I imagined a Honeycomb-like one, this can be expected for efficiency.
It is somewhat shorter by OEM ratio, slightly thinner, slightly light feeling. It seems that we can not make it lighter and lighter.
It belongs to Heat Guard made of Gold genus, but it is somewhat dangerous because edges are cutting the steel plate. I was worried only there.

About installation work.
In Connection with PowerBoxPipe, there is already Review but exhaust leaked as it is. Because PowerBoxPipe is thicker than OEM, it is impossible to use Gasket and because the insertion port of Mipwaki's Pipe is shorter than OEM and its depth is deep, it was impossible to tighten up with Clamp and suppress exhaust.
Since the attached liquid Gasket is in the Large amount, it closed with a liquid Gasket, but it is better to prepare such as Aluminum Tape and thin Aluminum plate.
As for the installation of Others, if you have such work experience, it was easy to fit into a simple category and it was possible to install it without problems.

On the essential performance.
With the use of PowerBoxPipe, the Torque on the low rotation side increased, and although the feeling of power of the power leading to the high rotation was considerably relaxed, although the feeling that the vehicle speed extended from 7,000 rpm still remained, the feeling was brilliant It disappeared to.
I was remarkably able to feel the power up in the low revolution range as if the Power after 7,000 revolutions descended as it was to the low revolution zone.
About the biggest LowerPower, it was a feeling that it may be slightly growing. This may need improvement on the inspiration side.
Reflecting that the volume is increasing with the EURO 4 regulation, the volume feels quite large when you are satisfied with the volume of the OEM as if you were satisfied with the volume..
Especially when compared with another Motorcycle with an external exhaust system compliant with the previous regulation, the volume at the time of Idling becomes matter of concern.
If you start running, you do not have much worry, but in the residential area early in the morning, it seems to be a little distressed.
If you think that performance comes out in exchange for this volume, it is a range that you can think that it can not be helped. It's official regulation Corresponding Exhaust..

I like this Slip-on Silencer which is easy to run with ease of performance and looks beautiful.
I got to run more smoothly than before, and it has become more fun to ride CRF 250 RALLY more and more.
Regrettably, it is disappointing that it will be dirty and absolutely contaminated.

very bad quality... the product seem like a china second hand mirror ... i will not install it on my bike...cant accept it