Kembali ke atas

Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It just said that it was reasonably priced.

It purchased to XJ6Diversion.

It will become Massey, if it does not fit into a filter easily firmly but uses for a while in the beginning.

Since it is the first exchange, a wrench is also simultaneous purchase.

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

I purchased Green Light because the installed Motorcycle is Z1000, but the texture is much better than I expected.
Installation can only be done by removing the original Filler cap, so it can be done in 10 seconds. Rather it may take more time to get the item out of the box ... lol

Every time I replace Motorcycle, I am doing it.
Oil cap around the Engine is also Black this time, I replaced it for Gold though it was one point
Every time it leaves it on the trade-in car and leaves it at hand only increases Normal oilCap (Lol)

Installation and so on are easy task of changing from Normal cap to Gold (Lol)
After all Gold is shining in black

Purchased for F4-BRUTALE DRUG STAR.
Bar end mirror so I was a bit uneasy but the usual Mirror part hangs over the Bar End as it is.
I also chose Size also SizeSmall, but I was able to completely cover my feet.
Stain will remain a little in the car body after rain with open-air use.
Although I could not hope for Completely Waterproof, I can give you enough points to consider in Cospa.

I attached it to the new REBEL 250. I did not like the Cap of OEM so I purchased it for Dress-up purpose.
Appearance ◎. Texture ◎. I am satisfied ◎. Just because it's a little expensive.

I purchased it using Point. Installation is easy, but since it can be fixed at any angle,
It took a while to work with comparing with the photo without knowing the angle of the best.
It is about a grade better than nothing as wind baffle.
Is not it good for people who do not want to destroy the overall design.

I just received the Road comet 2 which is very well finished but the assembly instructions is in Japanese (English would be welcome) Paint conforms to OEM The lower bracket is not suitable for model 1100 RS and requires the assembly of a ring of 10 mn thickness. Otherwise, the delay is respected and the packaging is correct.

Naked Motorcycle I do not want to insist on insisting that I'm wearing it
At first sight, I like feeling that I have not arrived.

Running without running it will be good up to 80 km, but if you overtake it by overtaking it

The wind is painful - - - There is nothing to 120th when you wear this!

I installed the Light Bracket in 2 places, so I wonder if Large is durable, but in Circuit

Because Limiter can run at the speed it works, you can not be tired on the general road?

Even insects in summer hit this and Helmet's Shield is Large durable!

It was saved by Hokkaido Touring.

I was worried about what to do when Oil Element's replacement time came down I was attracted only by the cheap price and decided to purchase! The performance was good against the price and I was able to do the installation to Smooth.
It was exchange of Oil and Element but it ended in less than 30 minutes!

It is not a product only cheap! It is worth buying.
Next Element will also purchase this item!

NC 39 of CB 400 SF (spec3) Purchase after confirming with Daytona's HP that it conforms to. In terms of product number, the screen is 68303, the mounting hardware is 61380. These are all Sufoa after 1999 (spec1・2・3,vtec) And that it is compatible with. Because I do not want to change the look of Naked, the color of the screen clears. In the case where strong sunshine is reflected as seen from the front of the car body, although the presence of the screen is a little worrisome, it is transparent and does not matter if there is no reflection of light. The motive for purchasing felt that it is painful to receive wind and rain properly when traveling on a highway. Looking at the evaluation of cheap things and high price items of this product, cheap ones have few descriptions about the windshield performance, and expensive ones often mention windscreen performance, so if you buy it for windbreak use it is cheap Judge to avoid. When I tried it, I realized the windshield effect so much as the speed increases. When you hold the left hand in front while driving, you can see the boundary of the wind well. You can adjust the wind flow according to the angle of the screen, gradually make an angle, let the wind flow around the helmet. Since it dries sweat when it is a mesh jacket, it is not windy but wind pressure is lost. Although the screen is notation with 3 mm, it seems to have more thickness, and when you touch it in attaching or adjusting the angle, the making is solid and it feels durable. Although there was an explanation when cracking the bolt with a strong torque, there was an explanation, I was worried during the installation work, but there is only compatible model and forcibly bending it is not forced by 40 minutes alone by one person. When adjusting the angle, moving with moving hands with both hands slowly moves, but it was nice to move with the running wind. The bottom of the screen does not overlap the headlight, but the light reflects at the bottom. It is an advantage if you think that the light is on. Although there was a statement that it is good to paste the attached sponge on the bottom, since it does not want to present the presence of the sponge, it is used as it is. Even after installing the screen, I was able to use a bike cover of exact size without stress.