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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

I have been on the XR 250 BAJA, which has been riding for 21 years.

I bought it because NORMAL's feeling of mnumu nuance was anxious.

After mounting, we got on the Touch which was more than expected, Snap, and easy to control

I feel that my Breaking has improved.

I wish I had to exchange it sooner..

By the way, because Rotor of Breaking system was also exchanged together, compatibility may have been good.

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
I got my motorcycle license early 26 years ago. At the time the license was acquired, the bike that was on display at the bike shop on the way to school is equipped with separate tank type brake "Really cool!" And at that time it was shocked, I was staring through the front of the bike shop every day. Such a memorable motorcycle and separate tank type brake are one of the parts that emphasizes the custom of the motorcycle for himself. In addition, past liter bikes (CB1000SF) It was also installed. The master diameter purchased this time is the same as Grom Pure 1 / I made it to 2. Before purchase, Brembo casting master diameter that does not affect even when 4 POT brake is introduced (1 / 2 or 14 mm) in order to select it. Grom is genuine is a one-touch 2POT caliper. I examined the difference between 2POT and 4POT by pushing piston movement when changing to 4POT caliper in the future. In single-push 2 POT, one piston is pushed out and the caliper slides sideways to pinch the disc. On the contrary, in the case of 4 POT, the left and right pistons are pushed out and sandwich the disc, and the extrusion of the piston is half of 2 POT. Further calculate the hydraulic ratio, etc., this time the brake control - I want to bring the feeling close to genuine 1 / 2(12. 7 mm) for the first time.

? 【How was it actually used?】
Since we installed the same MASTER diameter as OEM, BrakeControl - Fei Ring does not change dramatically, but now CaliperHose is using OEM. Changes may be felt when changing CaliperHose in the future. In order to feel the change as future exchange schedule I would like to exchange with Hose? Caliper step by step. What changed the most - - - It was so in the CB 1000 SF era, but the Custom feeling improved.

? 【Mounting was difficult?】
Fine adjustment of replacement - It was about 1 hour work including air omission. Before replacing the Helium holder in the Lever holder. Just purchased Brake master cylinder kit has become Mirror Holder, and the Helmet holder which was installed so far can not be used. If you use it, you can not install Mirror. Since I was also doing pre-purchase before purchase, at the same time as Brake master cylinder kit KITACO Helmet Holder with Mirr

? 【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
Before removing the genuine master cylinder, remove the brake fluid from the caliper side, remove the brake fluid in the hose, and finally remove the brake fluid left in the tank. Brake fluid erodes paint. It is safe to prepare a water supply hose so that it can flow with water as soon as the brake fluid spills. Loosen the brake banjo when all brake fluid is completely removed. When loosening a banjo, it is difficult to loosen it when it is removed from the handle unless you loosen it when it is fixed to the handle. There is some brake fluid remaining in the removed banjo so you can rest assured that you wrap the banjo with waste etc.

Every time, I am working alone during installation and replacement. If you have an Assistant, have Parts and have it installed easily - Although it can be fixed, because it is a work of one person, Brake master cylinder temporary fixation is fixed with Masking tape, and in the meantime fixed with Bolt so that the installation position can be finely adjusted with Mirror Holder. Once the installation position is decided, it is final tightening. By the way Grom 's Mirror Holder regulation Torque is 10 N - m. Clutch leverClamp will also be the same provision Torque.

When the brake master cylinder installation position is decided, it is the installation of the brake banjo, but install it so that the part of the banjo becomes high position. In addition, please be sure to use a new washer when installing the banjo. Fully tighten with a banjo fastening torque of 34 N - m, replenish it so that the brake fluid will not spill into the tank, and it will be air bleeding work. Since I am using a vacuum drawing tool, it is an air removal work from the caliper side. Place the brake fluid in the tank to such an extent that it will not spill, the first time the remaining air 1 will not bite 1 / Pull out the brake fluid in the tank to about 3. In the second time, the reduced brake fluid in the tank is replenished and, as in the first cycle, the tank 1 / Remove the brake fluid so that it will remain about 3. I grasp the lever and check the touch. Lever touch "Fluffy" If it seems to be doing it, repeat air venting. Lever touch "Click" And it's done.. Since I used a vacuum drawing tool, I finished working with a large amount of air removal for about 3 times. After the air vent operation, in order to pull out fine air, I fixed it with holding the brake lever overnight.

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Although it was also in the CB 1000 SF era, it is still a good item that satisfies User. There is no disappointment!

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I hope Mirror installation can be installed on Mirror Holder and Master side Body, if there are two kinds of settings.

? 【Have you compared items?】
Company MASTER diameter 1 / 2(12. 7 mm) and 14 mm
Radial master (For Overspecifications, I quickly thought again!)

? [Others]
Youth age (10's) I saw that - What I felt - I can not forget what I've heard even now. As I said, I had less information, I saw it! I felt that I heard that was the best information. I spent such a time and good memories are being utilized for the current custom. information - Parts etc. are also easier to obtain than you used to, and you also got the skills to work yourself. The process that the bike custom drafted in the youth era is actually finished is irresistably fun days. Ritter bike is a fun bike life with a liter bike, "There are things that only mini can do!" So I will enjoy customizing in the future as well.

Rear also wears Vesrah, but its effect is pretty good.
In essence, two wheels are those that make Front effective.
So I attached Metal type to Front.

I found the difference even immediately after installation.

Indeed, Vesrah is good.

Installed in zx-6 r in 16 years. I thought that Heat sink of heat dissipation will interfere, but since it did not hit Limit it was attached with no processing. It is bright, it looks pure white with a white color too!

Braking force needs to hold firmly to stop below OEM. Grip strength game on On.
Off, so so it will not be Front lock so it can be said that it is easy to use.
I often run Off, but next time I will choose another Manufacturer or OEMPad.

Although it is the best in terms of Cost, the lock spring fits the fins at the time of installation There is a phenomenon that the lock comes off The phenomenon is a bit uncertain We want to test running repeatedly. Brightness etc.. There is no problem.

BESSLER 's Brake Parts reduces Stress in Machine control.
Motorcycle I was the leader who made Riding the most fun for me for over 30 years Brake Pads.
I used different Brands differently, but I arrived at Bessler.
I am sorry that Lineup that also corresponds to old vehicles is not available for my FirstMachine.

I installed it on a vehicle in the middle of Restore. I did not feel like putting Gold on Master 's Inner Kit, bent Lever and corroded advanced body, but if I do not do it, I made it to Short lever type' Nisshin Master '. I do not test for braking but Touch seems to be good.

Processing is necessary for the GSX - S1000F, but after purchasing it purchased
Honestly bright, it is a feeling that the compatibility or focus of the Lens cut of a different type Headlight is sweet
At the position of 1 m, Sharp Lens cut, but there is a lot of spread in the whole
It is hard to explain
But the brightness is good.

Nisshin master cylinder
It was my first time
Because it is a reliable Brand
It was very good.
I am looking forward to installation

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Before Motorcycle was delivered, it was this sphere LightRIZING that I heard the rumor of the release to the direction I thought to have LED headlight incorporated since it is a point..
Although it is somewhat higher than the Company's LED of Standard, sometimes singing up the light intensity etc., "Can I hit the initial investment?" Introduction introduced.
Hi side was ordinary LED, Low side was arranged by RIZING.

【How was it actually used?】
Hi when the car delivered by mistake of the shop side / Both Low are equipped with normal Sphere LightLED, unfortunate happiness was able to compare old and new. (I asked God of thunder to exchange Low at a later date)
When driving at night, it is bright up to around 30 m from the front and it illuminates a moderate wide angle range.

It is a comparison between normal LED and God of thunder, but I felt it was about 30% lighter as it was perceived.
There is no darkness that feels uneasy especially, as long as you do not run with a good Speed, you can run with confidence..

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
This time I asked Shop to install, but as the cooling mechanism of the LED Body protrudes backwards, it seems to jump out of the headlight unit of GSX - S1000F.
Therefore, you can see that the lid of ValveRear is hollowed out and sea Ring is done.
Shop clerk also "It was strange here in Large" I'm sorry.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

【Have you compared items?】
SYGN HOUSE, Protec, JAFIRST etc etc. Goods

CBR600RR I installed it in 2008 but it is very dark. It was better not to exchange. The LEDs themselves emit light brightly, but the compatibility with Reflector is the worst, the amount of light shining far away is not enough and it is not quite bright.

A certain Chinese made 35W 4300K ??HID was in use, but it seems that the Battery burden seems to be Large
I got on Sale this time and bought it.
Details are written in the diary, so I hope it becomes helpful.
Anyway White flashes, Large felt bright.
Although the difference in actual running is yet to be confirmed, the light intensity is 35 W HID in Garage and the same. Or more.
Rubber cover of Reverse side failed with misunderstanding, remodeled OEM Product and reinstalled.
Instruction Manual Because the content is not very detailed, because it depends on the car model
I feel I need imagination and tact. It took quite some time..
Accessories like HID (Ballast, Igniter) There is not, called Controller
Only the Small Parts are in the middle of a thin Harness. Small swimsuit than carry box.
It is lighter so it does not have to be fixed and it keeps hanging from the Small side.
Thanks to Refreshing inside Cowl, space was created.
Also gentle to Battery, stable ON lit immediately.
Because power consumption is low, even if you take power directly from existing Harness
I think that there is no problem at all.
It is only Lo side that I normally use irrespective of vehicle inspection, but it is Large funny satisfaction.

Hi all, This brake master cylinder is of the highest quality and finish, Fits perfectly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Great alternative to OEM item.