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I made this Filter the same as last time in the third Oil exchange.
Filter wrench is not required, there is no new expense, even in terms of performance
Since I could use it without problems, I would like to repeat it in the future.

2017 MT-09 Racer used with GIVISpecial rack SR 212 1 and Set.
Although it took time to understand the relationship between this case and Base, there was no problem as long as it was installed.
(For initial top case installation)
It seems possible to install another Size, but I chose it because it seems that the fit is more beautiful.

I bought it for Yamaha MT-09 Racer.
I was relieved because BMW K - 100 RS which I was riding in was using K & N Filter again and again.
The good place of K & NOil Filter is convenient and comfortable to be able to be installed with Glasses without need of Filter wrench.
But the price is as high as the dimension. Is it something you can not do cheaper at a bit more.
I believe the performance is also good if the price is high ....

Postscript, O-ring Rubber is not attached, probably it is not necessary for this product separately.

The Cartridge type can be removed if there is a Double-end Wrench or Socket, so removing and installing is quite easy. From now on I think I will use K & NFilter every time.
Sticker is also on, so I felt a little get it.

Easy to install and strong enough. Design think that preference can be divided, but I feel too much emphasis on GIVI. Depending on the size of Box to be installed, Top case, because it is hidden and can not be seen, it is exactly OK - - -

I chose Cost as well as Front brake. Though I am not using Rear, Buell's case does not work too well, so I thought that it would be better even a little. As a result I am satisfied with a sense of braking more reliable than OEM. Although it sings a little because it is a brand new, I expect that it will be alleviated if the Pad surface calms down.

Last time I made it to DAYTONAFilter, YOSHIMURAK & N this time. Performance can not be experienced, but as long as YOSHIMURA is written it will be believable. I have used a variety of YOSHIMURA products since long ago, but there is no break. The attached Gold color Sticker is also casually Parenthesis nice.
Because I also want to see 12 Nuts in my head, the exchange is very easy and happy, but do not forget to wrap your attention to overtight and Oil to Packing. It is a gem of recommendation.

At first I was thinking on the base of M5 but this is because it is on sale and it seems to be refreshing with a thin type here.
I opened it and saw it, but it looks like GIVI again.
Special rack for attaching the car body and base seems to be a FOR JAPAN MODEL missing item and can not be installed until about next February.
Of course Special Rack is also requested by Wee Big. I am looking forward to installing it.

We exchanged with buell's Front pad at the same time.
Originally because Rear brake was a pod, I knew that it was not good to be effective, but NORMALPad was not as effective at all and decided to exchange with Front at the same time.
The result is a slow deceleration if you multiply Brake to what Pad you have been up to now.
Those who are not satisfied with NORMALPAD think that it is OK even if this product is listed as one of the candidates.

I purchased Top box GIVI V47 and LED LampKit at the same time. Mounting is also solid and V47 can be attached with no play, you can rest assured.

Although I thought that honest Parenthesis would get worse if I put a loading platform
I was relieved not bad besides.
From now on I would like to add a Top case to go out without worrying about luggage.

Purchased with V47Top case installation.
The thing is solid and it looks bad even when you remove the Top case. This item is recommended!

When OEMFilter can not be obtained right away, etc., I purchase this product as a substitute item.
Filter wrench Ideas product is unnecessary HEX 17mm It is good to have the same size as Drain bolt.
Filter performance also unilaterally trusts that it is K & N.

Regarding the ability of Filter, I think that there is no big difference between products, but because the installed Motorcycle is NAKED, it looks good from outside as well, the Custom feeling is pretty.

As for the feature of the biggest Large of this product, again, it is Nut about the Filter tip.
Even without Filter wrench, 17 mm (Surely) You can easily remove it with Spanner or Wrench. Moreover, it seems that Socket can be used even during installation, Torque management is easy to manage. I've been Repeating this since I started to exchange Oil by myself and I will continue to use this Filter from now on.
I think that the essential performance is not inferior to OEM. It is an excellent Filter for Cost performance that I want to repeat.