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Produk sesuai...kwalitas respon

Produk sesuai...kwalitas respon

selalu puas berbelanja di webike. original dan sesuai keterangan. cuma lama saja pengiriman nya. karen dari luar negri

barang sesuai deskripsi kualitas ok

A parts catalog is recommended in the direction improved by itself.
If a part number is known even if it does not ask the motorcycle store, an order can be placed from Mr. webike, and I think that an incomprehensible place will also tend to carry out assembly by a service manual if the part drawing of a parts catalog is seen.
It is convenient if it is!

It attached to the presscab.
Light diffuses and the focus does not suit.
Since the newspaper is delivered, now, it cannot use.
It returned and attached only the attached bulb.
It is a high bulb.

The presscab was attached and used.
HI and LO switch became reverse that that of normal was used for the socket as it was.
I think that light diffuses and the focus does not suit and that a valve position probably passes in a front.
It seems that an attached bulb is the best for a normal light.
After all, it is high shopping.

Since it was cheap, it purchased in passing at the time of bore up.
Sealing also becomes brave.

It was used for clutch exchange of NSR50.
If there is a special tool after all, it is as safe as something.
However, a little more than 5000 yen is slightly high only with the tool of clutch exchange.

It was used for the monkey of normal (49 cc).
Although changed from the high cam of JUN, it says clearly and Power is completely different! Although it is natural, that Power of the high rotation area went up also has the torque in an inside rotation region rather than a JUN cam, and it rides easily by a torque fully.
of course, the maximum high speed is also extended!!! being related with setting of a carburetor -- the time of the influence of important effectiveness, or a JUN cam -- # -- it fell about by ten.
In attaching, it was a little troublesome that valve recess processing of the piston had to be carried out for reservation of valve clearance, but Power who wipes out the difficulties was obtained ^^

It attached to the white giorcub.
It is touch that the color may be unified.
Although the color of the bulb was in sight for a while, I was seldom worried.
When worrisome, I think whether it is also good to LED-ize.

It attached to the white giorcub.
Color was unified and it is [ it feels and ] easy to come out.
Although the color of the bulb was in sight for a while, I was not worried so much.
Probably, it is also good to LED-ize, when worrisome.

He bought it, when a spare tank was purchased.
If you buy many things, the inside of the room is full of parts unawares.
I think that it is useful also for prank prevention when you go out, if it is this.

It could come to attach a power rev to the dax, and is very much satisfied.

It is better to be purchased after checking conformity well since a cub changes the form of the piston of a bore up kit by a model.
Wearing is very easy and a special tool in particular does not need it, either.
It can work, even if a description is also polite and it does not take down an engine.
And after carrying out bore up, it ran about 300 km, but so so, there is also torque and it is easy to run it.
When bore up was carried out, the piston became heavy, and since the maximum high speed did not come out of whether high rotation comes to be hard in the surroundings from the time of 50 cc by a pure sprocket, F sprocket was made into 16 dishes.
however -- still -- the maximum high speed -- 70 km/h -- just for a moment .
A high cam may also be needed if bore up is carried out.
But surely torque becomes strong and bolt-on is opened wide from two-step right-turn and 30-km/h regulation by registering two sorts.
Although the goods themselves were very good, since 笆ウ mark attached to the rear fender which will follow if you buy the bore up kit of the manufacturer of the other company was not attached, they are four stars.
In the direction which has ridden on a 50-cc cub by Ho who usually has license of two or more flowers, it is recommended by all means.