Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 3.8PS/8,250rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.38kgf・m/7,000rpm
Berat Total 81kg
Kapasitas Tangki 4.6 Liter

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good material, hopefull can used for long lasting

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Compared with an original manufacturer's product, it is a bolt of firm structure.
It is used and there is sense of security.

Since it was cheap, it purchased in passing at the time of bore up.
Sealing also becomes brave.

Since it attaches by Pons, it attaches, and the very thing is easy work.
There is also no reason for becoming so quick that it being visible in the reconstruction like air element exchange and muffler exchange.
It is because that is a moped well.
Power has come out from an inside region.
I think that they will be the parts for the seen operative professionals after Power comes out by bore up, BIG carburetor conversion, etc. since ignition timing is adjusted.
If this is attached to honesty and a normal engine normal cab, doesn't the direction which exchanged mufflers etc. become quick?

It exchanged together at the time of brake lever exchange.
I was easy to grasp lever form and thought that texture was also good considering a price.
A point regrettable [ one ] has GATA in a pivot part compared with a pure lever.
Operation does not seem to be affected.

It was attached simply.

It was used for the monkey of normal (49 cc).
Although changed from the high cam of JUN, it says clearly and Power is completely different! Although it is natural, that Power of the high rotation area went up also has the torque in an inside rotation region rather than a JUN cam, and it rides easily by a torque fully.
of course, the maximum high speed is also extended!!! being related with setting of a carburetor -- the time of the influence of important effectiveness, or a JUN cam -- # -- it fell about by ten.
In attaching, it was a little troublesome that valve recess processing of the piston had to be carried out for reservation of valve clearance, but Power who wipes out the difficulties was obtained ^^