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I tried to wear it on DJ - 1, but the length is not enough at all
DJ-1RR Wire Will it arrive if it's behind?
I want the car type information properly

Хорошо и плотненько наделись, рукой прикасаться приятно, выглядят стильно (для тех кто не любит пестрости а больше склоняется к строгим класическим цветам) Вообщем покупкой доволен, рекомендую! Google translate: Well and densely put on, hand to touch nice, look stylish (for those who do not like variegated and more inclined to strict classical colors) In general, the purchase is satisfied, I recommend!

The product came in a sealed box and excellent quality! Packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not install it on a motorcycle! I recommend this product and store to everyone! Successful shopping!

I used ordinary Iridium plugs before, but when I exchanged for this product this time I think that the startability of the Engine has improved.
Because of that, it took less time to turn Cell and the burden on Battery seems to be diminishing.

Selection of Plug was also a difficult place as we are familiar with various things such as 65ccBore up, NRMagicExhaust Chamber, High Speed ??Pulley etc.. I ran the second fastest from the OEM, but I could not correct the soothed feeling even if I adjust the air / fuel ratio to any extent. When I replaced it with this plug this time, it burned my best by chance.

I have Honda Dio ZX AF36 and had a problem with starting. Replacing spark plug solved the problem. Daytona products are high quality. I had to take out the seat box first in order to get to the carburetor and replace the spark plug. Delivery was fast.

Compared to NORMAL's White heatball, it became much brighter. Since installation is also easy for CHOINORI, the work itself will end in about 10 minutes. Moreover, there is no problem at night as well with this.

I exchanged from OEMPlug
The startability got better
Because it seems probably to be no exchange in the vehicle during Restore
Whether it is a brand-new one, Windshield IRIDIUM is unknown
Others is unknown because it runs only in the parking lot

I do not know whether the difference in performance with Standard Plug BP 5 HA, the price difference is just right or COSPA is good
It was not a bad shopping

As Headlight Bulb was black spoiled, I replaced it with Valve.

Things that are more expensive are much brighter, but I feel that it is sufficiently bright for me who replaced Headlight Bulb for the first time.

It is cheap, the time when the light goes off is Blue and Cool ♪

CareneComponent stereo Purchase for construction of OH and 2 types of Engine of demolition purchase when creating stereo.

I ran about 80 km so I will impress.

Kit comes with Gaskets of Normal cylinder and Oversize piston Others which have been bore expanded Large.

On Net "Seizure" Although reputation is not good if it is easy, the current situation has no problem.

Although it is the cause of seizure, "Piston clearance" I see information that it is narrow, but personally "Centering Piston" I think that is a problem.

If you incorporate Kit with Frame in the Engine, I will assemble Cylinder while lying sideways, so I think that if you turn Crank and put your heart out, you will gravitate downwards with gravity.

I stood up the engine, put the Cylinder vertically and put it in my heart.

Although it is running, I ran discreetly about 15 km, but after that "Almost constantly Full throttle driving" is.

Performance Up, but I replaced it with CareneEngine which can shift from without Engine Goto Engine, so how much power up with Bore up (fast) I do not know if I did it.

However, because it is Engine Displacement VolumeUp which is less than 8 cc, it seems that it is not suitable for those who want excessive power up.

By the way, I changed Weight Roller a couple of times and I confirmed Meta with 60 kilometers in Peak at the highest speed, but as I was disappointed at the beginning, it is now focusing on acceleration and the fastest speed of 50 kilometers. is.

I think that it will be clawed if there is time, but it is all about driving system - - -

I think that the price is cheap as this type of Kit, and I think that we can recommend it to those who want to refresh the Engine or those who want to make it 2 kinds properly instead of false application.

Approximately 5 months after installing on ADDRESS V 125 G. The Right Side's Grip is on the Throttle side, but there is no change in the surface. And, looking at Left Side, the influence being gripping firmly at Breaking, or fine tsububb of the surface of the Grip was worn out due to friction with Gloves, and it became slippery.
It was easy to buy, but on a price basis, I was surprised that only Right Side wears so quickly. It is easy for subtle opening and closing of Throttle, and this point is disappointing, so I change it to three stars. For Racing so it may be useless ....

Because Valve is Blue, it is thought that Multi-reflector seems to be Blue when stopping.

It reflects from the front and it is blue.

The color of Light is White, but it is not White.

As the light seems to be Blue at the time of stopping as intended, it is 4.

DIO (AF27) It attached to.
Installation was easy.
Although it is a feeling of wearing, I feel like it is slightly softer than OEM, but I think that I do not mind if I get used to it.

The used car was purchased, and since a standard Plug did not understand whether it would be exchanged, it exchanged for the Iridium plugs.An Idling is stabilized and I think that the Response also became good.I think that an effect is clearly known since it is
2 strike.