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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Handle up spacer

Very good kit! 3rd gear pulls to 100. Top Speed about 112. No regrets, I will always run this kit. Stock is so slow and no fun at all. I didn't use an oil cooler, just better oil. Rotella or Royal Purple.

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

I bought it with Impre of the other person.
That's right.
Steady build
It can be used with confidence.
Installation is basically the same as other carriers.

GIVI's Box was able to be loaded firmly !!

The Lightweight Oil Filter Rotor dose what it clames to do. Filter works, I've cleaned "gunk" out after ~700km. Increases acceleration, I constantly out accelerate my Son's standard (no Lightweight Oil Filter Rotor). Get a Takegawa Lightweigth Oil Filter Rotor to get "Pole Position".

It installed in JC75. Performance aspects - It looks pretty satisfying. Volume is also quiet than ordinary Exhaust System if OEMEngine Displacement Volume is 4 VHead 181 cc is quite Large, but it is quite loud, but I do not care because it is premised on Circuit. Where the selection range of that Rear item becomes narrow in a bad place.

รีวิวภาษาไทยจ้ะ ซื้อมาใส่แล้วเลยมารีวิวให้อ่านกัน สำหรับรถเดิมๆ เน้นนะว่าเดิมๆ เลย วาล์วตัวนี้ ใส่แล้วเห็นผลชัดๆ เลย คือรอบต้นจัดขึ้น อัตราเร่งต่อเกียร์ดีขึ้น อาการสั่นที่พักเท้าหายไป น่าจะเพราะเครื่องสั่นน้อยลง ส่วนเรื่องประหยัดน้ำมัน ไม่มีผลอ่ะ กินน้ำมันเท่าเดิม ติดตั้งไม่ยาก ตัดท่อตรงกลาง ดึงท่อด้านล่างออก เอาชุดวาล์วตัวนี้ใส่แทนได้เลยThai Language Review I bought it and read it. For the same car. That's it. This valve is already visible, the clear is the first round held. Accelerate gear. The shaking feet disappear. Perhaps because the vibrator is less. The oil economy is not affected by the same oil. Installation is not difficult. Cut pipe in the middle Pull the bottom tube out. This valve set to replace it. (Translated by google translation)

Volume is Large grace, but sound quality is deep bass and feels good quality. I think that the greatest benefit of the exchange is weight saving. Regarding Power up, it is not powerful because it is originally a non-powerful Motorcycle. However, thanks to the Small-sounding Sound, it's a fun Exhaust System to ride without forcibly turning.

Immediately after the change, there was a feeling that the high revolution range was capped, but it seemed just to not have been turned at NORMAL. The sound is also comfortable, it has become a feeling of turning.
I think that it is a commodity that can be Recommendation in price. It is a good sound.


Chain purchased 130 LINK for 420, Sprocket for F 16 R 34 and Chain for 120 LINK were perfect.
The running performance got softer, Rear shock came to absorb Gap on the road surface, although it's Setting like Pre-road slightly.

A little Rivet part rubbed against Swingarm, so we attached the included Bracket and Exhaust Bracket by bending. Sound is good sound with heavy bass. I feel like I am not good at high speed range, but it is 125 c c so I guess it's like this. Baffle I tried to remove it, I banged it too much. I felt it would be nice if there were several kinds of Baffle. I think that it is not other Manufacturer....
I think the price is reasonable and good.

I attached it to the NC 750S. Although it is for Grom, Grom and NC have Blinker compatibility, so we made this product cheaper than NC.
Although there was no particular problem in the installation, when installing Valve, I pushed in Valve and twisted, but Valve was quite large against Space in Case, so it was a bit difficult to do.
It was a combination of Clear Lens and Plating Valve, I was lost, I got lost because I lost it, and it became a combination of the smoke Lens and Amber Bulb, but the color when I turned on was also calm, and it was the right answer here.
I think that it got a bit darker, but it seems that it corresponds to the vehicle inspection, so it is good.

Second buy in webike, there is many oil filter cap in webike, i choose Tanaka since it is cheap and beautiful color and it is a japan famous brand in motocycle, it is very beautiful when i receive it, But the red color is not the red color I want, it for some pink. And install the cap is very easy. But it does not contain the valve circle so you need to put on the original one. Anyway i am very successful in this transaction.