Kembali ke atas

They are use and exchange from an authentic positive one in the front of NINJA250R.
Although it is not a pad of the type which is effective with Gatun like in play [ of you ], in proportion to the input of a lever, damping force increases certainly.
I think that control nature is also good, and it can recover in comfort also when it trespasses upon a corner with an overspeed.
The exchange from an authentic positive one is also completely comfortable, and powerful damping force is acquired with the operation feeling of pad exchange former.
Since the thickness of a pad is together in it being pure, the way which was run 9 or 000 km and which is seldom expected may say a life.

I exchanged from OEM. As a performance I felt a bit better than OEM. It is very effective, I feel that the adjustment range is larger than the OEM, I am very happy

It is clearly more effective than the OEM when you use it with Circuit, and Control property is almost the same. I think it depends on Tire, but I think that compatibility with BS S20 Evo is very good. We do not know well because aggressiveness to Life and Rotor is just beginning to use.

I exchanged this product from Red Pad to Rear of CRM 250 AR, but I could not tolerate the bad effect and exchanged for Red Pad again at about 6000 km. Anyway it is bad effect to feel danger at cold time. I was actively using the Rear in the city ride Main I was unable to feel the benefit to emphasize the initial braking from the cold time and Touch. Too bad the ineffectiveness of car Both Sides also suspected anomalies disc I did new goods exchange, MASTER, CaliperOverhaul, but it turned out normal effect when I returned to Red Pad. This Pad is Race specifications.

Rear's Pad replacement is troublesome as you can not remove the Tire.. The essential Pad has good thickness and firmness, and its effectiveness is also good. Since I just exchanged, Life seems to be in the future, but it seems to last long.

After putting Golden Pad in Front, I ran 25000 km and still three minutes left
Moreover, the effect is good. Since this time I changed Rear Disc Rotor to a new one, I combined it with Front
I made it to Golden. I still have about 200 km running so I still feel sweet in effect
I am planning to know the merit of this Pad in the Front so I think I want to practice it carefully from now on.

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
Price and Control Performance

? 【How was it actually used?】
Brake performance is also not bad. Supplied more than Golden Pad

? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
I am motivated even by a beginner with hang.

? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Any
- Caliper (Where Brake Pads is paying) Piston (Things to press) Push in.
- Please hold Brake until you surely come back several times after the end. When I started running and took Brake
Because it does not take Brake if it is fluffy.

? [Car type / Mounting position】
Ninja250R Front brake

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
nothing special

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I think that this is fine as it is a complete form. Continue production desirability in the future

? 【Have you compared items?】
Golden Pad - Hyper pad

? [Others]
Especially Motorcycle beginners think that it is very good. Brake performance and control performance
I think Balance is good..
More than anything, it is good that Disc Lock is hard to wear out.
Somewhat anxious, I wonder if Brake Pads' scraped squeeze is a little somewhat easy - - It is slightly dirty.

that's all.

It is being used for Rear brake of XR 400 Motard made in 2008.
Although OEMPad of new car installation was good at the beginning, Brake squeaking on the verge of stop
I was embarrassed as soon as I got out, I decided to exchange Pad early.

Rear brake So if you do not sing cheerfully it will be good so that DAYTONA's Red Pad
After exchanging, I could not do Brake Lock even after it came out, so it was ineffective.
Because I did not work it was because I was stepping on strongly, we had a more timely replacement time than we anticipated.

Next I decided Pad to be Golden Pad without hesitation.
This Pad was already in use in Front brake, there was no habit of how to work, it was worth the power adjustment
Brake power is obtained and Life is long in Controllable and it is excellent in COSPA.

The impression attached to the Rear brake was quite similar to Front brake and was without complaint.
Of course, there is no Brake squealing on the verge of stop.
Let's choose something that is reasonable in price and good performance.

For Choi ride, running through the streets
Because I do not do full-open running or saying this, I can not feel the difference with OEM so much.
It may be easier to start running.

It was my first Handlebar exchange, but it was really easy.

Included Parts : Rubber had a slip stop ThornThorn and was a bit painful with bare hands
I installed the OEMRubber I used again.

I exchanged more than Redpad of the company ... I felt that there was a sense of bitterness from the beginning than RedPad. RedPad feels softer feeling when I grabbed Lever.
I felt this Pad a hard Touch.
Personally I like this hard pad because I like hard Touch.
I do not know yet about Life, but I think that it is not a problem because it is cheap.

From last exchange (Purchased elsewhere) It was replaced this time in one year. From the ordering of items to receipt I was happy to be Large without Stress.
I will be using this again.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 The price is cheap. Front should be high and Rear will not work so far so select cheap one.
【How was it actually used?】 It is the first impression that this degree. If you stepped on strongly, it works, and if you are stepping on sweetness it does not work at all, I feel impression.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Just remove the pad and attach it!
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Let's loosen Pad pin before removing Caliper.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Brake Kasu gets awesome. Just like Rear wheel's Right Side, it's black like stupid. Is wear also quick?
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 I think this product is a nice place because there is such a standing position with this product.
【Have you compared items?】 It is GoldenPad. I regret something good even though I made it.
[Others] Speaking of red as you can see it is dasy.

I change it every two hours at Race but I think that durability will be slightly lower because it is one Ring.
Quantity : Compared to 2pcRing Responseetc. I think whether it is good, but the pain of the Piston ring will be faster.
I am saved because there are many Gasket species.

There is no Instruction Manual and the shape of Seat rubber does not match!
It is useless unless you can process holes to a certain extent, such as drilling and cutting!
Seat shape is cool !!

I used NSF's Normal shock for practice but I bought this Shock as Damper got out.
I think that movement is better in Shock of this price range. (Although truly it does not reach the performance of WP)