A basic version of Forza that made the mission a common V-matic unspecified speed change type and lowered the price by removing the lighting of the seat bottom luggage space.At the same time the meter ring and handle cover are black finished and equipped with silver wheels.The tail lamp is also changed from Z plating reflector + clear lens to silver reflector + light smoke lens.In 2009 model Ross White, graphite black body color as it is, image up was attempted with the rear skirt which was a satin finish in black as body color same color.

Kapasitas Mesin 248cc
Horsepower Maksimum 22ps(16kw)/7500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 2.2kg・m(22N・m)/6000rpm
Berat Total 196kg
Kapasitas Tangki 12 Liter


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Front Fork Oil Seal Set
LED Headlight F2 H4 12 / 24V Common
Oil Filter
Oil Filter
Extreme Grip PCG-039