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Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

Kualitas sangat bagus dan pengiriman sangat cepat dan rapi. Terima kasih

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

A parts catalog is recommended in the direction improved by itself.
If a part number is known even if it does not ask the motorcycle store, an order can be placed from Mr. webike, and I think that an incomprehensible place will also tend to carry out assembly by a service manual if the part drawing of a parts catalog is seen.
It is convenient if it is!

It exchanged together at the time of brake lever exchange.
I was easy to grasp lever form and thought that texture was also good considering a price.
A point regrettable [ one ] has GATA in a pivot part compared with a pure lever.
Operation does not seem to be affected.

It is always putting in under the sheet for the emergencies at the time of touring.
Although he does not want to encounter the opportunity for this to play an active part ...

Although a tourer is put in and one year or more passes, it is changeless to the engine performance, appearance, or sound, and feels the merit of the quality of a moriwaki.
In the state where it is putting in as it is without the ability to buy a main jet, as for the engine performance, intermediate speed and high-speed elongation become good.
(As for a low speed, torque becomes thin a little) Since it is so quiet that the engine mechanical sound is louder if it is the feature that the low-pitched sound at the time of idling sounds and it turns, sound may be felt unsatisfactory.
Although riding of a speed is good certainly, there is no dramatic change on a physical feeling.
I think that total performance -- fuel consumption's not having fallen and a price are cheaper than normal -- is excellent.

It has been one year or more since the tourer was put in.
It is changeless for the engine performance and durability is a moriwaki truly.
The comment which rode as it is without changing a main jet are the touch to which high-speed elongation became good from intermediate speed (a low speed becomes thin a little).
Although sound is gentler and it is the touch which sounds low-pitched sound, if rotation is raised, the direction of an engine sound will think that it is unsatisfactory to those who adhere to sound about [ large ].
It is whether although going up of rotation and the elongation of road speed have become early certainly, there is any impression on a physical feeling not much.
I think that total balances also including fuel consumption are excellent.
It is the touch which raises several [ No. ] main jet, which will be rich and which is likely to be extended by Kami for a while.

It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

Off Car Exterior Replace with Cowl's H4 Bulb.

Off There is almost no Space behind Light if there is a car, buying this product because the fan on the Connector side does not fit well.
When I looked at the LED from the front, I was worried that the light would go forward ahead, but it was dazzling when I saw it from the front after installation.
Although it was said that the head was not rigidly attached by the other person's review, it was able to be installed without problems.

It is unknown how bright it is because I do not run at night, but I am expecting Large as I was not flickering at Idling like Mr. Halogen.
And how long is the life span.


We use it for Initial Model VTR. In the winter, I could not afford to catch Chalk, but I feel that the stability has been improved remarkably! Since only two months have passed since I exchanged it, I am not sure about Cospa and exhaustion However, I receive the impression that it is comparable to that just after I replaced it for the moment. I like the extent that it will probably be Windshield IRIDIUM for the next exchange as well

ROYALSTAR1300 (VXZ13AT) I tried to equip it. I feel brighter than before, but since I have not traveled at night, I write the comments next time.

We are attached to VTR 250. I also added a hand guard at the same time, so I do not know yet, but the fastest speed fell a bit. I expect that it will become warmer, remove the hand guard and extend the maximum speed.

yeah i though , i bought the long version, instead they sent me the sort version.. the material is solid , the price is affordable.. , in general i like it.