Kembali ke atas

Fits perfectly over the stock front brake master cylinder. It also matches the black colour exactly and looks very sleek.

The price is high but the look and quality is good. It is just a decoration unit but it is located on the handlebars so it is making you happy everytime you look at it.

The Parcel arrived very quickly. I am slowly adding some bling to my stock black 2011 CBR250r. This is the start. It fit perfectly in about 20 seconds.

The appearance braking power is good
However, it will not fit unless a new Pad is cut (Since it does not enter even if Piston is pushed in all, it shaved) Rotor's making was Zatsu and there were a lot of parts such as the end that had been scraped before painting

We purchased this product together with MORIWAKI muffler replaced it.
As expected MORIWAKI, the texture of Aluminum is also high, satisfaction is also high, but the price is also expensive. It is not that it's a bit cheaper.

I really like it! Wonderful shiny reflective design ... all snug fit, good quality! I could not wait to arrive. All eyes just looking at it!

A Silver plating shines together with the
Air cleaner which it arrived and was attached instantly yesterday, and it is
high recommendation as

attachment which is a view which cannot be said not at all is also replaced very much with simplicity and a pure Cover!

I think that it separates from attachment very good as a one point of a front, or it does not fall since it is firmly fixed although it is double-stick tape.
However, too expensive slightly kana?

Muffler exchange is carried out and they are the comment for one month.
Exchange was performed by itself and it ended in about 1 hour.
Pains was taken over the screw clamp of the connection portion.
It is not like [ which is worried ], although tone quality is touch with dadaism dadaism and sound volume was felt beginning a little large.
The increase of presence and the pleasure which rides increased.
Also in respect of safe, existence is shown in the surroundings and I think that it is good.
Fuel consumption does not change.
It is not worrisome although there is sound of backfire light at the time of a slowdown occasionally.
Webike was inexpensive.

It is ideal for plating-izing the circumference of a handle easily! Since it was not a pure handle, the work which buries that the crevice was vacant for a while was required.
I regard a price and quality as the best.

The muffler and air charger of SPI were purchased simultaneously.
a muffler -- the debt by an air charger -- it is -- although he thought for a moment that it was a fairly loud sound at the time of engine start, if it is running, it is not worrisome and I think that it is the low-pitched sound which is not ironic.
A speed came to get and the response also became good.
I thought good kana, even if the path was small to a slight degree.