Kembali ke atas

Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

The best position can not be grasped due to the lack of Stroke of the former Steering damper (Was it not easy to install?) I took it off, but I felt uneasy about swing due to high speed and Gap of the road surface, updated to this product with the width of Stroke!

As a result it is correct and easy to install, Position is perfect! Handlebar Lock is also easy and satisfied.

Originally this Manufacturer item was used before and there was reliability, but it is thankful to understand for the first time trying to remove it and it is! ♪

The only thing to mention MinusPoint is the difficulty of the installation Instruction Manual which seems to be hand-drawn !?

Others are satisfied because the adjustment width is wide and detailed setting is also possible.

Plan to unify Small objects such as Nut of Motorcycle to Gold. Quickly find the gold parts of antlion on the site of Wae Big's site. Brake lever - Clutch lever - It is the installation following Stem Nut. The Gold color of antlion is tasteful and I like it.

I use it for KATANA 250, but before and after Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) What is Exactly, but there are quite a few gaps in the bottom.
Exhaust System and Wheel become dirty as it rains.

Since the pure Lever bent, the Lever made from NTB of the
low price was purchased rather than having purchased the brand-name parts whose price rose.
It can use ordinarily not too bad.Although there is no
Dress-up effect up, it can use ordinarily.

[Webike Monitor] A long-distance Touring will be carried out this time [
], and it purchased in preparation for emergency. I think that
Levers have and there is no loss.

[ -- the Webike Monitor ]
-- I think that equal I can do and will carry out this by coming out from now on with it being pure.

Although it equipped and being run about 1000 km, a problem has nothing.

It is an Oil filler cap of an antlion. The cause of
> purchase is for
Prank prevention as others are also written too. Since
pure Oil cap can be opened by preparation, it may become the situation where an Engine is printed depending on the degree of the

It changed into the Oil cap which cannot be removed in a preparation there. Although the
Titanium blue was chosen, unlike the Titanium blue of an AGRAS company, it is the tone near the
Dark blue. although the thing here also has good texture and the thing of

AGRAS company also has a high grade feeling --
-- the thing in which the goods here of a price are cheaper has the high point.

Although the goods here are attached by 19 mm of Glasses wrenches, in the case of
attachment, please fasten too much and they should be careful.
Since there is die length as for a 19-mm Glasses wrench, more than it
Considers, a Torque will start.

When fastening too much, it will lead to breakage of an Oil mouth and heavy repair cost will start. As a
rule of thumb, it is an Image which carries out an increase bundle to the
last by the feeling grade and a Wrench in total firmly by hand-clapping first. Since it is satisfactory if it becomes to such an extent that it cannot turn by the
hand, if it does checking in total whether it can turn by hand by a Wrench per
mm, I will think fundamentally that it is satisfactory. The direction that past [ the
> bundle ] is dreadful is once fastened by hand-clapping, and thinks whether it is good to have you check by the
Motorcycle shop. I think that it is also good to manage firmly with

or a Torque wrench.
I am also considering the purchase of a Torque wrench now. This Oil filler cap effective for

Prank prevention is recommended.

It was used by NSR250.
When a few was put into the high speed area at the peak etc., the handle blurred, and since I was fearful, it resulted in attachment.
When attached, he felt easy, and it could operate and was able to feel the effect remarkable.
Since I think that it is just by NSR's having a steering damper, it is recommended.
if [ merely / the anodized of a steering damper main part / since dirt and a crack are attached easily / the point is improved to a slight degree, and ] -- I consider.

There is an effect in NSR of a lightweight vehicle type.
It becomes a wet riding taste and high speed operation is stabilized.
Moreover, winding also rides and the taste settles down, and it is easier to ride and feels.

TMAX (08-) was equipped.
evaluation is dramatically high and appearance is also beautiful -- since that was right, it purchased, but since it was beautiful in practice beyond anticipation, it was surprised.
although a bolt [ finishing / meat omission of a collar head / only ] and 縲?was thought -- the portion of a flange -- other manufacturers -- it is a letter of a wave instead of a simple field [ like ], and feels a prejudice.
The hole for wiring is also opened two places not penetration but in the shape of a diagonal, and wiring like a photograph is possible.
It is hard to bind tight, and only by the power of a finger, although it is uneasy, I consider that it is better not to bind tight inexcessively by 6 angle wrench.
For your information.
I think that they are parts which become a very good point.

It purchased as dress-up parts.
It is touch that the dent may be attached so that there may also be no fear of water accumulating since the central dent is curving, and it may be easy to turn.
I think that it is convenient for those who use since the wire lock hole is also attached.
Since structure was also beautiful, it purchased as dress-up parts and was a correct answer.

The description of attachment was not quite satisfactory.
Since the attachment situation is not a so difficult thing, anyone thinks somehow that attachment is possible.
If it has even time although positioning needed time and effort very much since he also did it (smile), I will also regard this as satisfactory.
It was bought although attached to NSR250R, and I thought that it was good.
Since the front is light, I consider that it is better to attach to 2st REPU.