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Famous first ○ ○ ○ I was thinking of the LED of House but in the case of MONKEY in installation, there were difficulties and I was looking for various items I went for this product.
There is a clear difference if compared with NORMAL.
☆ If the price is a bit lower ☆ 4

I intended to replace it from an OEM bulb, but as I tried to replace it was the same form of Small thread
Halogen bulb was equipped. (Because I had never been replaced by a used car)

It may be affecting that the current Lamp ball was blacked a bit,
It got much brighter. Speed ??of the original is nearly satisfying brightness.
Not only the irradiation destination, but also the hand is bright feeling.

The light source is also very natural color and safe.

The price is about 3 times as much as the OEM ball, but I think that it is worth the price.

I replaced it with ReflectorHead lamp of Tanaka Shokai but purchased this because the attached BlueHalogen is not so bright.

As written in the joked package 'Bright' is!!

Both high and low will be pretty bright. I am satisfied..

I used a Halogen sphere of MICHIBA, a Manufacturer who I do not know well, but since the low ball has run out, I replaced it for this product. When exchanging from NORMAL sphere to MICHIBA, it rarely felt the difference, but this product is good enough to think that Lens cut changed. First, the irradiation range of row is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It gets wider, and the high lights far in the form of Spot. I am surprised to see whether the same Halogen is different up to here ....
However, because of high efficiency, life is a little worried.

Although I was worried somehow because the making was sloppy, I can use it without any problems on the function as I installed it.
There is no squealing of Brake.
Because it does not decrease so much, it seems to have considerable possibilities.

I used 12v 30w thing attached to masters.
Certainly Home centeretc. Compared with the sola sold in. (It will not brighten dramatically)
However, whether the solder used for the contact part with the electrode of Valve is not very good, or if it ran about 4000 km, the solder melted with heat and broke.
It may be a fate of high efficiency Valve, but it is too bad that the price is expensive.

Dual head of CBR 150R is dark. 18WX2 So there are some sides that can not be helped, but it is too dark as a motorcycle that can run on highways. So I tried putting the classic pine Stripe. It got pretty bright and I became able to run freely without anxiety.
Although it is dark compared to HID and LED which became the mainstream of four wheel vehicle, CBR 150R is AC power supply (FlywheelMagnet) Therefore, when it is tried to change to the HID and LED of the DC power supply, it has to be replaced from the power supply itself, and even if it is difficult to make it by hardship, the focus often does not suit well, "Too much labor and no success" Sometimes it becomes. Light of AC power supply is easy and reliable to replace with pines Stripe.
There are also people who want to make the number of Watt Large by thinking to make it bright, but it is meaningless rather than to Flywheel Magnet car with a limited amount of electricity generation, rather it gets dark, so it is good to keep Watt number as Standard.
When attaching Valve of PH 7 type, as to keep the convex part of the Gold tool properly in the concave part of Light. If you do not do this, the focus will come to strange places.
The disadvantage of the pine Stripe Motorcycle beam is that there is somewhat difficulty in product accuracy. I purchased it many times, but there were times when the position of the Filament was misaligned, and Glass itself was distorted. When buying at the shop front, it is good to check whether there is any distortion. In the case of mail order, when it arrives, let's check firmly before opening to see if the accuracy is accurate.

Although it was exchanged from the LED manufactured by China, I thought that the LED was bright as it was, but because of optical axis and various problems, I replaced it with Halogen B 2 C of Pine Stripe.
While changing from LED to Halogen, I was prepared for a considerable amount of light Down, but what is not enough brightness! And, unlike LEDs Lo. Hi change is also clear! Clearly! It is different from the LED! It was the correct answer after exchanging for Halogen! Those who feel dark in this Valve think that repair of the electrical system is necessary (LOL smile)
Obviously it is brighter than OEMHalogen bulb! Naturally (LOL smile)...

It is not so bright as I thought.
It is not very bright as the price goes.
I will use it for the time being, but it is the same feeling as OEM
It's fine because it's white.
I feel regrettable.

With product information "For Rear" However, as far as the real thing seems like for Front, it was not used for Rear. (For Rear, a little Large Young Lining was used. I replaced FrontLining, but the braking force was fine, Touch was also smooth and noisy.
Durability is anxious because Material received a feeling of Soft.

Since Low beam is cut every time, I bought the same product at the nearby 2 Rinkakan I was hurriedly hurriedly thinking that it was not a purchase but a preliminary purchase I purchased it because I am somewhat cheap so I am satisfied

CareneComponent stereo Purchase for construction of OH and 2 types of Engine of demolition purchase when creating stereo.

I ran about 80 km so I will impress.

Kit comes with Gaskets of Normal cylinder and Oversize piston Others which have been bore expanded Large.

On Net "Seizure" Although reputation is not good if it is easy, the current situation has no problem.

Although it is the cause of seizure, "Piston clearance" I see information that it is narrow, but personally "Centering Piston" I think that is a problem.

If you incorporate Kit with Frame in the Engine, I will assemble Cylinder while lying sideways, so I think that if you turn Crank and put your heart out, you will gravitate downwards with gravity.

I stood up the engine, put the Cylinder vertically and put it in my heart.

Although it is running, I ran discreetly about 15 km, but after that "Almost constantly Full throttle driving" is.

Performance Up, but I replaced it with CareneEngine which can shift from without Engine Goto Engine, so how much power up with Bore up (fast) I do not know if I did it.

However, because it is Engine Displacement VolumeUp which is less than 8 cc, it seems that it is not suitable for those who want excessive power up.

By the way, I changed Weight Roller a couple of times and I confirmed Meta with 60 kilometers in Peak at the highest speed, but as I was disappointed at the beginning, it is now focusing on acceleration and the fastest speed of 50 kilometers. is.

I think that it will be clawed if there is time, but it is all about driving system - - -

I think that the price is cheap as this type of Kit, and I think that we can recommend it to those who want to refresh the Engine or those who want to make it 2 kinds properly instead of false application.

Quotient ProductNo 116 B2C
PH712V25 / 25 W → 40 / 40W (Brightness of Class)

It gets brighter..
I never run out of bullets.
The price is cheap for Normal valve, but if it is this price difference you choose the brightness.
It gets brighter, but because the former is 25 W it can not be said that it is bright enough for night driving.

Clear bulb is the largest in light intensity, but White bulb may be good considering the sense of brightness and visibility.

It is a change from OEM, but I think that the brightness has nearly doubled.
There are multiple colors, you can choose your favorite thing.
However, I think that the price is a bit expensive.

It purchased in order to lessen power dissipation.It is brightness equivalent to a pure Valve in the Halogen of
18W.I think whether if there is little
power dissipation, it can turn to charge of the part Battery.