Kapasitas Mesin 249cc
Horsepower Maksimum 30ps(22kw)/9000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 2.5kg・m(25N・m)/7500rpm
Berat Total 146kg
Kapasitas Tangki 15 Liter

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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Kualitas sangat bagus dan pengiriman sangat cepat dan rapi. Terima kasih

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

Because it is an inexpensive thing, do not ask for much.
It is only a talk that you need to deal with the effectiveness and the control property well by yourself
Severe Noise is terrible. I could not endure it and exchanged it for another thing - - -

Noise can only recommend to people who care, if.

yeah i though , i bought the long version, instead they sent me the sort version.. the material is solid , the price is affordable.. , in general i like it.

I have heard the reputation of this Plug, but I tried buying it to be handled by Webike.
So far as Watani's designation OEM DPR Gap 1. I adjusted it to 3 mm and used it. Ignition system and lighting and fans (Cause of voltage eating) And is completely processing Wiring is divided.
Even when I changed Igniter and Coil "Beauty is on fire" Although I was impressed with this, I will go further up when I put this in. The cloudy rush of about 5000 rpm from Clutch meat is like Silky, it seems that generations have gone lightly for about 10 years. I feel that my heart or exhaust smell has also decreased (Lol)
However, it is said that the introduction of Wotani SPll is the Large premise as minimum as Mr. Shimaba says from the import distributor. Horribly Gap is wide so fire will not fly in the same Coil.
If the fans turn around due to heavy traffic in the summer, there are many misfires → JR 8C installed, but ... If you want to enjoy drastic solutions and fine Feel, I recommend this combination.

OEM also has a considerable weight, so I tried running but I did not feel any change. The Handlebar is a noticeable place, so Champagne gold is pretty good. It was hard to understand the width when it was Black, but since changing, it became easier to understand, so there is more effect than expected, and I am satisfied with Large.

I was at a loss for Gold, but I was glad to be Champagne gold. It matches Gold of Front fork end and is Large satisfied. I was glad that I could remove the installation from the packaging and put on with the pon.. I was worried about the 2017 Epackage.