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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

With Motorcycle supplies store, you can not purchase at this price. Because of the Motorcycle used for commuting, the mileage is large, so reduction of expendable items is also fast. You can use this product without hesitation.

I use it regularly as a commodity of regular exchange. Cospa is also good, I have never felt the problem by using it, so I am planning to use it from now on.

It is replenishment of the items I always use. I am using it as a regular replacement item and I am satisfied.
Since I have never felt anxiety or troubles with performance in the past use situation, this product which is superior to COSPA is going to be used continuously.

Although I haven't fitted it yet, this filter is good value for money, so I am pleased with it

I bought it for Yoshimura's Sticker (Lol)
Stock and exchanged here for the last Oil change, but I do not know the difference with other products (Lol)
I think that O-ring should purchase OEM separately and use it.

We also exchanged the Oil Filter when exchanging Oil for OEMR 4.
Especially I just chose the cheapest price without Kodawari.
There is no difference between the shape and installation, and it is even easier because the D tiger is a structure that installs the Oil Filter next to the Engine.
After exchanging the Oil Filter and Oil and checking with Oil gauge after a certain running, there was nothing wrong.
I think that it is a very good Oil Filter of COSPA.

Until now I used DAYTONA made, but this time I tried it to be the first time, I have not used it, so it is an evaluation by the appearance, but it is a solid making without a particularly complicated feeling.

Used in KSR Pro. Package stimulates the fingers of the Kawa Party at Kawasaki Color of Black and Green. It's sparingly shown at the top of Package. OEM equipment and same etc. It seems that performance is higher - - - It's cheap and I'm not complaining.

It is changing at the same time when Oil is changed every 3000 km.
It feels better to replace every time.
This basin is cheap and has no problem at all.
I will continue to use it from now on.

XL250S (81 years) When purchasing Oil, I purchased Filter for simultaneous replacement.
Surprised is Large Ki.
I thought XL's Oil Filter was so small.
Performance and price are ◎.

I am using the Oil Filter all the time for XR 250. It is a product that can continue to use with confidence even from now even cheap price without any problems.

Oil I had my work done at the same time when replacing..
(I changed the brand from Panolin to OEMOil and somehow in the old days - - - www)

It is not a bad meaning to say that there is neither possible nor impossible..
It is Large out-of-the-ordinary that performance is not problematic.. w

Since it seems that performance is good, I purchased it for the first time,
As it was still inside the Engine, I did not understand the imitation effect well ....

Oil It exchanges at one pace every 2 exchanges, but this feels a bit expensive.
Last time I bought KITACO Filter but it was about Quantity : 2pc. Set Amount of Gold available.

At the same price, KITACO as Oil Exchange Full Set, in addition to Oil Element, Drain Washer - Filler capO-ring - There is one with Filter coverGasket attached.

I do not get a problem with KITACO, and I do not know whether there was any special change compared to KITACO, so if you apply the same gold it would be better if the consumer exchanged expendable items and raised the overall maintenance effect think.

Although it is not even possible to deny the performance of this product, it was a product that I wonder about the amount of Gold alone.

I used it for 12 V of TLR 200.
Since new goods were better than used, purchase H. Craft's stuff happened by chance. I was able to convert it to 12V without any problem. However, in order to replace the regulator lecture of TLR 200, since the hole position of the Die-casting part is different, it was necessary to process the inlet of the Air Cleaner Box. Personally, if I had a model number and Label of Manufacturer logo, I thought that it was good to have customized it.