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We used this item when setting Carburetor. There is no particular problem with stable quality. Strongly speaking, if it is a little cheaper it is Large satisfied ...

iridium IUF22 most powerfull Worked perfectly for my Generator, Started on the first pull. for kawasaki z125 i buy 2 pcs for 1 years using :D

I use it in REBEL. We expect to shorten warm-up time and improve fuel economy, install. From the conclusion, there is not any change!. Up to now we have gotten nearly 100 Motorcycle and Iridium plugs were put in most of them, but this is the first time that nothing changes. However, since it is Motorcycle running 50,000 kilometers at the time of introduction, I am expecting the performance improvement from now on!

Since the temperature has fallen a bit, # 75 to # 80 UP - - Still thin? Since setting parts can not be tried without it, Piece Rimino - Since there is no end, how much can you compromise and can you go on !? - - Well I'll go gaman for the time being.

Rather than seeking the Bore up speed from NORMAL to 75CC, the two-step Right fold and the departure from the 30KM limit

It's a short walk solely comfortable, not going to long distance Touring exclusively.

It is not difficult to install, but troublesome laborious and troublesome hands also become dirty Shop to ask for replacement Replacement fees high

If you like machine tactile, plastic model or radio control, you can enjoy it.

I am using it for Rear, but since I do not start working unless I stepped on stronger, I feel pretty hard to use if I am accustomed to NORMAL.
Even if you step on it without fail, it does not work more reliably than OEM.

If you are afraid of rock, I think something is right, but when you are wearing High grip tire it is hard to be effective when it's time to recommend it.

Very good quality product. Much better than original brake shoes. Brakes works now perfectly. Highly recommended product.

We introduced it to MAGNA 50

Because the quality of the product is also high and it is low price I think that it is recommended for the first Bore up.

There is no complain about Piston clip is hard to hold.

Since you can not demonstrate performance to the maximum level with Bore up alone
Custom such as Big cab and High Camshaft will also become necessary.

Starting, driving fee Ring feels better, but I do not know if the original was on, so the actual difference in performance from Standard Product is Gray. However, I am satisfied personally because it is the result as expected.

LITTLE CUB : We introduced it to 4 speed with Cell motor

I was able to install it without problems.
Since I have also introduced it to other vehicles, I chose this as well this time

Durability is still unknown but probably no problem.

What is worrisome is that the shape of Piston clip is not c type
I think that it is easy to keep the Clip at G type

KITACO's cheat notes were better understood.

I diverted Knock Pin but it is hard to remove with high probability.
It is better to be purchased separately if you are concerned because it will deform or hurt.

The discount rate fluctuates frequently.

【Vehicle type】
Used for corner CHALY loaded with GIORCUBEngine

【Purpose of purchase】
Because I wanted to ride in the car flow

【Reason for choosing this Kit】
Because I wanted to finish it cheaply

【Simultaneously mounted parts】
Ultra oil pump
Enhanced Centrifuge Clutch
High camshaft
(All manufactured by KITACO)

[About installation]
Basically it did not have any difficulties if assembled according to the Instruction Manual
If you are worried, I think that if you buy the crotch top of the cheeks, I will make a mistake
If only Bore Up Kit, Special Tools is unnecessary
* In the case of GIORCUBEngine, since Engine Starter Motor and Cylinder do not interfere with each other, it is necessary to remove Engine Starter Motor once

[About running performance]
Drive sprocket 2 Running with just the same acceleration feeling as before changing the number, the 60 km cruise in the flatland will be easier for each stage
But ... it is still difficult to run with cars running in the suburban Large Kite Road at around 75 degrees ...
Strictly speaking, it is not impossible to follow a car because it seems that more than 70 kilometers are going out if Axel is fully opened
However, it is mentally very tiring for vibrations and sounds to be intense and keeping that state and running
Engine seems to be broken than anything else
So I decided to purchase NEWSTDBore Up Kit in 1 week from wearing

[Recommended for these people!]
- Anyone who wants to be released from the limit of 30 kilos for the time being
- People who are not going to give out more than 60 kilometers
- People who want to finish it cheaply

[We can not recommend to people like this ...]
- People who want to skip to Gorigori and run
- People who want to quicken this Kit alone

Although it is written also in the site of KITACO, "Easy to experience what Bore up is like" I thought it was a good Kit to do
I exchanged it just to be sure, but since it seems that it is not necessary to exchange the Oil pump and Clutch if it is originally Kit, it is good to be RankUp from 1 kind to 2 kinds of mopeds at the price of less than 10,000 yen
BALIetc of Gold genus processing for low price. No Quality is High
Just to be sure it is difficult to run fast with this kit alone
I could not be satisfied even if I put High Camshaft or Big carburetor in myself, so if I truly made this Kit alone I think Small is the change before and after remodeling

LITTLE CUB We used GW for 4th speed, and attached it to one hand of cheetah. Together with information on the Web, I was able to work on Smooth. Sprocket only Changing from F14 to F15 Nurashima. It became easy to ride very much.

MONKEY to 75cc Bore Up Kit, company High Camshaft, PC 20, Front 15T. Acceleration from the medium speed range is wonderful I think that Meter reading is more than 75 kilometers out.

Good quality spark plug. Irdium spark plug is better than original. This plug improved my bike's performance and cold start. I recommend this spark plug.

It's over half a year since installation, but it is non Trouble. When there is a cheat sheet coming out from the company it is convenient for installation. Even with Cylinder alone, Torque and acceleration will be up but we recommend you to wear Carburetor, Exhaust System, High Camshaft at the same time to bring out 75 cc Power.