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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

I have use this oil filter for few time last year. Good oil filter with affordable price. Fit well on the bike no leak. Can last up to 8000km. Two times oil change.

I knew the numerical Large, but Small.
Back Mirror is important for backward validation.
I doubt the Concept that I made good with this Large Kimono.
And high price.
Right as Original, Left as the product and comparing actual runs.
I was looking for a square one because it is hard to see the PCX 150's Hen Lever shape.
If this is Large, Original is better..
There is no Cover in the mounting part, Bolt - Nut will become raindrops.

Those that arrived at hand are bad quality defective products only.
Joint part of Bracket and Mirror immediately became a graffa as shown in Photo 1.
When attached to the Motorcycle and adjusting the angle, suddenly falling down, afterwards, it is still lying downwards with a grazing.
Mirror of the combination of Mirror's Ball joint part is rude and hard and it does not move as shown in Photo 2 and a combination of what is loose and turns down quickly arrived.
In this state backward visibility etc etc are alive.

For Webike we also recommend removing from the product lineup from the point of trust issues.

As a matter of fact I guess I will purchase a bit of Parts in the future, but with the feeling now, high-priced products are a bit... I feel like.

Compared to OEM weak, medium, lock right before lock ~ three points,
Vesrah can be operated freely until weak to the point of lock.
It is proportional from the weak to the middle, and it is inversely proportional from the middle to the brackish front. It is looser than OEM.
However, Lock is disgusting. Although this is good, it is correct that the vehicle speed slows down and it can not be locked as you stepped on a lot before locking.
I plan to lock it from full acceleration to full Brake, but it is not such a vehicle, too, since Rear brake is not a meaning of braking in the first place, it is for body control, this is just right.
I also try to lock it with Breaking from Gap, but it will not be like a bad control.
Personally, Rear likes this much.
It is still soon to use, so I do not know yet, but it seems to be faster than OEM.
OEM 1 / 2 to 2 / If you bring about 3, is not it over Cost.

One thing to worry about when you hit it hard. Is there a lot of dust.
There is no problem with braking performance, so people who are interested are useless. Other than that it is good so you can recommend it if it is not nervous.

Because it is a consumable part, I have never done it cheap but it is very fond of. I do not know honestly about comparison with other Manufacturer's. Oil's Manufacturer and how to use, how to ride Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because I think that it will be done, I think that it is only personally to decide which one to choose.

CB11000 (SC65) OEMMirror of OEMMirror seemed cheap and it was bad, so I exchanged it with Aluminum forged Mirror. Installation is easy and can be done in about 5 minutes. I adopt Blue Mirror and I think that the glare of the Het Light from the back is being alleviated. I feel a sense of incongruity at the beginning because the area of ??the mirror surface is considerably smaller than OEMMirror, but I will get used to it for an hour.
As for Size it is Large durable Large in Leter Motorcycle.
Maybe OEMMirror is kept because it does not seem to be on the vehicle inspection.

Price is Reasonable, O-ring is Standard
Since it is attached, we decided to purchase

I also checked other companies' Parts,
I could not find any Parts beyond this cospar
The person who wants to make effective use and confirm it

The MODEL used this time is Honda CB - 1

Remove the installed Filter
There was no problem at all as it was exchanged as it was

For HondaCB 400SF NC 31 type (OEM Product No. 15410 - MM 9 - 013) Although I purchased it as an item, apparently Size is Small when I see the delivered item It seems that UO-4005 seems to be suitable for NC 31 if I examine the conformance with other mail-order site etc.. Size (height) Although it may be used even if it is different, it is still uneasy, so it can not be used, it has become fertile in the warehouse.

It purchased for the oil change of ZRX400.
It was attached satisfactorily.Since it was with the
O ring, it was good to save time and effort.
I think that I will next buy at a time.

Thank you for taking a look.Although
one does not understand the difference in the engine performance of oil filter, he also regards the ease of attaching as easy, and regards it as whether the point of a Cost performance may be sufficient.

pure -- although it already stretches and can be trusted, it can be satisfied considering a price enough -- it is not worrisome even if short, if a replacement cycle is also this price. It is the Element which is excellent in the direction exchanged in a short Cycle by themselves in COSPAR. [

Since the oil change and the Filter were exchanged for every half a year, in terms of Cost performance, the goods here were attached. Since it is cheaper than other goods, for oneself, it is kind.

since it is a product made from NTB -- a Manufacturer -- I think that he can feel easy from an unknown cheap article.
Since he thinks that it is equivalent pure, a High performance does not expect, but if it is town riding, I will think that it is enough.

if it tampers with a Motorcycle by itself -- a certainly required thing -- there are a Mechanic and a place that does not understand a meaning even if it concludes that there is none of a certain amount of knowledge, since it turns from the first -- since it considers, however the diagnostic method out of condition etc. are indicated, it leaves for burning in case of emergency.