The different color big bike tailored to muscle street dragger is gold wing F6C.The weight of the car in 342 kg is reduced by approximately 80 kg of GL.The engine is a horizontally opposed flat 6, showing a maximum output of 117 ps and a maximum torque of 17.1 kg.I realized acceleration that departed from the bike.Despite the appearance is also cowlless, full of voluminous feeling, it became a form that was not extraordinary.Honda's unique sense of refinement and perfection is similar for this car, and it can be said that there is a lonely existence so that there are no models that should be called rivals anymore.

Kapasitas Mesin 1832cc
Horsepower Maksimum 116
Torsi Maksimum -
Berat Total 341kg
Kapasitas Tangki 23.2 Liter

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BRONCO's Rear is Drum.
At that time, SEROW 225, which became Base, remembered that it was made into discs, but BRONCO emphasizes fashion characteristics (But it's dirty) Because it looks like SCRAMBLER appearance is selling, inexpensive Drum was adopted to suppress the price rising in expensive special exterior.

Although it is such an OEMDrum, it continues to use without being complained especially in performance, since the Indicator has exceeded the limit at the stage exceeding 40,000 kilos, "If you exchange, please try Other Company Product! Even if you fail, it's cheap!" I tried to buy it for reasonably steamy reasons.

Although Besla's Pad has tried it before, I knew that OEM Same Product is more effective than OEM overall because there are no features like Large, so I wonder how it is with Drum? It is a mind..

I wrote that OEMShoe's performance is not dissatisfied, but it does not work well separately.
Asphalt In order to bring it to RearTire Lock on the road it was necessary to step like a parent's enemy, or to hang a Front brake to remove the Rear weight.
In other words, it will not lock unless you do something considerably while running normally.
Instead, Fei Ring did not change either in rain or at low temperatures, and it was an advantage to be able to use it without being conscious of anything.

Well, how about Vesla's Shoe !?

First of all I was surprised to open it is that Spring to close Shoe was attached.
If it is a long-term negligent vehicle of no maintenance, there is a thing that this Spring is rusted and becomes useless, so it is appreciated that it is attached.
The strength of the Scing Ring is different from the OEM and the Fe Ring gets better - - - There is no such thing, OEM and the same etc. is.

The base part of Shoe is also about the same quality as OEM.
The feeling that the accuracy of the Pin part is reasonable or the feeling that the reinforced iron plate is integrated with the contact surface of the actuated Cam are exactly the same as OEM.

Shoe itself also has no particular feature, there is digging for drainage, ingenuity to increase the contact area, chamfering shape is extremely different "Feel different from OEM" Is Zero.
Because it is perfectly the same dimensions as OEM, it does not cause problems in assembly.

So, the impressions I tried using - - - ?!

I realized absolute performance improvement that can be brought to RearTire Lock with a controllable effect and direct feeling Pedal fee Ring and light force!
There was absolutely nothing like that, it was exactly the same as OEM.

Immediately after the exchange, it was not familiar, so it did not work at all (Naturally) , Seems to be completely familiar at the stage when running about 1000 km normally, it returned to the same feel as before.
There is nothing particularly better than OEM, but there is no inferior part.
I tried to submerge it on purpose but it did not change or crowd.
This is also the same as OEM.

So it's best for those who want to finish cheaper than OEM!
There is also a cheaper Brand, but worried about the performance drops (I do not want performance to drop) I think that it is optimal for those who are!