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Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

Buy with web! ke Motorcycle Install at store
So I got it by a mechanic

Eleven months later, broken due to disconnection of the red Red circle part

I do not know the details

Motorcycle shop mechanic says
"This structure is too thin a line of weakness to be pulled with Handlebar" And that

Valve's performance - The fundamental part other than the cooling performance seems to be poor

It is regrettable just because I felt that it was bright as brightness

I only ran about 6000 km


It is supposed to be compatible with 93 'KLX 250 S, but Ring of Center' s Rubber is a cabarever and there is a gap with Oil filterCap, it is not useful for a role, and Oil filterCap does not close a few millimeters than an OEM Filter! I want to return but because the time from purchase is also running, I can not use it for the above-mentioned models that only crying..

Attached to NS-1.

The installation of U-KANAYA is the second one with this, but I think that accuracy, design, and functionality are very first-class items. Of course it can be attached.
The Adjuster team was renewed several years ago, making it easier to adjust Lever.
Outside the company as Lever is not cheap, but it is worth it.
Color chose Titanium, but the astringent tone that is not brighter than Silver is smart.

It is attached to NS - 1, Length is same as OEMLever etc etc. Short Type is recommended.
Bridging Ping at Breaking became easier than OEM.

NameValue Enough MORIWAKI tube!
I was experiencing the MORIWAKI pipe with the test car of the MC 41 Initial Model, but this product is a bit different!
Speaking of MORIWAKI pipe, it seems like a bad Exhaust sound, but this Full Exhaust System is different! In a regular rotation range, while showing the Aftermarket parts likeness, the texture is elegant. Neighborhood is not annoying explosion, there is not excessively heavy bass! But, as you go around 8000 turns without a jammed Stress, its sound is beautiful Race ish Sound!
The MC41's single engine plays an exhaust sound that highlights the continuous sound at high rotation!
And the Throttle response is a proper feeling!
There is no peeky feeling, Bressin Bridger is also Stressless Smooth!
Veteran who wears partial control makes it so obedient that she gets groan!
The ease of Cancellation of the emblem is easy to do with the ratio of NORMAL, so it's wonderful!
Performance that Beginner's Loose and Veteran's Delicate also responds without complaint!
Although it seems to be the last appearance, Silencer's design is fierce fading, but since it is not a fashion style that is excessive, incorporating modern design, it will not make an old impression even if you use it for a long time!
If you want to Appeal Aftermarket parts with the first Motorcycle, those who want to enjoy a bit of Aftermarket parts by connecting as many as you want, Variation that also responds to either request is also good!
I made a NORMAL tick with White titanium!
MC41Second Type Model, never have many alternatives Aftermarket parts. MORIWAKI has done Lineup and thanks Large!
For those who are on the Second Type Model, it is a recommended one!

It is my first exchange since I got on a new car. I am amazed by NORMALPad with about 30,000 km. Because I attached Red Pad with a different Motorcycle, I decided without comparing with others in particular. I feel that NORMAL's Rotor is bad, but it seems to be bad, but the credibility is better than NORMAL. I do not know Cost performance yet

OEMValve surprisingly deteriorated severely, I chose this product of Heat sinkType from Large change high performance using other Manufacturer's LED Bulb with other two wheels.
Although Rear's Rubber cover requires a little processing to install, it is not a big problem.
Since Heat sink is exposed under the Fender behind the heat dissipation in the summer, there is no Trouble.
Depending on Manufacturer, it was said that there is a problem with quality, but there is no such worry.
There is no problem with riding the light almost every day at work without problems.

Because I purchased a used Motorcycle, I choose this item to exchange Oil and Filter at the same time!
Also affordable O Ring comes with OEM same etc. So even if you change it comfortably every time it is a product that is friendly to Wallet (Lol)
I plan to purchase it next time!

To TW 225, although you purchased it, Brake fluid leaks many times. Any countermeasures. The paint of Master tank has come off The floor of the garage has become dirty.

I purchased it with cool colors and shapes looking at the posted pictures.
I expected a little more beautiful Blue, but the real thing was a bit cheesy color.
I do not know other than Blue and I think that it would be possible if you liked the shape.
I like the way you say it somewhat (Lol)

Round TypeStainless Steel was selected for its low price.
Installation using liquid Gasket has no problem at all.
When IdolUp immediately after engine startup is a bit annoying, is it acceptable range.
It was able to experience Torque up of 3000 to 6000 rpm on the Manufacturer's blog as the power curve, because Axel degree of opening decreased, fuel efficiency has increased by 2 to 3 k.
There is an effect of reducing the Axel opening degree in both the pleasant sound and the noisy when the Axel is opened.
I like it better than NORMAL, so I like it.