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HONDA JULIO(tahun 1999) Spesifikasi Dasar

Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 5.1ps(3.8kw)/6500rpm
Berat Total 70(Simulasi)kg
Tipe Mesin 空冷2サイクル単気筒
Torsi Maksimum 0.59kg・m(5.8N・m)/6000rpm
Kapasitas Tangki 6 Liter

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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

It exchanged, in order that a high speed pulley might be attached and a meter might shake off.
Although it seems that there is also a cheaper thing of overseas ?, since the oil alarm lamp does not stick, special attention is required.
since this product is a kitaco truly, a qualitative portion is satisfactory -- it is .
Attachment has also been exchanged comparatively easily.

It purchased as spare parts.
The case is also attached and it is recommended.

It performed and CDI was not dressed, although the high speed pulley - pulley face - belt was planned simultaneously with exchange, but the engine performance was checked only by exchange of CDI.
If standard, it was leveling off in 50 km, but it had been blown from 40 km that even about 60 km does not have a stress.
More, since it is [ be / it ] under overhaul, it is cutting down.
(LiVe-dioZX) 50 cc

this is only for one jet it fitts the honda today perfectly i noticed that the numbers were the same as the original but may have been changerd before non the less you need this for the 80cc bigbore

We installed KN project Exhaust System with LIVE DIO. The installation accuracy was also perfectly packed with the OEMExhaust System that had been attached before, the acceleration feeling was completely different. The truly regrettable thing is that the sound is shrill. OEMExhaust system is preferred for sound. If you give priority to Cost performance I definitely recommend you.

ไมล์kitaco 120km /h ไมล์สำหรับhondaaf27-28 af34-35 สวยงามมากวัดความเร็วได้ถึง120Km/h ซึ่งของเดิมติดรถวัดความเร็วได้แค่60Km/h 120km / h mile for hondaaf27-28 af34-35 Very beautiful speedometer up to 120Km / h The speedometer is just 60Km / h. (translated by Google Translator)

As Brake Washer did not have Brake Shu so I was looking for it.
As a result I got lost KITACO's Brake sh.
Installation ended last time.
Now you can run with confidence.

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