Kembali ke atas

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Since only purchase town riding had carried out here since it was too soft in normal suspension, but higher vehicle adjustment was completed, it was pleased.
It was profitable when considering the price, since pre-road adjustment was also possible.
It is not necessarily simply likely to change substantially efficiently.

as [ be / the NOLOGY of startability / comparatively / high / better ] -- it comes and, in appearance, measure is cool in a stainless mesh

It attached to the presscab.
Light diffuses and the focus does not suit.
Since the newspaper is delivered, now, it cannot use.
It returned and attached only the attached bulb.
It is a high bulb.

The presscab was attached and used.
HI and LO switch became reverse that that of normal was used for the socket as it was.
I think that light diffuses and the focus does not suit and that a valve position probably passes in a front.
It seems that an attached bulb is the best for a normal light.
After all, it is high shopping.

They are very highly complete goods.
I dare to think that in play is not needed.
Please feel.

It is cool.
It becomes a quite good accent.

Although it exchanges and is not clear, I feel that it changed a little.
It cannot be a problem of a feeling..

Normal is touch that a jump of sparks is different.
It lit forcibly and the touch which employs Power efficiently has come out.
I think that he buys it and there is no loss although it is parts not appearing!

The engine sound became thick, when it exchanged for normal and engine start was carried out.
When run, it has felt carrying out torque UP.
It turns out that sparks become strong and are burning certainly.

a form says -- it is -- it is of the same type as this, and LED -- it is quite structure although I want you to carry out

Since it got bored with the normal light of an ape It purchased in order to change feeling.
Although attachment is slightly serious Appearance also becomes a smart. It becomes quite brighter than normal and becomes easy to operate.
Bad point There should be no general-purpose article of 12v35 / 35w ball.
It is safer to reserve the reserve of the light valve made from a kitaco.

I am sorry, it is the test contribution for page manufacture.
I make you trouble.

It is often said that the CDI exchange of APE is not very effective, but when I attached this CDI as a trial, it was resolved at once that the high rotation did not grow, and it began to turn fairly pleasantly.
Because I built High Camshaft at 80cc Bore up, I think that the effect is bigger than 50cc.

I bought an iridium spark plug with power cable. I hope that it will slightly increase the engine's performance. However its life time will surely continue with the standard spark plug. Its color,However,fits the other custom component s.