Kembali ke atas

It works well..
But KITACO sells at half price so it is a little bad for COSPA.
I would appreciate it if you can make it half price if possible.

It is used for Pro Brake Shoetl 125, always DAYTONA for Motorcycle of Drum brake.
Braking force without mistake Large is satisfied satisfaction.

On the street TL 125 (JD06) Especially the front brake is ineffective - - - Even though I give up or change the Front around with the TLM Disc brake - - - JackKnife will also work as much as you can.
- I was afraid that I did not drive with the margin over the usual inter-vehicle distance - - - It will be able to run with an ordinary sense and the distance between the cars will be scared.
- In other impres, it seems to be crowing, but my early a little sounding but as soon as I ran, I became quiet to the extent that I almost never bothered.
- Direct feeling increased when the Brake was hooked, I was concerned about Brake Washer's growth and contraction, so I decided to exchange Brake Washer later.
- Like Drum brake hydraulic pressure to replace Fluid etc etc etc etc etc. It is easy and comfortable on Maintenance.

It is really recommended Brake Shoe because the price is not so expensive.

Maintenance of DIO Z4, because the Rear brake was decreasing.
I chose it because the effect seems better than OEM.
It feels good, it is considerably more effective than OEM.
It was hard to lock on OEM, but if you changed to kore it locked easily.

It is purchased one at a time for ZOOMER

I replaced it from OEMBrake Shoe which used 8000 km from new car
Although it was enough to use it even if I did not exchange it yet, I bought DAYTONA because I was dissatisfied with a little effect

Although Brake performance certainly improved, sometimes the key key sounds only for Rear brake
I also tried to chamfer, but the sound will sound
Although the performance is perfect, sometimes the sounds sound, so we made four stars

I am expecting durability

Touch, effectiveness, together (Compared with NORMAL) It was a problem free performance.
In case of emergency, Rear brake is important, so let's choose a reliable Manufacturer's one.

Although it is limited to GIORCUB, Shoe's size is for Front for Giorno and Rear for APE.
After buying for front and back APE, Front came back to Small and repurchased ...
Let's make conformity check firm before purchase Reflection

A Piston ring is worn out, and if the omission in compression is caused, Power will fall.
It is a problem difficult in a powerless moped.
It is one article to reserve.

Since it became impossible to bear with the bottom of normal suspension, it purchases.
Although it worried about the price with the thing of Mukawa, since liking of it did not have showy appearance, the product made from a simple kitaco was used.
as nonchalant [ since photographs are flash photographs, they have shone blue, but ] as he does not notice unless it says usually -- it feels, and it comes out and is carrying out to mind.
Although it is still among a shake down, it was not only lost with the bottom, but the damper is effective perfectly, and it is Good.
Sense of stability of rectilinear propagation and a curve increased.
Moreover, that the tire is slippery during the curve of a rainy day came to get across to a linear, the description (smile) made to consider a tire change was also intelligible, and since all the locations of the bolt removed in the case of exchange were also written, it has worked in comfort.
(Work is about 30 minutes) Even if it however makes a five-step pre-road into the maximum weakness, it is still slightly hard.
It is a five stars when it can do weakly by one more step. -- I want those who have ridden with normal to attach very much.
By expenses of 5000 yen, it changes to the riding taste on one rank.

I used it for the restore of DioZX which became immobility.
It seems that it is very in good condition after exchange, and the feeling of Power at the time of a new car returned.
Although port processing practices at a pure cylinder and a piston, I think that they are thing components with a deep peach.

Since it had often come to have rubbed a center stand against the road when it was pure rear suspension, it exchanged for this rear suspension.
Compared with the time of pure rear suspension wearing, a car body came to bend in quick more.
I become without rubbing most center stands, and think that they are the components which are easy to feel the engine performance considering a price.
Although it has taken time beyond anticipation for a tool to be unable to enter easily and for attachment to loosen a bolt, I think that attachment is comparatively easy.