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selalu puas berbelanja di webike. original dan sesuai keterangan. cuma lama saja pengiriman nya. karen dari luar negri

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

As Brake Washer did not have Brake Shu so I was looking for it.
As a result I got lost KITACO's Brake sh.
Installation ended last time.
Now you can run with confidence.

เบรคหลังของKitacoนี้เป็นที่ยอมรับถึงความสามารถในการเบรค ที่ช่างหลายคนและเพื่อนของฉันให้การยอมรับกันเป็นอย่างมาก ฉันจึงได่ทำการสั่งมาเพื่อที่จะทดลองดูว่าจะเป็นจริงแบบที่หลายๆคนพูดหรือไม่ เมื่อของมาถึงที่ฉันได้ทำการนำมาใส่ทันที่ และเป็นสิ่งที่น่าอัศจรรย์มากๆเมื่อใส่แล้วลองเบรคเป็นแบบที่หลายคันนั้นได้พูดจริง คือความสามารถในการเบรคที่เพิ่มขึ้น ฉันชอบใจมาก (translated by Google Translator) Kitaco's rear brakes are acceptable for braking. Many technicians and my friends are very well accepted. So I made an order to try to see if it really was that many people say. When it came to that, I had to put it on. And it is amazing when put on and try to brake as many cars that actually say. Is the ability to brake up, I am very pleased.

DAYTONABluePad started crying, so I tried to replace it with KITACO's Pad. The effect was expected to be good if DAYTONA is better than KITACO but I bought it but it was a failure. There is satisfaction for those who stopped pleasantly at the Pad made by DAYTONA which is still a bit high.

KITACO Non Fade Brake Shoe สั่งมารอบที่ 2 เนื่องจากสั่งมาครั้งที่แล้วใช้งานดี น้ำหนักเบากว่าของเดิม วัสดุดีกว่าของเดิมติดรถ ชอบครับให้ผ่าน...

Kitako Non fade break shoe this is product High quality Use good and Durable Ensuring the brake suitable for general use or racing It works well and I like it.

Brake of ZOOMER does not work too well and the squealing is also amazing so Brake also refreshes.

I tried using KITACO 's Brake Shoe with a reliable Brand and a cheap price.
When you replace OEM's Brake, - - -
Thanks to the new article, the effect is a mistake.
I am looking forward to seeing how much.

I installed it in the Front of CREA SCOOPY. Replacement has reached the same time as OEM. KITACO's Shoe has Slit and Brake dust seems to be able to escape efficiently. The effectiveness of the key is also better than the OEM, and the control is also good. Absolute Brake performance will increase the discipline, but in the Drum school this is enough.

Kekey squeaky and shy Embarrassed FrontShoe I exchanged without dying. I did chamfering exactly, but I do not know what will happen.
I have not traveled after the exchange yet, but I expect in the future.

- - - Recently ~ Brake's handedness is bad ~ Hey ~! - - - Because the adjustment Nut was also tightening a considerable amount! I was boldly forced to replace Shoe before and after! I forgot to take the replacement image but
It is Shoe) Return to the original effectiveness! It feels good ~ It became ride comfort!

I installed it in AF 24 Giorno.
KITACO is a classic Brake Shoe of owned Motorcycle.
The price is reasonable, and it is favorite that entering Slit is most important.
I exchanged both before and after as I did WheelRose.
It works firmly and I am satisfied.

KITACO's Brake Shoe is already using LITTLE CUB and it will be real Repeat.
Although the price is very cheap, Brake performance is unquestionable.
Suddenly it does not feel crisp and it has excellent Control.
Size seems to be adopted also for 50ccScooter, so we can recommend it to that.

Of course, if you grab and hold it, you do it with XLR 80, so JackKnife ...

I got Giorno AF 24 so I improved it for my daughter's commute. Because the return of the Brake lever was bad, it also served as an inspection and looked at the Brake Shoe, there was almost no remaining amount so I thought it was not good so I thought it was a bad OEM so if you are looking for a cheap and reliable Manufacturer KITACO was unexpectedly cheap Most of the parts of the moped riding in the young age was KITACO so I ordered it. Once corrupted with File and dirty with Parts cleaner and lightly attached to the contact part with heat-resistant Grease and assembled,
Since Atari is not attached at the beginning, it does not work well, but it will become effective soon.

I used it for Rear, AF18, T50D of NS50F so far.
Easy to install, Shoe is so soft that you need to chamfer
I think there is nothing.. Performance can be demonstrated soon.

Although it is the performance of the essential, I feel that at the beginning I installed it is moderately effective.
I think that it is effective one step strongly even if we deduct cleaning work.
However, I will return to NORMAL in about a week.

Merit is hard to Fading as its name.
Rear of NS50F stops like an old car with the iron of hub Lining is not good
I will Fading quickly.
It was relaxed considerably, and it was able to secure high controllability in the long term.
T50D was also an old feeling of Lining so there was Fading resistance.
AF 18 was also a small diameter and it was not so..
By the way I also applied divertedly to older older cars, but the Fading resistance is
There was enough.

Nowadays Drum brake has a dramatic improvement in Lining so no
I think that it is rarely Fading in Mar Shoe, but it is Closed course
If you intensively use Non Fade Brake Shoe as an option

Oh, the durability is as it is. 1 in NORMALShoe. Reduced at about 5 times speed
It is likely that you should occasionally disassemble Drum and remove Shoe's powder.
NORMALShoe has the same durability as the life cycle of Motorcycle, and personally
Durability is too high (Lol) I do not care at all even if this is reduced.