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selalu puas berbelanja di webike. original dan sesuai keterangan. cuma lama saja pengiriman nya. karen dari luar negri

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Pesanan sudah sampai sesuai gambar. Pengiriman lumayan cepat.

I am satisfied with the product. Easy to install Material satisfaction.
But ... Why is there a stock in the Yahoo store in the same Wye Big and it is unknown whether it is in the head office?
Result It is purchase at the Yahoo store.

I bought it because the Speedometer's Lamp has expired.
It is a basic product that it is a light bulb that has absolutely no harm but it is troublesome if it does not exist.
And the basic performance is fine, there is no complaint.
I can not come to like the LED Lamp by all means, so I want you to continue to produce it in the future.

I bought it at the same time as the previous car part, but it was only partly processed so there was no problem.
Actually attached, I have not placed anything yet, but something to fixes has arrived so I think that the value of use is high.
Just to lower the Engine, I dropped the Screw ?? of the part that mounted the Engine on the lower side, so I just jacked it up and attached the gold accessory.
I think that was a bit troublesome.

The price is cheap and the shape is also good
Making is rough
If you do not take BALI
I will injure your hand
When you should take it, scratches will just hit the Leg shield
Please take care.

Large I thought that they would be attached separately but I did not attach it outside so I processed a little rack.
Then we managed to install it so there is no problem.
Also, I added a spare Tank and made it before Seat, but it was a good position for height so there is no problem.

I bought it because OEM's pivot part is getting rattled.
Although I was a bit uneasy, goods are extremely ordinary and apparent Quality is high.
Installation was no problem, play was reduced and became comfortable.
As I strongly say that it is probably because the abrasion is fast and the feeling of polishing skin does not match
It is an impression that I'm worried about those who care about such things.
As OEM is now quite expensive, as an inexpensive Replace
I can recommend it considerably.

CUB's OEMValve and cheap 300 yen Valve, "Bright Halogen" Type is
I made it to this in a row.

It has not expired since 15 years.. Amazing.
I think that it depends on the lot, but I did not think that I have it here.
Of course I still have it..

"Bright Halogen" I was not expecting brightness because it is not,
No, this is pretty bright. Bright type and no color. (personal
It is an impression.. I did not measure the equipment)
As far as I see, OEMValve has to do Reduction in cost
So, some Grade is low, is not it?
I will be sorry..

Personally I like it very much, but how a little
I feel expensive. I wish I could strongly recommend it for about 650 yen.

Custom not too customized for CUB. I thought it would be Betokari. It is easy to install and it is not a good place to work especially because it is nice and good. When loading luggage actually it will be necessary in the atmosphere, but you will need codes etc..

Cheap. Anyway it will exhaust it. I was able to install without any problems. Because it feels like it will break without bending when it falls easily in this way, it is better to buy somewhat sturdy one in case you run a long distance in case of falling down, but only to school attendance This is enough for myself who do not use it.

ADDRESS V 125 G runs 87,000 kilometers (In 9 years). I exchanged Headlight Bulb, but Tail lamp was not exchanged. In this time, when exchanging, the Valve used was a little lower half, black coloring, close to life. I'm glad I could exchange it.. The price is affordable, it is also in the sales area of ??two-wheel goods, so it is an item that is convenient to obtain.
It is recommended to purchase before OEMLamp bulbs out.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I think that it depends on the size of the CUB Normal seat but also depending on the physique, but since there is not much flexibility, 53 Seat can afford ahead and back.
When I set it to 53 Seat, I purchased this because I can not install Normal carrier.
【How was it actually used?】
Making is also firmer than I thought. Because it is Stainless, it is good to be strong to Rust.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Although it is installation, Carrier has Type of square eyes and round eyes with CUB and it was a round eye as Image image, so I made a mistake. Since this is my own error, it is useless, so we installed a round bar and WasherBracket by welding and bending to install it.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
Installation can be easily installed without problems without fail if ordering. I think that there is no problem because there is not so much distortion and making is solid as well.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
It was more than I expected because it was made more firmly than I thought.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
CUB is too long as Double seat and I think that 53 Seat is exactly the size.
So I think 53 Seat's various designs come out in various ways.
I am expecting from Mr. Tokyo..

【Have you compared items?】
I think there is nothing to compare.
I am sorry to have different image images this time, but I think that it will become the image of itself if possible because I think that there will be no differences like myself, so I would like to ask Webike there. I wanted to be careful because it was bad that I did not read the explanation firmly and I did not know that CUB's carrier also had a type.

I arrived earlier than I expected.

I will break the packaging to install it immediately.

Right The front Bracket was turning inward.
Okay so okay w
Straight down with Pliers.
Screw hole BALI, steel material cutout part BALI and so on hand w
I cut off the dangerous part, but at the same time I have to cut Plating and so I will paint rust once..

I attach it to my car LITTLE CUB
Body was also distorted overall.

After attaching One Side, we will bring it back to force.

Installation is easy because it only stops Bolt in 4 places.
It's quite powerful with Spring like Nasumi Take. Tha Brett I thought I was going to sandwich it, but it is likely to be destroyed and I am considering what to pinch.

It was OK at all because I attached it with an emphasis on appearance.
I have not decided what I can post, but it is cheap and plating is more satisfying.