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It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Handle up spacer

笙ェ appearance and sound are [ 笙ェ ] the highest

笙ェ appearance and sound are [ 笙ェ ] the highest

It purchases in order to use by CBR1100XX.
For the time being, since it does not use yet, evaluation is suspended.
It is due to rise from now on.

Although the amounts of adjustments are only few in every 5 mm and a number, it is quite large by a physical feeling.
Since he was CHIBI, the pure handle felt a little distantly, but it became considerably easy when using this.
It became easy in since a leeway was given on the arm also at the time of a right and left chip box.
A cornering is pleasant to say! A motorcycle feels it light.
Since the store was asked for attachment, Yukichi flew, but regret is not carried out.

[Buying motive] Since he wanted to unify the circumference of a handle by Black rather than an improvement of a position, it purchased.
[Point which got interested] According to the switch box, although there were many which needs a drilling process, it was usually charmed by the place that it was easily exchangeable by ending with processing beforehand.
It is also the point that coloring had Black.
Product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [ ! which wants to change a position dramatically is not considered and it is not necessary to change hose simply, and since it was good that it was simply and conveniently exchangeable, there is no product which was seen as the candidate in this time etc.
[After-use comment] It was not like [ worried ], although it was light compared with the pure handle and there was uneasiness in respect of vibration etc. in a handle simple substance.
They are comment which attach the bar end of the company, of course.
From the first, although a position is easy CB, it can operate comfortably.
However, although it was good for a while to attach, since my car body is exchanging for the back step, it has come to be thought that it is a somehow odd posture.
Although it is not bad, I think that I will exchange for the LOW type of the brand in the near future.
[comprehensive evaluation] -- a price -- handiness and attachment -- with all of simplicity and convenience, a comfortable position, and three rhythm -- measure.
It is a recommend at the direction where only a few wants to relieve a position, and Ho something who wants to change the color of a handle.

Buy with web! ke Motorcycle Install at store
So I got it by a mechanic

Eleven months later, broken due to disconnection of the red Red circle part

I do not know the details

Motorcycle shop mechanic says
"This structure is too thin a line of weakness to be pulled with Handlebar" And that

Valve's performance - The fundamental part other than the cooling performance seems to be poor

It is regrettable just because I felt that it was bright as brightness

I only ran about 6000 km

Order these grips for a Honda CBR1000f as per the listing but they are to short,I should have measured the old grips instead of trusting the listing so please check before you order.Nice grip otherwise.

Item came in good condition, Installation was convenient due to the pre drilled holes. Angle of bend and length is comfortable, at a slightly lower position when riding.

mounted the radiator gurd 'yoshimura' to cb400sb 17'th. It is mounted very easily. about 20 minutes. I think it is a very protective and looking also good.

I changed the handle to semi-up bar handle so long type clutch wire is needed. Although it was good even for 750S genuine normal, I made it cheap hurricane since it will cost about 3500 yen. It's about the same length as 750 S normal, it seems a little long on my machine. We are handling the outside of the 4th cab. Maintenance such as lubrication from usual is done, but the clutch operation became slightly lighter because the wire was changed due to changing the handling. If it is about semi-up, it may be a little short, but I can not find a wire of such a length.

I installed it in CB 1300SB.

Since it is necessary to remove Cowl for installation, it is troublesome in any case.
The shape is cool with Race ish. It is quite a light smoke
It is Light, but ,,,

There was also in Impre of the other, but there is a difficulty in adhesion. My situation
The close relationship between Screen and Cowl was not good. As both ends are floating
I can see.

Regarding traveling, I do not know for the amateur.

This led was hard find bt i found from this site thank first for that web bike team. The security system link with that easy plug and fit it to near mirror clam it is very bright at the night. It is very good bright because it antitheft and i can park my bike places, also it is waterproof. battery cosume is very low no problem even i use it months beacause battery was in good health all time it only take 0.3amp , talking about the shiping it was fast and package is saftly again thanku good service.

We use it for Initial Model VTR. In the winter, I could not afford to catch Chalk, but I feel that the stability has been improved remarkably! Since only two months have passed since I exchanged it, I am not sure about Cospa and exhaustion However, I receive the impression that it is comparable to that just after I replaced it for the moment. I like the extent that it will probably be Windshield IRIDIUM for the next exchange as well