Kembali ke atas

Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

We are attached to VTR 250. I also added a hand guard at the same time, so I do not know yet, but the fastest speed fell a bit. I expect that it will become warmer, remove the hand guard and extend the maximum speed.

I attached it to RS of Est. Headlight Because the outer diameter is a little small, I put it on the outside of Bracket with Color in between. As Nut's burntness becomes shallow due to Color, we changed Bolt to 5 mm longer.
I can not expect much windbreak effect, but I like the appearance and change I like it.

I bought it for GOOSE 350. I can install without problems and I can not expect a lot of clear flow effect, but I think that I have matched GOOSE's Design. I am satisfied with the texture.

Also attached to Honda SL 230. I chose long Screw at Home center for installation, it is about that. You can also feel the rectification effect. I'm looking forward to the touring. I will post the image, I hope that it will be helpful to everyone.

I think whether it is impossible to adapt the TT 250 R raid. Although I actually installed it, I think that it is better to stop buying thinking that it will be attached as it is. It is better to recognize it as a general-purpose product. I think that it is fine if only one round round eye lamp is good, but because the stay of the aluminum disturbs the raid. Screw the visor's stay between the light and the stay, align the screen and bend the stay until the bolt position is aligned. Although bending the stay does not fit perfectly, bend the screen and tighten it with bolts. Please be careful as you think it will break if you tighten it too tightly. I am satisfied because it's cool if attached. At the beginning I was worried quite a bit (Lol)

Purchase to go to Hokkaido Touring. It was easy to install. I went to Touring after installation but I did not know whether the honest effect was coming out, but I found out well that the rectifying effect was still present after removal after traveling 4500 kilometers. It might be good for people traveling at high speed.

I installed it in the W650 equipped with Side mount's BatesLight, it is Small Type Light so it's easy to wear Spacer is necessary for installation but it looks good without discomfort.

The performance aspect is also Small Type Reducing wind resistance by the amount of Large makes operation easier.

Screen has thickness, so it is recommended, I think that if it paints it will look cool with the car body.

We installed in VRX 400 ROADSTER.
I got lost as GUYRA Shield, but place importance on appearance and select this closer to NORMAL. It was easy to install and it was around 10 minutes. The appearance after wearing is not too much Large, I like it.
Although it is effective, we do not feel much change on the general road. On the expressway, the body trunk, the resistance from the chest to the lower side is weakened. Adjusting the mounting angle may make a difference in the effect. I would like to try various things from now and find the optimum angle.

I took a chance and ordered the World Walk Universal Neo Classic Meter Visor for my 2002 Triumph Bonneville. I've ridden my bike with large OEM windscreen that block much of the wind blast, and also with no windscreen which becomes very tiring even after a 20 minute ride on a windy day. The OEM windscreen is effective, but looks ugly and breaks the form of the bike. This mini World Walk windscreen fit perfectly for my Bonneville. Installation was easy and deflects much of the wind away from my chest up to 75-80 mph.

I found this item looking for Screen that will not break the image of W800. W, SR only for singing, I think that installation is not difficult and Fit feeling is also high. You can expect durability because there are so much thickness.
The impression of high-speed driving can avoid the wind which corresponds to the chest, but the wind from the shoulder to the top, the arm, the point is that the wind to the part where the screen can not be Covered can not be alleviated naturally. Considering the character of the car should be considered a sufficient effect.
I was satisfied with COSPA as I was able to purchase it under 5000 yen.

Exchange at the same time as replacing Front brake disc.
It is impression after running about 5000 km.
Although it is the use situation,
- city : 3
- A suburb : 6
- high speed : 1
- Brake system other than Pad is OEMSpec.
It is like that.

【good point】
- Okinawa will rise to OEMPad for initial braking. Hyper carbonPad feels the braking force and operability when grasping Lever on top. Feeling is not tightly system.
- The price is also a little cheaper than OEM, with almost the same price wherever you purchase it.
- I feel that the operation feeling hardly changes even in the rain.
- Aggression to disc seems to be low.

【Imaichi points】
- When the Brake disc is cold, the braking force decreases a little. For that reason 20 to 40 km throughout the city / When traveling with h, there are times when you feel that initial braking is weak somewhat.
- A little distance was necessary for break-in. I got a satisfying braking power from running around 1000 km outside the suburbs with no signal.

The durability of Brake dust and Pad seems to be no difference between OEM and Large.

If there is a speed to a certain extent, there is almost no scene where the disc warms up quickly or the weakness of the initial braking is felt. However, if there are a lot of opportunities for Tandem driving, I think I will choose another Pad.