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good material, hopefull can used for long lasting

Can be installed and used without problems.
Effect,? Emblem is weakened. ? Beat of the Engine - Vibration lowers. ? There is little power of low rotation.
Afterwards installed RapidMotorcycleEasy also has the same effect (?except for) , But the change is dramatic in RapidMotorcycleEasy. (Because the price is high)

The installation was no problem at all.
When I turned the cell with expectation "Gakki" The sound...
It broke with a single shot.
Moreover, it seems that the debris fell into the Cylinder, turning the Plug back and turning the cell produces an abnormal sound.
I just went for repair as it was.
KawasakiOEMBore Up Kit + Since the port has been modified, it may have been a problem if it was a real OEM.

Beginning worsening, deteriorating both running, very troubled by everyday use.
It may be only dTRACKER, but with cdi ignition it feels Gap is too wide

The engine of the Honda Today AF61 used by children is out of order, acceleration is bad, and there was vibration as speed increased. When Engine is in bad condition, it is often said that Plug replacement is first, so I replaced it with this plug which was also available for AF61. Oil It was simultaneous with the exchange, but startability, stability of rotation and acceleration performance have improved dramatically. I think that synergy with Oil exchanges, but I think that it is worth trying to replace the Plug if the old Motorcycle Engine thinks that acceleration and leadership is bad. It seems that fuel efficiency also feels comfortable because it got better ignitability.

iridium IUF22 most powerfull Worked perfectly for my Generator, Started on the first pull. for kawasaki z125 i buy 2 pcs for 1 years using :D

We exchanged the Plug of D Tiger exceeding 10,000 km to Windshield IRIDIUM.
It is an impression that I ran about 280 km after the exchange.
The startability is not so different from before, but it seems that the misfire has decreased.
I do not feel it especially during acceleration, but the effectiveness of the emblem on the downhill slope has become a little Mild.
As it is a new product Plug, the effect may be only easy to understand, but it seems to be in good condition.
Installation will be completed in a few minutes, but be careful with tightening Torque.
Although the image is not put on, OEMPlug was Level which can be used if adjusting the gap even though it is decreasing
I wanted to feel the difference between Windshield IRIDIUM and exchanged.
It seems that there is a little benefit for the reduction of BackFire A. and Embre at long downhill slope of D tiger.
The rest is durable, but it will be OK for a while.

"CR 6 HIX" From, "CR77IX" It is a replacement for. Since Meter is exchanged for Digital formula, it was difficult to ride Noise, "CR 7 HIX" is. It is uninstalled, but performance - NGk expectations are full of both quality.

I got Motorcycle not riding for the time so there was a variation in Idling.
I think that the attached Plug had a problem since White was white at the beginning,
The number of revolutions was falling by chance. But in replacing this it's gone.
It is a good thing that can be improved by around 1000 yen

I was using Iridium plugs
Again Cost performance was the deciding factor of purchase.
Honestly, I do not understand the difference in 50 cc original chari
If it is NGK, there is no mistake and it is cheap by SELE
It is perfect for price matching to make free shipping

Since we ran distance after last plug change, we replaced it with OEM designated plug this time.
Reliable OEM Product So it's safe.
Iridium plugs is not properly compatible, so I'd like to go with this plug for a while.

I used it with XLR and CUB.
There is a sense of ownership in a luxurious box. Building like Denso is very good.
Personally I continue to manufacture the precision of Denso's Plug and those of Minor old car
I love the corporate attitude I'm giving.

Although it is Windshield IRIDIUM, the effect is good in any car body ... Well ....
First startability got better, and overall I got a Mild impression.
I think Mild = Torque up.
Somewhat improved fuel economy.

I ran into just about 300 km after feeling ordinary. Fuel consumption also returns..
I thought that it might have gotten used to it, and when I returned it to the Normal plug, I felt somewhat different
Does not it seem to be Large difference?
I heard a story from a friend that CUB has a thin effect, so it is simply compatible with a hemispherical combustion chamber
It may not be good either.

It may not be a dramatic improvement, but it does not get worse.
I did not confirm the long-term durability, but it's not a bad choice if the durability is good
Is not it?.

If ignition Plug, it is decided as NGK. Because it is used for a long time, the model number is easy to understand and the number of the heat price is also very easy to understand. I think that DensoPlug is not bad as a product, but it is impossible to distinguish what plug is unless you look at the compatibility table.
Since the Carburetor setting of the XR 100 MOTARD Reform 115 has almost been decided, I decided to dare to turn it into a high performance Plug.
Exchange from a new B7HSA. Well Impression "dramatically improved. There is something called, but I do not trust so much. Because changing from a worn out Plug makes it even better with the Normal plug. In fact it is fair to compare new products with each other in order to know the performance of a high performance Plug, but Impression compared by a new product is few.
Startability is not changed much. My XR 100 MOTARD reform thinks the startability is also a problem on the carburetor side as the Carburetor setting at Idling is not yet perfect.
Start it and start running. The start does not change much. Axel of medium speed range 50 to 60 km feels good. It's pretty good with Torquay. Especially the acceleration from Corner exit is pleasant. However, since there are psychological ones around here, it is said that it is a high performance Plug "Beliefs" Also Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Often being done. The judgment of whether Fei Ring alone is not good or bad is not objective.
I will slow down the speed with Top gear. 30 km by NORMAL / When h is turned off, it will be difficult but 25 km / Even if it drops up to h,. The non-Snatch speed surely decreased, and the speed range that Cover can be covered with Top gear has expanded.
I enter the city area and wait for a signal. I am surprised that Idling is stable. It's going clean.. Idling was not stable in Normal plug. As the ignition mistake appeared like an arrhythmia at a rate of about once every 5 seconds, there were many times when the engine was stalled at that time. Normally, I arrive at the company by stalling two to three times on a signal wait, but today I arrived without an engine stall.
Let's think about the reason. APE, XR system is Magnet type CDI. Although CDI has a strong spark, the sparking time is short, it has a characteristic that it is strong against high rotation but weak against low rotation. With Flywheel magnet formula, the amount of electricity generation is low at low rotation (I understand well because Light is dark) So it was not possible to send sufficient electricity to CDI, and in the Normal plug there was a case where a misfire occurred. It is improved in the Iridium plugs which is excellent in the ability to skip sparks, and Idling is thought to be stabilized.
In any case, not only Fe Ring but also changed to a good direction as a matter of fact. Compared to the Normal plug, the price is about 3 times as expensive, but it was a plug that seems to be good to replace. If it is a single engine, less investment is needed. I would recommend it especially for Magnet type CDI cars.
Oh yeah, sometimes I see Motorcycle and cars overloaded with Plug. It is over tightening as the seat gold collapses completely. After firmly tightening by hand, I will tighten with Plug wrench, but it is enough to turn around 90 degrees as the response is coming out.
Also, in the case of a new Plug, it is not suitable for seeing the carburetor setting. Although it can be determined that it is black with Carbon, judgment as to whether it is too burned or just right is difficult with a new Plug. It is because the color does not arrive at the plug unless it runs more than 100 kilometers at the best carburetor setting.

Motorcycle It is a necessity if you possess it, since it is a consumable item, no matter how many we have it is not a problem. Because various numbers are necessary, bulk buying is profitable if we are Big.

I attached it to D - TRACKER 125. Rotation became Smooth. Especially I feel that when I downshift, Engine braking got smooth and smooth. Also, the maximum speed is 109 km / H is 110 km / It grew to h.