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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good


There is only Rear shock of 30,000 yen range, and the performance is quite good. Even this is good for the waist. Moreover, I think that the point which can be set finely is Large. I have only adjusted its hardness yet.

Although it is installation, it is necessary to change it because the hole diameter of the upper Color does not match. In addition, although the hole diameter on the lower side is correct, since the length is different, Stepped Collar was separately prepared and installed.

The point which I became concerned is where the paint is a little peelable.

First of all, what kind of thing is this product, "Full control" Is not it?. You can do the following.
- Fuel injection Map (Rotation speed - Throttle opening degree, rotation speed - Vacuum Sensor) settings of
- Ignition Map (Rotational speed - Throttle opening) settings of
- Acceleration Pump setting
- Auto choke setting
- Setting of cold-time injection control
- The detected air-fuel ratio value is displayed in relation to the rotation speed-Throttle opening degree
- Setting Rev limiter
- Setting dwell Time
- Setting of fuel injection timing
- Recording of each Sensor output value

Wave110i (2009-2011) And SuperCUB 110 (JA07) Because the Engine is common, I purchased it under the premise assuming that it can be used as a full control for SuperCUB 110.
As a result, there is no processing of Wiring and the size of the ECU itself is different, so Tying Bandetc. It is installed, it can be used without problems.

In this ECUSingle Body, you can set simple setting by turning Dial, but to fine-tune it, PC and DataLink cable, or smartphone and BluetoothAdapter (In the case of a smartphone, the adjustment range of the ignition Map is limited to ± 5 °) It is required. It seems that Cable and BluetoothAdapter are not handled by Webike, so we need to order from Thailand. We would like you to handle it with Webike.

Connecting with a PC or smartphones can also be used as a Logger, so it's pretty handy for Setting. When connected to a smartphone, attach it to Holder and use Indicator (Rotation speed, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio, throttle opening degree, intake air temperature, intake negative pressure, voltage are displayed) It can also be used.

I tried various Sub computers, but none was so good that it was nice to reach this product.

I purchased 350 mm of the same series, but the basic place is the same even at 340 mm so I will impress.

The texture is reasonable. At first glance there is no cheapness. There is no sense of discomfort at all as coloring also matches BENLY 50 S.
Because BENLY 50 SOEM is 340 mm, Rear has gone up a bit, but Spring is so soft that there was almost no difference in posture. Conversely, there is a possibility that it drops at 340 mm. Because it is OEM 330 mm with CUB, 340 mm may be just right.

Spring is soft, but attenuation is working, so Gap also makes a restless move without bouncing. Very comfortable ride.
Also, even if stepping on the Gap during Cornering, the car body can not rampage so you can rest assuredly..
While I am busy, I am running and running..
There is no complaints for this performance at this price.

I exchanged Plug because it exceeded 11000 km. Although it is an impression of about 500 km,
The attachment of Axel at 1500-3000 rpm improved, and the high rotation also turned well
I think. 5 speed 40 km is easier to run. Just 2000-3000 Partial
I feel that the area became irritable, and it became difficult to maintain a little with. I want to increase the vibration...
Because the heat value is not matched, the original Plug may be more comfortable for regular rotation. I am worrying about returning..
Looking at you..

SUPERDREAM (JA2 Helmet7) It attached to. Since the length of the OEM is 340 mm, it becomes the same Length. Replace the upper Color and Pon - - - I thought, Chain cover slightly interferes. It is OK to adjust with Washer, but I would like Chain cover to be Material : I replaced it with one of Stainless Steel and installed it.
I feel satisfied with the stability feeling when loading luggage or Breaking.

This is the Universal Product that will be sent though it is a special item.
Rigidity seems to be strong, but the price is high. The same thing comes out cheaply at Yahoo auction.

I installed it in SC 57.
It is an impression of an amateur.

Full power
Power commander installation (Map is DL from Site)
Comparison with OEMPlug.

Idling is not stable.

It gets stuck at low rotation.
Especially when you start off on a town ride it will be noticeable.

Also, if you cruise around 4000 to 6000 turns, After Fireia will happen. "Pan!" Although it is not quite so good you will hear a pom-pombolic sound.

I feel that it is not much different from NORMAL around the power band.

Can you feel the difference when you run Circuit.
In town riding this plug was unnecessary.

I bought it as being adapted to PCX, but when installed, it interferes with the Brake lever and the Stop-lamp stays on as it stays. Also, when hitting Shield Handlebar is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both will not be able to finish to the limit.
"Processing is necessary" If it says, do not put it on the adaptive vehicle. I did shopping entirely useless.

I only used NORMAL's Plug, but I tried the Racing plug for the first time.
I recognized the difference from the moment I installed the Engine and attached it. It is also good and Idling is stable.
Clearly the Response was getting better.
As I actually ran, the feeling of Power increased and there was nothing wrong with it.
I will check it while using Plug life.