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iridium IUF22 most powerfull Worked perfectly for my Generator, Started on the first pull. for kawasaki z125 i buy 2 pcs for 1 years using :D

I use it in REBEL. We expect to shorten warm-up time and improve fuel economy, install. From the conclusion, there is not any change!. Up to now we have gotten nearly 100 Motorcycle and Iridium plugs were put in most of them, but this is the first time that nothing changes. However, since it is Motorcycle running 50,000 kilometers at the time of introduction, I am expecting the performance improvement from now on!

Rear also wears Vesrah, but its effect is pretty good.
In essence, two wheels are those that make Front effective.
So I attached Metal type to Front.

I found the difference even immediately after installation.

Indeed, Vesrah is good.

Starting, driving fee Ring feels better, but I do not know if the original was on, so the actual difference in performance from Standard Product is Gray. However, I am satisfied personally because it is the result as expected.

Good quality spark plug. Irdium spark plug is better than original. This plug improved my bike's performance and cold start. I recommend this spark plug.

Even the startability has not improved, and acceleration and fuel economy have not improved. There is satisfaction of the feeling that I just replaced it with Iridium plugs.

I installed it in LITTLE CUB which I gave it.
I heard that I had never had one exchange so far, so the engine's hit was very bad.
However, when you exchange, KICK 1 departure start. Even if you lightly KICK it will take you by turning Axel somewhat.

Since it is a Plug exchange once every thousand kilometers, we recommend you to use Windshield IRIDIUM.

The exchange itself ended soon, the first thing I tried tried running was that the vibration of the Engine was reduced. Especially in the normal rotation range (4 speed 30 km / The vibration in about h) was reduced.
Also, departure and re-acceleration are also improved.
I'm expecting somewhat that fuel efficiency will not rise ~.

It is an exchange for this product this time as well. 7000 km Over I used it but there was no problem. There was no change especially after the exchange. SmallEngine Displacement Volume It has a very long life when used with a car. Compared to NORMAL, although the price is high, it is Recommendation because you can comfortably use a long cycle.

First it became Torque fully.
I feel Idling is stable as well.

From now on I will see how CUB does not exist.

The only regrettable point is that the head was Screw type.

I used it with XLR and CUB.
There is a sense of ownership in a luxurious box. Building like Denso is very good.
Personally I continue to manufacture the precision of Denso's Plug and those of Minor old car
I love the corporate attitude I'm giving.

Although it is Windshield IRIDIUM, the effect is good in any car body ... Well ....
First startability got better, and overall I got a Mild impression.
I think Mild = Torque up.
Somewhat improved fuel economy.

I ran into just about 300 km after feeling ordinary. Fuel consumption also returns..
I thought that it might have gotten used to it, and when I returned it to the Normal plug, I felt somewhat different
Does not it seem to be Large difference?
I heard a story from a friend that CUB has a thin effect, so it is simply compatible with a hemispherical combustion chamber
It may not be good either.

It may not be a dramatic improvement, but it does not get worse.
I did not confirm the long-term durability, but it's not a bad choice if the durability is good
Is not it?.

Startability with KICK was bad, so I changed to Iridium plugs.
Also change the power cable.
Throttle response, Power, Torque feeling still can not be said anything, but I felt it was a startling ability.
KICK 2 ~ It took three departures to take one shot.
There is synergy with Power cable, but this was the correct answer.

I attached it to D - TRACKER 125. Rotation became Smooth. Especially I feel that when I downshift, Engine braking got smooth and smooth. Also, the maximum speed is 109 km / H is 110 km / It grew to h.

Used with ADDRESS V 125. It will be the third one this time. Because of SmallEngine Displacement Volume, there has been no noticeable change since the first time, but I think that it will last for a long period of time and will run comfortably for a long period. Recommendation at Manufacturer is 3000 ~ 5000 kilos, but I think that there is almost no bodily sensation of a new article even if I change it around there.
I use it comfortably up to 8000 kilometers. I tried using up to 10000 kilometers but I felt like I was losing energy. It's 8000 kilometers from the last time so it's an exchange.

Maintenance is a replacement from Normal plug. Especially the effect was not able to be experienced, but since it is a single cylinder, it costs only 1 pc so it is also economically friendly. I would like to use it again because it is near 700 yen more than I buy at the shop front.