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i purchase this product for my hybrid ape 150 project, and the quality seems nice. springs are included in the box, and the color of the pads are a little darker than the photo. before purchasing this pad i also read other's review and although i haven't use it for long time i believe in the quality, better than oem. thanks webike for discount and competitive price, maybe i will buy another one for the front brake.

Thanks to this main jet, the best setting was decided.
I added it in autumn, I think that it is a CVK type carburetor and it is good to have a setting that can be used throughout the year.
It is a really small main jet, but its role is really Large.

Brake Shoe has bought only Vesla products.
A few Manufacturer items that you can purchase with confidence.

At the end of Vesla's model number "S" With Spring is attached.

Brake of solitary solo became disappearing, so cleaning is a replacement.
Among numerous Shoe, we have Big stock and JAPAN is the deciding factor of purchase.

It will be a comparison with OEM, but it was one choice if you thought about ease of availability without any possibility.
Because Spring is also coming and this price, COSPA is also good.

When you apply Brake, it will work with a feeling that you feel relaxed. This feeling, hey disc - Would it be similar to Brake? Compared to this, the OEM is effective, and when Tire is Poor, it seems like a slippery feeling.

Since it is a consumable item, it is plural order. The price is also cheap and it will be saved. I am planning to replace it at 3000 km so I would like to purchase again. Performance is also good without problems.

I bought it for Setting of CVK 24.
Set is cheaper, but it is troublesome to get expensive as these odd numbers are bulk selling. Although it is a little less than 500 yen, it will not be foolish if you buy a few, and it will be in vain unless it.

Well setting is suitable, such investment is good enough that I am happy.

I bought it for Rear brake of SUPER CUB 50

As expected, making with KITACO's products is solid

I do not have slits in other Manufacturers, so I'm entering Slit so I'm really hungry for seeing

Although it is an impression of Brake performance which is worrisome, it became effective more reliably than OEM
It is not the effect of locking and it is easy to handle so I think that it can be recommended for CUB for Rear

We did not chamfer Brake Shoe 's kado but installed, but there was no sound and there was not any trouble

We expect high performance and durability on rainy days

It is much cheaper than OEM.

Again, I was attracted to the price and purchased it.

Braking power, it's impressive.

, But I think that the life is shorter than OEM Product.

Also, this time Front - I exchanged with Rear at the same time, but Rear has a phenomenon like sticking.
Is Spring's weak power?
Still not familiar?

I think I will see a little more.

My Motorcycle Standard Plug BP 5 HA is No. 7 Plug.
However, running up a mountain road with many upsides, a runner who attacks the pass, Circuit For those who drive, it is too burning fuel.
For users who frequently use this high rotation, we recommend Plug with higher fuel price than Standard Plug BP 5 HA.

I think that a Slit is effective after all.It is clearly shorter than the brake stopping distance before exchange.Since the
price is also cheap, I would like to exchange briskly.I would like to verify after this the case where
rain enters, and durability.
This product is a Recommendation!

[ -- the Webike Monitor ]
-- since effectiveness of a Brake worsened and it recently became a situation which acts as Locke -- it is purchase for exchange. After [ of the above condition ]

exchange was lost, and became a Smooth very much. There is not a
brake noise, either.

Since 60,000 km ran and it was not exchanging once, possibly it was a life.
I thought whether since it is not high, either, I could exchange at about 30,000 km.

It exchanged on the occasion of a periodic check. Since it is a reliable Manufacturer although
pure lay is also cheap, it is attached satisfactorily and can use functionally as well as an original manufacturer's product. Effectiveness also stops firmly well, without it seeming that there is sound strange for the moment.

The Kitaco brake pads are excellent. When used with Takegawa brake arms the braking power is acceptable. Much better than standard.

Since the Air cleaner box of NSR250 was removed, MJ was arranged for the Setting.
It purchased No. 160, No. 170, No. 175, No. 180, and two No. 185 at a time.
Since it was also ten pieces in all and the price had used before at a low price, the reliable KITACO was used.
I take out a Setting with this roughly and think that I will add No. 2 of a between, and No. 8 to my purchase later.