HONDA VF1000 Interceptor

HONDA VF1000 Interceptor

The series model of VF1000R. The R was a road-going-racer type, where as the F was a tourer type. It used Boomerang Comstar wheels.

Kapasitas Mesin 998cc
Horsepower Maksimum 116ps(85.0 kw)/10000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 9kg・m(88.3N・m)/7500rpm
Berat Total - kg
Kapasitas Tangki - Liter

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It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

It was good to attach although pains was taken over color matching.

It purchases in order to use by CBR1100XX.
For the time being, since it does not use yet, evaluation is suspended.
It is due to rise from now on.

yo which is a very beautiful muffler

The necessaries of full-power-izing!

This is a test.

Buy with web! ke Motorcycle Install at store
So I got it by a mechanic

Eleven months later, broken due to disconnection of the red Red circle part

I do not know the details

Motorcycle shop mechanic says
"This structure is too thin a line of weakness to be pulled with Handlebar" And that

Valve's performance - The fundamental part other than the cooling performance seems to be poor

It is regrettable just because I felt that it was bright as brightness

I only ran about 6000 km

Order these grips for a Honda CBR1000f as per the listing but they are to short,I should have measured the old grips instead of trusting the listing so please check before you order.Nice grip otherwise.