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Aprilia RS125 MY08 Although IW01-31 (an equivalent for NGK No. 10) is usually used for racing chamber specification, only a winter season raises the main jet No. 1, and is using IW01-29 (an equivalent for NGK No. 9).

I used it for kitaco VM26 setting.
Moreover, I will worry ....
carrying out carburetor play comfort -- already .

Did the pure lead valve also almost come as HETA?
It purchased by saying.
A price is Voi Seng truly, although stretched!
It makes firmly.
anyhow, a pure lead valve is removed -- until is extraordinary? It is alike, and since it is difficult, cautions are required.
Although it was also so to have removed six bolts, when drawing out a lead valve, the air cleaner side was obstructive and did not fall out easily.
At the time of attachment, careful cautions are needed in not attaching a crack etc.
Moreover, it is MAZUI, if it does not take out with a knife carefully also when taking out from a package.
Although it was the attached touch, startability became very good first! At the time between the colds, even if not having started if a chalk was not pulled did not pull, it started in 1-2 shots before.
Moreover, that it can blow going up is also racy.
Pickup nature became good.
Although a price is stretched, since it was effective, they are five stars!!

I use it in BR 8 ES of CRM 250 AR.
Insertion was quite cool, but it fell securely.
I carried it in the Backpack of for Off-Road and carried well, but it is falling pretty well, but the container and Plug are not particularly damaged.

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
Reliable Brand's NGK. Plug is also NGK so I think that compatibility is also Large.

? 【How was it actually used?】
Motorcycle is old, I feel that Torque has improved in general. Power comes with Axel.

? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Work to uninstall Tank and Radiator to remove Ignition coil was quite troublesome. Once you remove the Ignition coil, the code installation work is relatively easy.

? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
I straightened this cable from the root of the OEM's Plug cord from the Ignition coil, so I had the power to screw it into the Ignition coil because it was thicker than the OEM code.

? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】Any

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
There is no particular problem.

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I would like you to match the thickness of the approximate OEMPlug cord.

? 【Have you compared items?】
Norogy's Hot wire

? [Others]
Confirmation and adjustment are necessary so that the amount of Oil and the amount of fuel do not become thin as much as the combustion efficiency improves.

It took the Engine to the KICK 2 or 3 times, but after mounting it was almost one shot ok became the most effective!
I could not really feel the effect like the item description of Others, but I feel like I'm feeling somewhat better with a feeling of being?
Afterwards, the appearance is exchanged in any way It is good that the feeling is strong.
Strictly speaking, if you cut the OEM code according to the instructions, the position of the Connecting Connector will be in a difficult position to restore, so I thought that it would be better to do it in the field.

Because this Brake Pads is made of a hard material, its characteristics will be exactly as it is.

- The life of Pad is long (Hard to reduce) Instead, discs are reduced.
- Almost no Brake dust. (Wheel is not soiled)
- BrakeTouch becomes stiff. (Feeling like when changing to Mesh hose)
- Brake Squeak easily.
- Brake The effectiveness of the beginning of the hand grip is weak, but if it grips strongly it works strongly.

It is ineffective when it is cold again. Especially the start of running in winter
Attention required.
On the other hand, it seems to be strong against heat, and if Brake warms up to some extent it will improve its effectiveness.
I think this Brake characteristic is suitable for Circuit driving and Long touring
, Usual city riding, shopping etc.. It is a bit hard to handle when riding in.

Package says "Aggressiveness to Rotor Small Small", but that is an honest question.
I ran about 10,000 kilometers, but the disc was wearing as it was.
Instead, Pad is less likely to reduce, and the remaining amount of Pad is still there.
Indeed, Pad is superior to COSPA because it is hard to reduce, but if discs are reduced
I think how it is after all.
When I bought this Pad, it was relatively cheap Manufacturer,
Currently there are overseas cheap Pads, so I'm loving that now.

I exchanged this product from Red Pad to Rear of CRM 250 AR, but I could not tolerate the bad effect and exchanged for Red Pad again at about 6000 km. Anyway it is bad effect to feel danger at cold time. I was actively using the Rear in the city ride Main I was unable to feel the benefit to emphasize the initial braking from the cold time and Touch. Too bad the ineffectiveness of car Both Sides also suspected anomalies disc I did new goods exchange, MASTER, CaliperOverhaul, but it turned out normal effect when I returned to Red Pad. This Pad is Race specifications.

To be honest, I think that there are many people who can not step on Nakanaka exchange with concern about leaking,
With NGKPower cable, since Normal cord and thickness do not change so much,
You can change it directly from Coil.
Since the Plug has also been changed along with the code,
I do not know which effect is, but Engine came to Smooth,
Torque also rose slightly.
Also, it looks nice.
It is recommended for old Motorcycle.

Rear's Pad replacement is troublesome as you can not remove the Tire.. The essential Pad has good thickness and firmness, and its effectiveness is also good. Since I just exchanged, Life seems to be in the future, but it seems to last long.

After putting Golden Pad in Front, I ran 25000 km and still three minutes left
Moreover, the effect is good. Since this time I changed Rear Disc Rotor to a new one, I combined it with Front
I made it to Golden. I still have about 200 km running so I still feel sweet in effect
I am planning to know the merit of this Pad in the Front so I think I want to practice it carefully from now on.

It is being used for Rear brake of XR 400 Motard made in 2008.
Although OEMPad of new car installation was good at the beginning, Brake squeaking on the verge of stop
I was embarrassed as soon as I got out, I decided to exchange Pad early.

Rear brake So if you do not sing cheerfully it will be good so that DAYTONA's Red Pad
After exchanging, I could not do Brake Lock even after it came out, so it was ineffective.
Because I did not work it was because I was stepping on strongly, we had a more timely replacement time than we anticipated.

Next I decided Pad to be Golden Pad without hesitation.
This Pad was already in use in Front brake, there was no habit of how to work, it was worth the power adjustment
Brake power is obtained and Life is long in Controllable and it is excellent in COSPA.

The impression attached to the Rear brake was quite similar to Front brake and was without complaint.
Of course, there is no Brake squealing on the verge of stop.
Let's choose something that is reasonable in price and good performance.

I thought that it was easy to wear on 2nd, but when I put on this Plug I thought that I thought I might have died after adjusting the fire, it seems like it was reviving surprisingly so purchase a new one
It seems like a slight feeling of rushing feels light, but maybe Brush - Bo w
It seems that there is not enough difference that you can experience with Standard Plug BP 5 HA ♪
It was burning on the ordinary road and it was burned as expected with a slightly black feeling in the OffRoad course.
Let's not wear it..

We continue to use the same stock exchange at a frequency of about once a year.
Although the vehicle is running at about 5000 rpm without turning usually at 2 st,
I can use it without wearing.
Of course, there is no problem even in midwinter commuting.
Just to be sure, I always have a spare Plug, but I have not used it.
Good startability, very good product.

OEMFiller cap was dirty, so buy if you change anything. Because the body color is Black + Blue "Blue" choose.
Large satisfied with the appearance.
Packing is not attached so remove Packing from OEM Filler cap and use it.
I want Packing to be included.