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The attached state is good, but Chatter is too much and I can not see anything Mirror if I try to drive. Unfortunately I gave it. It is a recommendation for those who place importance on the appearance.

I used this product for MATE 50.

Rear Carrier has harvest boxes of classic farmers but it can be used without turning up.

Rainwater does not seep so far, and the work on Motorcycle is also Large It is not strange.
I am a bit worried that the cloth is very much PePera, but there is only it to see the situation.

It is essential for detaching and installing PCX Clutch.
Although it is also in Review of other people, accuracy is not so good and Lock nut and Exactly do not fit.

It might lick if you do not work while pressing it?
If you press it you can use it as usual, but that side attention is necessary.

Got this for the PCX rear clutch large nut. Good quality product but too shallow once your torque wrench/ratchet is inserted because of the threads that protude from the shaft. I was able to get it to work by withdrawing the 1/2" square drive a little so the socket shoulders would engage the nut flats, nonetheless its a flaw at least in regard to this application.

Image is Right Side is Master cylinderLever of Nisshin so it is 10 mm from 8 mm OEM.

The diameter of Mirror is also Large Tiny, Small is not too much Simple, I think that Pipe stay part is Black as well and I think that it is becoming KSR in a tight atmosphere.
Outer part and Inner (Mirror part) And I think that visibility is good because the adjustment range is wide because three parts of Bracket root, Mirror side root, Mirror and Outer part can move.. Outer and Inner (Silver Partial) There is no problem because the movable amount of Large is not so big, but other moves.
When running, there is a shake in my KSR. If we attach Weight on the inner side of the Bar End etc., the blurring may be solved a bit. It's not just feeling too cruel.

If you do not change Clutch or Brake lever, you need to change to 8 mm Type, change to 10 mm Type if you change.
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 20365709 /

I think that the atmosphere can be confirmed because Right Side of the image is Mirror of Madmax and Left Side is OEM.
Both of the last one are from Madmax.
I am satisfied because Simple is cool and the price is cheap.

We use Grom type 2 type Box.
Large body Cover, but Front tire is out a little.
Box There is no problem with the rear wheel ,,,,,,!
For people parking in places other than the eaves, you may already prefer a top ranking Large!
I am satisfied with the price.

DAYTONA 's Clutch lock nut socket looked very similar and I purchased it accidentally.
Try to deliver the item, before opening it "Huh?" I think.

I did not notice it in the picture of Net,
The real thing is that the hole of the Socket is 2 to 3 mm recessed one step
When trying to loosen Scooter's thin Clutch nut of about 4 mm
There is a gap in the hole of Socket where Nut and Nut are engaged, and it does not mesh well
(Feeling that I tried matching the real Nut).

If you use it as a socket to relax the thin Nut of for Clutch,
(I am sorry in a tough way of speaking) This gap is fatal, but what is it?.
If you try to loosen the hard Nut of a real car, you are likely to lick Nut.

This time it was before opening the product, so I'm thinking if I can return it.
I will rebuild to DAYTONA's Clutch lock nut socket

I bought it to remove Scooter's Clutch, but there is a gap in shape, I can not remove it because I can not make it close to Nut. It was a commodity that was not even useful for shit. I wasted in vain and I want you to return Gold.

The shape and the quality are wonderful.
The price is cheap, but the shipping fee is higher.
It is around 400, but the shipping fee is 610 yen.

I bought it for a town ride for Scooter ...
Ring of the relief hole of the lock of the front wheel, it is detached from the fabric ...
Since it does function well, there is no particular problem, but making details is complicated ~
Waterproof sex is combined with Rain CoatSpray, it is a problem level Level.
Nothing is impossible and impossible!

I flew away while driving, so if I was looking for anything good Mirror I bought the price of 500 yen with decisive factor!

With prices of other companies thousands of yen, because it is an exceptional price, if not expected at all, OEM Product. It is making!
It is 70 km vibration and the rear can not be seen because the OEM does not change anywhere outside, so we will exclude points subject to penalty points!

Previously, wrongly Opposite Thread ScrewSpec. The same shape Mirror made by D Tonna who ordered and can not be used (24 yen higher) Compared to the comparison, the make and shape are almost unchanged, the difference is that D tonna only comes with Fixing ScrewCover!

I am on the 87-year-old CUB. Because it is an old Motorcycle, only LeftMirror is attached, and I purchased two I thought that I want a cool Mirror if I can do it.
Firmly made, plating with luxury, there is no shake with vibration. Also, since the neck is fixed with Nut, it adjusts by moving the Mirror surface, so it is hard to get a helmet when getting off the car.
In general, I think that it is a very good product.

I bought it for Motorcycle instead of Motorcycle, this is perfect because two baskets are attached, so far I have been using for Motorcycle, but it does not fit and it will be broken in about half a year, I saw it Feeling is. It is likely to be around a year.

This product are totally superb. Fully satisfied to upgrade your motorcycle. Performance parts that will last longer.

It\'s so cute and match well with my motobike Mirror this can move inside it\'s amazing different for me and I like it // very very like