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I use it for Short Exhaust, but I am not dissatisfied.
What's cool. Glass Wooletc. There is nothing to say if it is attached, but because the price is cheap ...
The sound is explosive.

Changes from OEMMASTER. The width of Control has expanded considerably. For example, when stopping with a signal or the like, it became a cuckoo just before it got completely stationary changed to be stopped by Smooth just by Front brake. I am satisfied with the change in Large!

I thought about making OEMMaster cylinder OH, but I bought it because it was cheap. The reason for using Semi-radial master is Radial, zrx 1100's Accelerator Wire comes down, so it interferes, so we have to buy High Solo and a thin Switch. Other people have also written, but since the Wiring of the Brake switch does not reach, it has to be extended. Tank was more expensive than I thought and the lid of Tank was stopped with two Screws.

Actually, I wanted to attach Radial master, but ZX - 6R (2001 year) I was able to put on, ZX - 9R (1999 formula) I gave up thinking that we needed substantial processing, but I was feeling frustrated with Normal master. I thought what Semi-radial would be like, but I bought it by multiplying Sale's Campaign. I was able to put on as expected. Since Caliper also changed to brembo at the same time, it may not be an impression only for this item, but it was tightly about that it would not compare with Normal master. Although the department is bad compared to Rapon, I could relax with confidence from Okayama International Circuit's HomeStraight to 1 Corner. If you can not satisfy with NORMAL though it was troublesome processing, please try it once. I think that the effect beyond price will surely be felt.

I used it for Brake before and after NS 250 R.
Somewhat ineffective at the beginning of use, familiar (Atari comes out) It was impossible to impossible until.
Even if familiar, it is Touch feeling that it will be effective as a jiwa ~ っ て rather than being effective with a gutsun.
I think whether it is suitable for those who rush to spirit too much.
Our NS is already a retired Motorcycle from how to ride hard
This is enough braking force.
Or, it's easy to control BrakeTouch.
Just feeling somewhat bad at rainy weather.

Since Base is Orange in appearance, there are also Custom feeling somewhat,
The boundary with Pad is easy to understand, so it is easier to see decrease.

I was able to replace it with a feeling like OEM because I did not need to replace it, especially processing.

About durability is still about 1000 km so I can not say anything, but if I think from the price
I think that it is a product that is fully satisfied.

Brake master is Brembo radialetc. Although there is no dust when looking at the top, this seems to be sufficient for myself of general usage to ride on the weekend Motorcycle. You can choose your favorite Touch with 6 step adjustment and the price is Reasonable and trusted by Nisshin! I think that it is a mistake-free product.

The quality of Plating one more - - -
There are many BALI of the hole through the Wiring - - - Is it OEM?.
We took BALI taking by Leutor and used it.

I do not even write 60 letters - - -

When OEM's Cylinder faded in color and thought about replacing it sooner ago Sale
I was doing it, so I bought it.. It's easy to exchange and it looks better than anything else. Fee Ring also
Personally I think that I did a good shopping with satisfactory things.

Design that fits old car style is your favorite.
Personally I prefer Fluid Tank to be a little bigger.

I also have Ripro but after all I bought a relief with Nisshin.

Just attached to the car body since it was registered. Impling in use will.

It is not an OEM but a counterpart, but it is actually used and there is no problem.
Also, one by one is packed in a Vinyl bag, so it is safe to have it as a spare!

It is Repeat..
Oh yeah, so it's not a casually exchangeable part, so just cheap things are not enough for credit and we are using only the proven A Lead.
Silicon grease enclosed with Chan and Package is pleased.
Because I can not feel bodily feeling about use feeling ,,,,,

A Lead's Repeater.
Many cheap ones are sold, but because it is a part that can not be easily replaced, we love A Lead with a proven track record.
Small Silicon grease in a bag (?) I am glad that it is attached (Lol)

When thinking that ProductNo changed a little from the time of last purchase, because O-ring attached so far was not attached, only that point is dissatisfied, but think that the product itself is good.

Filter's fold was uneven when I took it out of the box first.
Moreover, the Seal part leaked out from the Gold belonging part of the Filter and it was coming out from Hami. In this case, Seal did not get dirty, but Seal entered the Engine, so it was not possible to use it, so we decided not to use it.
The attached O-ring was also unfortunate because its thickness did not match and it was unfortunate.

Brake fluid tank of OEM was Large and disturbing when I was wearing Hand cover. BrakeTouch Improvement is not the purpose. There is interference with Cowl, I purchased Semi-radial. The Handlebar can also be rotated to the full lock position and there is no interference with OEMCowl. Brake hose is also simultaneous exchange, not single Impression. The beginning of Brake's effect became easier to feel, the initial braking became easier to control. The feel of Brake became easier to convey, but I do not know the change in Brake effectiveness. BrakeControl I felt it was a product that changed the performance.