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I made this Filter the same as last time in the third Oil exchange.
Filter wrench is not required, there is no new expense, even in terms of performance
Since I could use it without problems, I would like to repeat it in the future.

How much iron powder etc on Magnet etc. I'm not sure whether it is adsorbed, but with Filter + Alpha this price has a sense of security and sense of security. We will continue to use it in the future.

'15 GL 1800 F6B installed.

There were also few other company products, which was almost 2 choices,
I decided to make it the OEM Product with the least discomfort in appearance.

Regarding the accuracy of installation, it is said that it is OEMO option goods of flowing water,
No response "Instruction manual" How is it that there is absolutely no?

Because I do not like himself to leave to Shop or get a wage fee,
Although I have installed variously on my own, I did not suffer so much,
Body - Cover - BracketBracket - Each fixed Bolt - Cushionetc. Each
There are parts there so far, and at least if even one piece of illustration is attached,
Beginners purchase with confidence - I think that installation is possible.

I have use this oil filter for few time last year. Good oil filter with affordable price. Fit well on the bike no leak. Can last up to 8000km. Two times oil change.

New type CBR 250RR (MC51) I bought the Full Exhaust System of.
Although it seemed that the conformity confirmation was not yet obtained, purchase this here by the original bad.
Old type CBR 250 RR (MC22) There was a statement of. While considering the same size as 4 cylinder, order.
Result It was Don Pissha.
I think that one who is uneasy to purchase an OEM is better, but since it can be installed for the time being and there is no exhaust leakage, I will keep it as reference information.

As it is a HORNET 4 cylinder, it is necessary for four, but as long as I looked at the photograph of the posted item, it was clearly the copper color and Silver color "Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. "I only saw it. The text includes Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. I wrote that it is, but for myself who need 4 copper colors you can only buy 4 Pack. After all, the same goods that arrived were the same copper color "Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. "was.
Eventually I bought eight in 4Pack, and a bit of frustration remained.
There is no problem with the quality and precision of products.

I thought it was JAPAN or made in United States. However, since it is not known whether everything is made in rice, it is a comment Spec. Not there. It may be useless because there were other shops and rice made. I was surprised because I thought OEM Parts Number was JAPAN.

Motorcycle is for Mission and Engine to share Oil. In this time Shift feeling is lightly raised and lowered, Magnet effect is out. It is always the second time in 3000 km, Filter exchange at the same time, scheduled for the third time and 900 km afterwards.
It is a product that feels good even that much. Although it was a Honda OEM school, I will try this product from now on.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I usually use the Oil Filter of DAYTONA.
Although it was not particularly dissatisfied with the performance, I tried purchasing because I wanted to try out what Magnet entrance is.

【How was it actually used?】
I was surprised to see the thing I ordered and received. I listed only Kawasaki and Honda in the adaptation model, and I felt I thought that I ordered the wrong things unexpectedly. For confirmation, confirming ProductNo by Homepage of KIJIMA was relieved without being wrong, but as long as writing the applicable car model at half end, divide it like the item of DAYTONA and divide it into Catalogue or Homepage compatibility table without writing anything I think that it is better to say Style to look at.
Although it is hard to show on the picture, the contents of the filter paper is almost the same as the number of folds compared to the one of DAYTONA.
Actually wearing, the Oil capacity of the specified Oil Filter capacity 2. For 7 Liter, 2. I put in 5 Liter and saw the state.
When it was Oil Filter of DAYTONA, it was exactly that amount, but in the Oil Filter of KIJIMA why it was put in somehow somehow, so connecting Rubber hose to Syringe and about 200 ml from the oil filling port of Oil I pulled out.
It does not seem that there is 200 ml in just the volume of Magnet inside, and I do not know whether it is a structural difference, but it is somewhat disgusting that Oil capacity will change by 200 ml just because Manufacturer is different.

【Mounting was difficult?】
I could install it without any change from Oil Filter of DAYTONA which I always use.
In the case of Cup type Filter wrench, I use Torque wrench for just in case.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
Those who have done it is commonsense, but do not forget to paint the engine oil on O-ring.
Also, when you remove the installed Filter, if you are tightening with the specified Torque in the case of Large resistance, the mountain will be licking in the Filter wrench of Cup type, so I will remove it separately using Band type Filter wrench I am in.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Although there is no particular problem in terms of performance, it was miscalculation that Oil capacity changed only by changing Filter's brand name. I do not know whether the structure is fundamentally different from the Filter of DAYTONA entering Magnet, but if it says as an adaptive car model you can make it according to OEM's Filter and like this time I thought I'd rather not get out of Oil.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I do not say that the place of the adaptive car model described in the Package should cover all the car models, but I wanted you to write all about Manufacturer name of the car model that it adapts at the very least.

【Have you compared items?】
- DAYTONA Oil Filter 67926
I used this until I put the KIJIMA Oil Filter.
Although Magnet is not included, it is cheaper than the OEM Product, and the Oil capacity conforms to OEM Product, so I will return the next Filter exchange here.

Although there is no Trouble since installing this Filter, the Oil capacity is also reduced by 200 ml as well, so it is a bit uneasy at the high temperature in summer.
I'm still doing Oil exchanges only once, and I'm thinking I'm going to return to DAYTONA's thing if I run about 3,000 kilometers further.

I bought it for Yamaha MT-09 Racer.
I was relieved because BMW K - 100 RS which I was riding in was using K & N Filter again and again.
The good place of K & NOil Filter is convenient and comfortable to be able to be installed with Glasses without need of Filter wrench.
But the price is as high as the dimension. Is it something you can not do cheaper at a bit more.
I believe the performance is also good if the price is high ....

Postscript, O-ring Rubber is not attached, probably it is not necessary for this product separately.

Exhaust System Let's exchange Gasket whenever you replace it or remove it.
Used spinning is the cause of exhaust leakage.
If this is bad it will not be a talk.
It is an ordinary good item.
I pray that you will collapse and not break 1,000 times.

With installation time PRO 1. It seems like 2h, amateur It was about 6h to put on by myself.
I was struggling to return the FrontLower cowl to the fixed position after installing the fog.

This time we are using it when exchanging from OEMExhaust System.
Goods also Quantity : 2pc. Re-change of the Exhaust System when it is in Set, at the time of maintenance
I think that it is convenient because it can be used for removing the Exhaust System.

The Cartridge type can be removed if there is a Double-end Wrench or Socket, so removing and installing is quite easy. From now on I think I will use K & NFilter every time.
Sticker is also on, so I felt a little get it.

As I had to remove the Exhaust System, I tried to buy it in advance
OEM is expensive!
I thought how bad this was, when I looked for Other Company Product.
And Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs.. I am friendly to your Wallet.
There is nothing wrong with making it bad, it does not stop, it's too small There is nothing wrong.
It cost me half the price.
Since Gasket can not be used with peeping when removing Exhaust System which has been using for many years
Be sure to change.