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I am satisfied with the same color as Grip.
Both texture and practicality have no problem.

Recommending for those who want to change One point from Plating color.

MAXFIRE Super Iridium Plug เป็นสินค้าที่ดีมีคุณภาพได้ลองใช้แล้วเห็นถึงประสิทธิภาพจริง เครื่องยนต์นิ่งขึ้นรู้สึกประหยัดเชื้อเพลิงมากขึ้นระบบไฟแรงกว่าเดิมมาก.

Exhaust System 1 pc for change. , Reire suspension and Tire interfere with Tire's Size up so 1 pc as a Spacer. , So that Quantity : 2pc. I had to purchase Set. 1pc. It is advantageous to purchase one by one. Of course, as well as Gasket, although it is out of the original use method, it can be used without problems as a Spacer.

I used it for LEAD 110. Originally Gasket is once installed and tightened Bolt, it will be crushed into its shape and sealed, so every time I remove the Exhaust System every time I replace it with a new one. However, there may be few people who actually change each time.
But this Quantity : 2pcs. If it is a commodity, it is cheap, and it will also make me want to change if there is it at hand.
The feeling I used is nothing different from OEM's Gasket, there is no exhaust leak naturally and the durability is no problem.
From the ease of availability this product is better.

APE100 (HC07) Mounting on
It is about a little Small than OEM, it is about.
The making was no problem, it was easy to exchange.
The color also does not change.

Brake lever, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I purchased at the same time. The impression will change just by Lever's Black! It is a trivial change, but because it is a place where the eyes of the front are eyes, you can easily change the appearance.

OEM's Lever was Silver, I bought it because I wanted to make it Black. As for installation, it is almost same shape as OEM so there is no problem. Painting is not beautiful, but it is a satisfactory Level personally.

This plug is better than standard ngk iridium plug. Easy start up engine than original plug. I use maxfire daytona plug bpr8hix on honda dio af28 better speedup and rise top speed. Thanks . webike!

Since our GYRO CANOPY was a Full-Port processing vehicle, he thought that he would buy an authentic positive one for care, but since it was said that delivery of goods became in four days in a neighboring store, he bought this product hurriedly.On

Full-Port processing vehicle, although it was worried in the external article, even if it repeats high rotation, the present there is no leak and it ran 3300 km is also satisfactory at all.Even if it is carrying out Full-Port processing, it does not adhere to an original manufacturer's product, but is OK using this product!

Unlike the cheap article of Hilo Chee who bought it before, it can use. Since form is also solid so so, I think that it is good. It will be NTB if the direction of NTB buys relief with that which also says structure.

He thinks that he will also exchange a Gasket for the occasion at the time of Muffler exchange, and it purchases. Although it is not so high in
price, I am not entering two piece and want you to sell in separate parts. You simplify the
Package more, and can't the back set up a price somewhat at a low price?

When stopping at a slope, he has forgotten to put a GEAR into a low, and in order for a Side stands to separate and to have made it fall, the Clutch lever broke. As compared with the estimate of Honda brand-name parts, since this product was cheaper, it purchased.
I think that it is shorter than brand-name parts about 3 cm if it attaches. Since it is an APE, it is convenient, but a left hand may get tired if it is a vehicle type with a heavy Clutch. It seems that I will think that it can turn out that form is a little different if you see the
picture, but it is satisfactory for the moment. (Left-hand side is this product)

Since the muffler of PCX was exchanged, since the gaskets were necessaries, they were purchased.
Probably, exchange is foundations at a new article, since the gasket used once is crushed.
since -- it is usually what not too bad.

Since it was cheaper than the original manufacturer's product to the [Webike-monitor] ape, it was used for it.
The pure twist is also Short, and since the place to which a finger is applied is even, it becomes easy to apply brakes.

It is the kana in which a style becomes good from a pure red tail lens? Since it is cracked while merely using, durability is unsatisfactory.