It had full-fledged equipment, such as the dual carburetor, the frame that combined the feature of an oil tank, tube-less tires, or aluminum spoke wheels. Its sales was limited to 300 units.

Kapasitas Mesin 591cc
Horsepower Maksimum 42ps(31kw)/6500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 4.8kg・m(47.1N・m)/6000rpm
Berat Total 182kg
Kapasitas Tangki - Liter

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I have heard the reputation of this Plug, but I tried buying it to be handled by Webike.
So far as Watani's designation OEM DPR Gap 1. I adjusted it to 3 mm and used it. Ignition system and lighting and fans (Cause of voltage eating) And is completely processing Wiring is divided.
Even when I changed Igniter and Coil "Beauty is on fire" Although I was impressed with this, I will go further up when I put this in. The cloudy rush of about 5000 rpm from Clutch meat is like Silky, it seems that generations have gone lightly for about 10 years. I feel that my heart or exhaust smell has also decreased (Lol)
However, it is said that the introduction of Wotani SPll is the Large premise as minimum as Mr. Shimaba says from the import distributor. Horribly Gap is wide so fire will not fly in the same Coil.
If the fans turn around due to heavy traffic in the summer, there are many misfires → JR 8C installed, but ... If you want to enjoy drastic solutions and fine Feel, I recommend this combination.

Discovering the Spark plug that looks like the face on the product explanation screen of Wa Big who happens to be found. Regarding its use, this plug which encourages watani attachment to the ignition system. The purchase decided immediately for a car that meets the conditions! When looking at the real thing, Steel color which Blue took first gets an eye out. The center electrode of the tapping was NGK - Compared to DR8EA, it will be positioned more towards the center of the combustion chamber by 1 mm or more, which will increase expectations for combustion efficiency Up. However, looking at the details, I can not deny the feeling that it is more complicated to make than JAPAN's Plug. BALI of the center electrode and screw terminal type terminal are obviously off center. , I feel a little cheapness because I am watching JAPAN items with high precision from the usual. However, if you actually use it and have sufficient performance and durability, you can say that it is not necessary to request such parts that are not normally visible. I installed it immediately, but the exchange itself is exactly the same as regular Plug exchange and there is no particular problem. The accuracy of the Screw part seems to be a passing point. When I try to cover Plug cap, it is Fashion that Blue 's Steel color looks sharp. And Engine start! - - - That sounds exhaust sound from Mild something more than usual. Because it is a single cylinder, there is a place called Dododo, but it is called Toto. However, rather than being cheesy rather than luxurious - - -. Also, the warm exhaust gas Gas in the winter season has Gas smell, but it feels like it has been relaxed. Impression that Engine braking became Mild when I actually ran. I have stopped playing. Furthermore, Engine vibration seems to be decreasing. Since Cowl was wearing, engine oscillation was swaying the edge of Cowl, as it was Big Li after replacing the Plug, it became impossible to see it. It is feeling that the rise is also powerful though it is Mild. I am surprised that there is such a change with just one Plug. I ran about 20 kilometers, but I did not feel Minus factor. I would like to see the impact on fuel economy and the durability of the plug itself. It is limited to strong motorcycle of watani equipped car or ignition system, but it is recommended plug at the first impression.

This is the second time we are wearing it, but it will start with Cell one shot. (It is natural because it is a new item) The engine is bad for a while and lastly
It was released from trouble because Starter was not used until it was not used. Opportunities to ride will also increase. After replacing the last Plug
I used it for 4 years. I will change it frequently this time.

I took 11,500? This time and replaced it for the first Iridium plugs.

I removed the Seat, lifted the tank and worked, but it took around 20 minutes.
After installing the Plug, when I hung the Engine, Idling was first stable. When I ran it I could actually feel that the rushing up was so different with Smooth. Because it is just a new Plug, it may have felt so - - !

As soon as GB 250 CLUBMAN travel distance is 50000 ?, it purchased and ran well for 29 years.

NGK's Iridium plugs (DPR8EIX-9) It is
With the thing that was installed with OEM Product
It is the same thing..
I felt somewhat worse the engine's blowing, so I decided to exchange it for a new one (^^) /

After Plug replacement, startability is improved and Idling is stable (^-^)

The CB 1300 can not work without removing the tank, but the exchange work was completed in about 20 minutes (^. ^)

I feel good when the rotation of Engine turns comfortably (^ ^ ♪

While maintaining a cold off-season do maintenance
I'd like to go out in the early spring (^ ◇ ^)

I thought that it would not change so much until I got this item, but Idling is stable.
If you change this item is understood!

I tried replacing things from Standard Plug BP 5 HA to compatible items here.
As a result, I feel like Idling's stability and the feeling of beating in the low-speed region has increased. Is the spark strongly scattered?.
I expect a lifetime.
SRX is a little troublesome for Plug exchange for Single, "Exchange only Plug" It may not be an accurate impression as maintenance is not quite like ...... (Incidentally, this time we also changed the Throw line of FCR Carburetor Body together)

XJR1300 (2010) It installed in.
Although Fuel Tank removal was Gasoline Tan Tan, it was Large strange more than I thought, but since I was out of Tank, this time I exchanged NGKPower cable and YOSHIMURAK & N Replacement Air Filter at the same time.
The change after exchange ...
(1) The time from turning the Cell until the Engine takes longer has been shortened.
(2) I think that feeling is difficult as it is a Liter machine, I think that Axel's ruggedness improved, and the rise of lighting became lighter.
Working time was about 3 hours together 3 pieces.

I am glad if there is a change in fuel economy from now on!