A large round sports model which mounted 45-degrees V-twin engine that adopted a phase crankshaft. The square cross-section frame also served as the oil tank. Its production was limited to 300 units.

Kapasitas Mesin 749cc
Horsepower Maksimum 55ps(40kw)/7000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 6kg・m(58.8N・m)/5500rpm
Berat Total 213kg
Kapasitas Tangki 20.0 Liter

53 Produk

Produk Rekomendasi

Ulasan Produk

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Although this was the first time that it rides on SS, when he got tired, the back was extended and it had become the disgraceful appearance which leans on a tank.
It thought that it was because the knee grip probably is not stable, and purchased this product.
An effect can be run now in the form stable even if it was large and he got tired.
Although it is parts of the smaller one, it is the touch which is unnecessary for the moment.
Kana which will be used for another motorcycle ....

Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It purchases in order to use by CBR1100XX.
For the time being, since it does not use yet, evaluation is suspended.
It is due to rise from now on.

It purchases as the appearance and the object for crack prevention of a tank.
however -- if the middle neighborhood pushes -- poco -- it seems that the form of some tank changes since poco is carried out
It is the shin without becoming, if it becomes difficult to shift in front by it.
Although it is in double-stick tape, if PITATSU is not decided on by one shot, it will shift and will attach attachment.
moreover, tricot -- in color, since a sticker portion started, he cut and stuck the sticker on the same form.

It attached to CBR1000RR 07.
Mono-[ that it was not written to the description that the hook of a sheet flesh side must also be removed and / itself ] are distorted just for a moment, and it took pains over attachment.
Requiring special attention, since it becomes impossible to use the wire which hooks a helmet when this is attached.
However, since the function as a carrier is filled and it also becomes a handle at the time of a tandem although it is slightly small, it is helpful.

POSH: It united with the gold of master cylinder stay, simultaneous purchase, and a wheel.
The motorcycle has equipped '09VTR250 with the master cylinder of NSR250.
Attaching early enjoys itself and it is 笙ェ.
Probably, it looks to advantage! .
It is not dared to stick an attached sticker so that gold may look to advantage.

It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1